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Sunday, September 10, 2017

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.17- Werewolves of London

Several familiar faces return, we find out who was shot and who did the shooting last week, Lydia has some more banshee moments, and romance is in the air...

Ok, that has got to be one of the best openings in the history of the show.  I loved the juxtaposition of the classical music with the fighting, Ethan's palpable annoyance at Jackson's "forgetting" their anniversary, and the kiss at the end.  Just loved it all.  The only questions I have; and it is relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things; is whether Jackson is gay or bisexual.  It was definitely fun to see Jackson back again.  Yes, he is an ass, but he is still lots of fun to watch.  Also, how the heck did he and Ethan meet?  Maybe Danny introduced them?

It was interesting to watch Scott go to Deucalion and Peter for help.  I'm afraid that Deucalion is right, there is no way out of this for Scott without Gerard dying.  He is so obsessed with killing everything supernatural that he will keep coming back as long as he can in order to kill Scott.  I know Scott doesn't want to kill, but I think it is unavoidable in this particular case.  Surrounding him will killers is not a bad idea, but I would rather have someone like Scott take Gerard out because Scott would do it for the right reasons.  Peter, Theo, or Deucalion might do it, but it could be for all the wrong reasons.

Speaking of Deucalion, it was weird seeing him as a pacifist.  After all, last time we saw him (with the Dread Doctors), he had no compunction about killing, so what happened between then and now to make him so worried about his soul?  As for Peter, while he (like Theo) is completely untrustworthy, he can help Scott out.  He is very strong, crafty, and ruthless, all things that Scott will need in the fights ahead.

Not only was Melissa shot, but so were Lydia, Mason, and Scott's dad.  Fortunately, all of them made it through, which is fortunate for Nolan and Gabe, because Liam was on the warpath.  See, Gabe shot up the house in order to make Ms. Monroe spare Nolan's life because he gave Nolan the credit for the shooting.  Speaking of Ms. Monroe, she has been completely brainwashed by Gerard.  She sees his willingness to kill his allies and others as proof that he is dedicated rather than as proof that he is a murdering psychopath.  And somehow she has the entire police force following her and Gerard.  Not a good thing.

With Lydia's weirder banshee moments, I am never sure what is going on, and that was the case tonight.  She saw herself walking through a snow filled hospital and then met Scott and Malia at the site where a pack was slaughtered by the Anuk Ite who was looking for it's other half, which is apparently in a werewolf.  So a little confused there.

So, I will be on vacation starting next Sunday morning and won't be back until the following Sunday, so I may do all three of the remaining episodes on the 24th or I may do the 24th and 25th.  Depends on my time.  Until then!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 5.09- Prom

It's prom and things get hairy for Ximena, Brandon learns a secret about Grace, Stef and Tess talk, Callie has a fight with Aaron, and Monte has a proposal for Lena...

Well, the protest pretty much went the way Stef warned Callie it might, and Callie did the right thing and left.  While it may have been a bit selfish of her, it was still the right thing.  Leaving the protest to avoid getting arrested allowed her to be at the prom later so that she could help Ximena get away from ICE.  You could argue that Callie should have been willing to risk more, but given all of the strikes against her, I still think she made the right decision.

Unfortunately for her, Aaron saw AJ at the protest, so he turned down the internship in order to be close to Callie because he thought AJ might steal her away from him.  And that led to a fight because Callie sees that as him not trusting her.  And I can't say I blame her.  The way Aaron was talking about her was almost like she was a prize and that was guaranteed to make her mad.  She made a choice to be with him and he needs to respect that, period.

Spiriting off with Ximena may not have been the smartest choice, but at least she told Stef about what she was doing this time.  And calling Jude to make sure that she would be able to get into the church to get sanctuary for Ximena was a smart move.  Unfortunately, she, Ximena, and AJ are now trapped inside the church until they can figure out how to get Ximena out safely.  This also puts Callie squarely in the sights of ICE, so that could be bad for her.  It might even get her arrested, which would be bad.  Hopefully she can figure a way to get out of this mess.

So Grace has leukemia, which is why her mother is so worried about her.  You could tell that it was breaking Brandon's heart to know that and not be able to say or do anything to help her out.  So he gave her the best prom he could, which was a nice gesture.

Stef and Tess' talk was illuminating.  Tess seems to have internalized a certain amount of homophobia because she has been denying her feelings for years.  I just hope that she doesn't try to make a move on Stef or anything because that would be seriously awkward.  What she needs to do is figure out how things will work with her husband and son before she does anything else.  She says that she's been unhappy in her marriage, so she needs to decide if she wants to stay or ask for a divorce before things get any messier.

The fact that Nick knows who destroyed the model tells me that it was probably either Drew or Nick's dad who did the deed.  I said in my last review that it might have been done to discredit the Adams-Fosters or the opposition in general, and this lends credence to that idea.  Can't wait to see who it was.

Mariana's plan to demonstrate to Logan's girlfriend that she is not after him backfired spectacularly.  First she tried to get Wyatt to take her to prom and be her boyfriend for the night, and that didn't work.  Then she tried Matt, but that failed too.  Watching her and Emma be "girlfriends" was totally amusing, but that failed when Jesus decided to tell Emma that he wanted her back.  In other words, a standard Mariana plan failure.

