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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

No More Reviews...for now

For the past several weeks, I have found that writing reviews has become more of a chore than something I enjoy.  Between that and other demands on my time, I have decided to stop writing reviews of any shows for now.  I may decide to start again later, but that will depend.  Until then, enjoy the shows and I hope to see you again.

Friday, November 10, 2017

My Review of Arrow 6.05- Deathstroke Returns

Oliver helps Slade go after his son, the team protects an anti-vigilante councilwoman, and we find out the identity of the Vigilante....

So Vigilante is Dinah's former partner.  Apparently, when the dark matter wave hit them, he was transformed and gained the ability to heal himself.  I can only assume that is part of the reason that he is so keen to take people out.  After all, he was transformed into a meta thanks to what was done to him.  The gang knows who he is, but what they don't know is that Dinah let him go after he dropped in to kill the councilwoman.

Watching Slade go after the Jackals was quite neat.  It was sort of fun to see Deathstroke go after people who aren't in Oliver's circle.  I had forgotten how incredibly deadly he can be when his ire is raised.  He ripped through people there like it was nothing. The fact that the leader of the Jackals is his son was a teeny bit of a shock.  I sort of expected it, but it was still a little surprising.  I have to wonder if his son saw him kill that man and if that is part of the reason that he is doing what he is doing.  How much does he know of his dad's past?  Does he know what Slade did in Star City? 

This FBI agent sure is determined to do everything she can to prove that Oliver and those around him are the Green Arrow and the vigilantes working with him.  She is so determined to find out who they are that she refuses to accept any sort of coincidences.  I get that she is right, but she doesn't really have any proof, so I am wondering if there is some personal reason for what she is doing.  Hope we figure it out before something else happens.

Next week, Slade's son asks him to kill Oliver.  Until then!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Review of The Flash 4.05- Girls Night Out

While everyone celebrates the engagement of Iris and Barry, secrets start spilling...

Before I get to the serious stuff, can I just say how much I love Grant's comedic work?  He was so funny as drunk Barry in this episode.  I was wondering how they were going to get him drunk, given that they established early on that his body burned off the alcohol very quickly, so having Cisco create that formula to help him get drunk was perfect.  Between his repeated announcements that he was the Flash and his weepy musings about why Rose didn't let Jack on the door, Barry's night was quite funny.

But tonight was mostly about the girls and the discovery that Caitlin can still become Killer Frost.  The reveal in the restaurant was pretty cool and I loved Barry's and Cisco's reactions to seeing Killer Frost when they got back to STAR Labs.  I can't say that I blame Caitlin for being skittish about Killer Frost still being around.  After everything Killer Frost has done to the gang, it is not hard to imagine them not being happy that she is back.  And, Iris, you've never been particularly buddy buddy with Caitlin, so don't even go there.

As for Amunet, having Katee Sackoff play her was just awesome.  Veering from somewhat jovial to downright nasty and sinister, this was a great villain.  I so hope she is not a one-shot villain, because she was just too awesome to not have back.  I found her power very interesting.  Being able to control metal fragments that way was pretty cool.  I do wish that we had a better idea whether it was just metal fragments or if it was any size piece of metal.  I am assuming metal fragments because that is all they showed her controlling, but you never know.

It was nice to see Joe and Cecile have the talk about how nervous they were about the child.  If they weren't nervous, I would suspect that something is wrong.  Having a baby is never easy and having one this many years after you other child has to be that much harder.

I thought that Joe handled his discovery about what Cecile's daughter was doing perfectly.  He didn't yell, scream, or anything.  He listened, expressed his concerns, and said what he thought she should do.  That was just awesome.

Hopefully we'll soon learn why DeVoe arranged for the new metas to be made.  I have to wonder if he knew what powers they would have or not.  And if he did, how would he know?

Until next week!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Review of Arrow 6.04- Reversal

The Black Siren returns with someone we had previously heard of but not seen, the secret of who rescued the Black Siren from Lian Yu is revealed, and Felicity is given a suggestion on what her and Curtis' start-up should do...