Monte has been offered the position as principal of another charter and she wants to take Lena along with her.  While not an awful idea, it is not the best timing because of the efforts to keep Anchor Beach open.  I hope that Monte sticks it out through the vote and then decides what to do.

See everyone when the show returns!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.16- Triggers

The gang tries to get ahead of Gerard only to find out that he is playing a much larger game than they thought...

So Gerard had a map with locations of nemetons from around the world and is planning on using them in order to wipe out all supernatural creatures, on the assumption that having a nemeton located nearby will mean that there are supernatural creatures in the area.  Not a bad plan, and the gang figured it out too late.  For Beacon Hills, Gerard has armed the entire town with the weapons from his "business" in order to destroy Scott and the gang.

It seems as though the attack on Scott's house has injured Melissa.  I am assuming it was Melissa whose hand we saw, but there was no way to know for sure.  Having the entire town armed and freaked out is so not a good thing for the pack.  The town knows who they are and students at school are forcibly testing other students to see who heals quickly and who does not.  Again, not a good thing.

Liam's plan was not a horrible one.  Luring the hunters into a trap in order to allow Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Chris to attack and destroy Gerard's armory was a great idea.  The first hitch (because there is always a hitch) was that no one believed Nolan when he said the entire pack was at the zoo because he only saw Liam and Theo.  I loved Theo's way of handling that situation.  Watching him and Liam fight and snark at each other was possibly the highlight of the entire show.  These two are really great together, if only because they hate each other so much, but they also need each other.  Theo was right when he told Liam that he needs to learn how to control his fear, because an out of control werewolf who kills is only going to prove Gerard's point.

A new use for Lydia's scream: knock down doors.  That was definitely interesting and it obviously tired her out.  But it worked and it saved Scott and Malia, so that is a good thing.

Speaking of Scott and Malia, they are definitely starting to get closer.  As in Malia full on kissed Scott.  I am interested to see where this goes.

Until next week!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 5.08- Engaged

Brandon throws an engagement party for Mike and Ana, Jesus tries to reunite his birth parents, Lena has a talk with Emma, and Callie looks at her future...

I know that Jesus has a TBI (and I know I've been talking about this for weeks now), but Stef and Lena really need to put their feet down now.  I know that he is not fully in control, but he tried to blow up Ana and Mike's engagement so Gabe and Ana would get together and he won't accept anything from Emma except for being engaged.  He really, really needs someone to give him a firm reality check right about now, because he is going completely off the rails.  He is so fixated on romance that he is destroying all the relationships he has with people.  It was nice to see Brandon stand up to him and I am so glad that Lena has decided that she has had enough.

I am annoyed at her for the first conversation she had with Emma.  I know this is not what she meant, but from what came out of her mouth, it seemed like she was telling Emma that Jesus' recovery was the most important thing and that Emma was a vital part of that recovery.  I am glad that she realized how it came across to Emma and made sure that she knew that Jesus' recovery was not on her, it was on Jesus, Stef, and Lena.  And that led to the ugly blowup where Jesus told Emma that if she didn't want to be engaged right then and there, he didn't want to be with her.  Honestly, I hope she stays gone until he gets better.  I know that it might be really unfair of me and that people are going to scream about him having a TBI, but he was being emotionally abusive, so she was right to walk out.  He is in no place to be in a relationship right now, he just needs to get better.  Or as better as he will get.

As for what happened to the model at the school, I have two obvious/likely suspects.  First, Jesus could have destroyed it in a fit of rage.  Honestly,this is so obvious that I sort of doubt it, but it is a possibility.  The other possibility is that Drew did it himself.  If he wanted to discredit the opposition to the school going private and he saw that the Adams-Fosters were the last ones in the building, it is entirely possible that he, or someone working for Nick's dad, destroyed the model in order to blame it on the Adams-Fosters.  It could always be someone else, but I do have to wonder.

I'm not sure what to tell Callie about this week.  I think she would be wonderful in art or in social work.  Aaron was right when he said that changing the world is a part of who she is.  But I don't think he gets how important her art is to her.  Her art has allowed her to reveal truths that people wouldn't otherwise know, like her senior project showing her old foster homes in photos.  But she has also shown a remarkable desire to want to help others in the foster care system.  That being said, her interest have recently been expanding to include other social justice causes, so I honestly think art might be the better choice for her.  She just needs to make a decision and go for it.

As for the protest, I get why she wanted to go, but I am not entirely sure that it was the right decision.  I really am glad that she wants to stand up for people who can't stand for themselves, but she really, really needs to be careful.  She has so many strikes against her already because of the way the foster care system (unfairly) works, that she needs to be sure she doesn't accidentally ruin things for herself.  I just hope that she is smart.

I almost had to laugh at Noah's plan because you knew it was so going to blow up in Jude's face.  Don't tell someone that you are willing to turn down something that you really want unless you absolutely mean it.  This is not going to be pretty.