First off, can I just say that it was incredibly cute that Oliver and Felicity traded places so that he was the one in her ear encouraging her to keep going?  Totally adorable!  I also thought it was amusing when Oliver instinctively took over the team for a second when they got back to lair.  I think the team did too, given the looks on their faces.  This time off seems to be doing him a world of good, although I hope it doesn't last too terribly long.

Having Michael Emerson play Cayden James is totally cool.  He is good at playing that sort of character and he can radiate menace, albeit not so much a physical menace as a more psychological form.  And his character is seriously playing a long game, manipulating people into doing exactly what he wants in order to accomplish his goals.  Forcing Felicity to take down the firewalls so that he could insert the malicious code he wrote was a really smart idea.  Anyone want to bet she'll be arrested around mid-season finale time?

I do wonder how he knew that the Black Siren was on Lian Yu.  I guess he could have been tracking everything going on, seeing how Helix had been helping Oliver and the gang.  So maybe he knew what he wanted to do and rescued her so that he could have her to help him out when he needed it. 

I loved the Olicity scenes.  Having her get the calls which were interrupting their dates was really funny and another way to have the tables turned on him.  I did sort of want to smack him for following her and messing up what she was looking for.  I get why he did it, but it was not exactly the smartest move in the world.

I hope the start-up works and they can help lots of people with the spinal tech or other similar tech, because that would be totally cool.  I'm not so sure that naming the company Helix is a great idea, but it does make a certain amount of sense.

Until next week!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My Review of The Flash 4.04- Elongated Journey Into Night

Barry and the gang meet a new meta, who is an old enemy of Barry's; Cisco meets Gypsy's dad, and a stray comment leads Barry to a realization...

I sort of liked Dibny.  Sort of.  Definitely not my favorite character, but I see potential in him.  as far as the blaming Barry for how things went for him goes, he is definitively in the wrong.  Sorry, but framing someone you think may be guilty is still the wrong thing to do.  Not only because framing someone is wrong period, but because if it hadn't been caught and the guy had been convicted, there would have been a ready-made appeal.  In addition, it would have called other arrests he made into question.  After all, he framed one person, why not more?

All that said, he could still be an interesting addition to the team.  I think Barry was right when he was questioning whether or not Dibny was good for the team.  I do get why Caitlin wants to think that he can become a better person because she is struggling with the same issue.  I do also think she is overidentifying, but that is ok.  I have to say that some of the stretching was seriously disturbing, particularly the sneezing and the bullet/punch absorbing.  Nifty, but disgusting.

Gypsy's dad was awesome.   Danny Trejo is a great actor and he gave the character such menace.  Finding out that his name was Josh was just perfect because it was so absurdly ordinary.  It was totally cool that he actually admired the fact that Cisco was willing to go toe-to-toe with him to defend Barry and Dibney.  I think that is the one thing that pushed him into actually accepting Cisco.  And Gypsy's reaction so seeing the two of them gone was great.  She knew what was going on wand was totally resigned to it.

Dibney stray comment at the end about how DeVoe set him on the path to investigate the mayor definitely sparked some interest in Barry.  After all, several people have mentioned the name to him as a future enemy, so now he has some idea of who might be pulling the strings behind everything else.  The problem is that, given how far ahead of the gang DeVoe already is, how will they be able to catch up?

Until next week!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

My Review of Arrow 6.03- Next of Kin

Diggle has a rough start as the new Arrow, Felicity and Curtis look to start their start-up, Oliver looks for help of William, and a new threat emerges from the City Council.....

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about the whole "Diggle as the Green Arrow" thing.  I mean, I get why Oliver is doing it, but Diggle really does need to find a better way to deal with his tremors than just shooting something into his arm.  That is never a good sign.  The problem is that Dinah is right, if Oliver knew how badly Diggle had been injured on Lian Yu, he would never have handed the hood over to Diggle.  Now that would have caused a whole new set of problems, but I think Oliver could have dealt with it.