I wonder what was up with what Grace's mom said about her not being in a place to have a boyfriend or going to prom.  I really want an answer to that question.  I do have to admit that the prom-posal was really cute.  Corny, but cute.  Also seriously embarrassing for him.

Until next week!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Fosters Review

I wasn't able to watch The Fosters when it was on and, for some reason, my DVR didn't tape it.  So I'll have to watch it later this week and will write the review when I do.  Sorry about this...

Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.14- Face-to-Faceless and 6.15- Pressure Test

Sorry this took a while but I wasn't able to sit down and watch until tonight.  There is no Teen Wolf on Sunday, so my next Teen Wolf  review will be on September 3rd.

We finally got a name for the creature that escaped from the Wild Hunt: Anuk Ite.  It is a two-faced creature of dissension and discord that leaves chaos and destruction in it wake as people tear themselves and each other apart out of fear.  Not that there aren't some legitimate issues going on though.

Turns out Ms. Monroe was on a bus that Mason attacked when he was the Beast of Gevaudan.  because Scott didn't rescue her; since, you know, he was busy trying to save everyone else and what not; he obviously doesn't care about people and therefore all supernatural creatures should be wiped out.  She also said that she is mad that so many people died while he tried to deal with the various creatures that attacked Beacon Hills.  While I have to acknowledge that she may have a reason to be upset, what she is totally missing is that although Scott hates when individuals die, he had to save as many people as he could and that means not always being able to check for survivors when there may be none.  It's harsh, but absolutely true.  All that said, I have to wonder how much of her hatred is her own, how much has been fanned by Gerard, and how much is a result of the Anuk Ite.

Let's face it, Scott and his pack have lost more than their fair share of battles.  But when you consider that the entire show has taken place over 3 years, he's come a remarkable distance.  His enemies have had a lot longer to plan their strategies than he has had, so there were inevitably going to be some losses.  Not that it sucks any less, but there it is.  Also, Scott mourns every death that has happened whether or not they are from his pack.  He is the Guardian of Beacon Hills and he takes that responsibility very seriously.

I was impressed that Laim managed to control himself as well as he did under that assault.  I so want to hit that teacher who just stood by and let it happen.  Between that and her impotent threat to fail the whole class for the day, she wins the award for worst teacher.  Thank goodness Coach showed up, because someone needed to step in at that point.  While I would love to think that Mason was wrong about Liam's reasons for letting it happen, I suspect that he is right.  Liam is punishing himself because of what happened last week.

I am really glad that Scott and the pack decided to stay.  Not surprised, but still glad.  I am just wondering how much longer they are going to be able to stay hidden.  Gerard and Monroe have turned the whole town against them, so they need to be really careful.  They need to figure out who the two parts of the Anuk Ite are and fast.  Otherwise the town will tear itself apart.

Until the third!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 5.07- Chasing Waterfalls

Callie and Aaron's relationship continues to deepen, Lena's parents come by for a visit, Jude is caught in the middle of Noah and Taylor, Brandon struggles with Cortney's new relationship, and Mariana's attempts at being closer to Logan backfires....

Even though it may not have started in the best way, Callie's relationship with Aaron is probably one of the best things she has going for her right now.  He is secure and mature enough to deal with her crises that have been problems for others and she feels safe enough with him to open up in ways that she hasn't with her other boyfriends.  And that is a very good thing.  She has had to grow up so fast that I think it's good for her to have someone who is older than her and can be a stabilizing force without being a parental figure.  Neither Brandon nor AJ were secure enough to be able to give her really good advice or to help her work through things she really needed to work through.

As for the whole thing about her self portrait, I thought her idea was brilliant.  By allowing others to capture her at random moments, she is showing the vulnerability that they were talking about.  Candid pictures have a way of exposing things in a way that a selfie or a prepared shot could never do.  A selfie or prepared shot can be staged to show what the artist wants you to see, but a candid shot shows what the camera and the camera operator see, which can be radically different.

You have to feel sorry for Jude.  Taylor has been a constant friend of his since he came to Anchor Beach, so it is understandable that she wants to spend time with him.  But Noah, as he pointed out, is Jude's boyfriend, so he should definitely have alone time with Jude.  I loved that Lena's mom came up with that "custody" arrangement for them.  It might have been a little embarrassing, but it was a brilliant idea.  I also feel sorry for Jude because that company wants to have him come on board and not Taylor.  I hope that he turns them down for the sake of his friendship with Taylor, but I am afraid that he might simply choose to go with them and tell her that nothing came of the discussion.  If that happens, there will be hell to pay when she finds out.

As for Mariana and Logan, I just don't know what to say.  Her idea to help him was not a bad idea in theory, but it was definitely not a good idea in practice.  She just needs to tread carefully.

Then there is Brandon.  Again, I just have no words.  His relationship with Grace is already on rocky ground, so he really needs to tread lightly where Cortney is concerned.

And for the kicker, we have Lena's parents.  Her father seems to have dementia or something similar because he is becoming forgetful.  I have to wonder if that has anything to do with the tax trouble that he got in.  Fortunately, he is no longer on the deed to the house, so that is no longer a concern.  I feel sorry for Lena because that has to suck.

Until next Tuesday!