Given all of that, I do think it was a good thing that Wild Dog went to Oliver, because Diggle did need that talk with Oliver.  Thanks to Diggle's problems, he was hurt, Dinah was nearly killed, and several civilians were injured by the truck.  I am not entirely sure why Diggle is freezing up now, after all, he has led people into battle before.  I guess it might be some sort of PTSD, but that doesn't seem super likely.  That is the one point in all of this that is sticking in my craw a bit.  Diggle has never had this sort of major problem making decisions before, so why now?  I did love the way Canary used her scream to redirect Diggle as he was jumping in the beginning, that was pretty cool. 

As for the whole police thing, I have to say that they have been more or less useless the entire time that the show has been on the air.  I'm sorry, but it took the Hood to make the city safe again for people to live in and only then could the police even start to do anything.  So, forgive me if I don't shed too many tears if the police are feeling like they've been shoved to the side.  If they were halfway useful, then the Hood would never have been needed in the first place.

That being said, I do get where this bill is coming from.  While the Hood and the Arrow and the Green Arrow have all tried to keep collateral damage to a minimum, there have been some serious casualties among the civilian population over the years.  I'm not sure that putting the issue to a city-wide vote is the best solution, but it could make for some interesting drama, particularly since that method is Oliver's idea.

Watching Felicity help out William was just cool.  I honestly thought that is why Oliver was going to her in the first place.  Yes, he did need advice, but she is also one of the most mathematically and scientifically inclined people he knows, so going to her for help for William in math or science should be a no brainer.  Let's face it, Oliver is not terribly scholastic.  He's not dumb by any stretch of the imagination, but he is not scholastically inclined.  Felicity is.  So going to her for help is the most obvious route.  The added bonus is that sort of gets William used to her as a friend of Oliver's which will (hopefully) make the transition to girlfriend easier in his mind.

And Felicity and Curtis still haven't even come up with a concept for their startup, so trying to pick a name strikes me as the bass-ackwards way of doing everything.  Come up with what you want to do first and then create a name to fit it.

Until Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My Review of The Flash 4.03- Luck Be A Lady

The gang faces an unusual meta while all sorts of things go completely wrong and the everyone figures out where the new metas are coming from....

So, turns out that the new metas were made when Barry came back from the Speed Force.  Apparently the portal that opened sent out a wave of dark matter that transformed a bus full of people into the new metas.  And given that the Thinker seems to have manipulated the gang into freeing Barry as the bus was driving by, this cannot be a good thing.

I found this week's meta to be fairly interesting.  She wasn't out to hurt anyone, she just had always experienced bad luck, so she was delighted to finally experience some good luck on her own.  Watching some of the situations that she caused were rather amusing.  I think my favorites were when Barry slipped on the marbles chasing her and when he slipped on the coins in the casino and managed to cuff himself with the anti-meta cuffs at the same time.  I also loved that she meekly surrendered to the Flash so quickly and abjectly once her luck ran out.  That was definitely amusing.

Watching Iris do everything she could to marry Barry this week was also quite amusing.  She was so worried that, with all the bad stuff happening, she ans Barry were cursed.  I do have to say that losing two wedding venues in 24 hours is quite the accomplishment.  Between that and the attempt at a shotgun wedding in the church, I was definitely chuckling.

I was so not expecting Cecile to be pregnant.  That was a surprise.  I am curious about why they are making her pregnant.  I have to wonder if the actress is actually pregnant or if this is something else all together.  Given the way she slipped on the floor, I am assuming that she is not actually pregnant, but I could be wrong.  It is nice to see her and Joe keeping the house though.  The only thing that gets me is that the house never made noises before, so having it suddenly do so in order to service a plot is annoying and the sort of thing I would have hoped would not happen on a show like this.

Is it sad that I didn't miss that Wally was gone?  Not that I dislike him, but he just hasn't been important enough to anything for me to seriously register his absence.  I do wonder if he is going to another show or if he is simply cutting back on the number of episodes he is in like Willa has done on Arrow

Maybe getting rid of Wally will leave more time for Harry to be around, which would be quite cool because I love Harry and I miss having him around.  Yes, he is acerbic and he can be annoying, but he is also quite a great character and the show is missing something without a version of Harrison Wells around.

Until next week!