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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Fall 2011 TV Schedule

Since CW has now released their schedule, I can set my viewing schedule (for the networks anyways) for this fall.  This is not including Syfy Channel (Alphas, Sanctuary, and Being Human), Lifetime (Project Runway), or USA (White Collar and Covert Affairs). And here it is:


8 pm
- Terra Nova (Fox) and Gossip Girl (CW)
9 pm- Hart of Dixie (CW)


8 pm
- Glee (Fox) and 90210 (CW)
9 pm- Ringer (CW)
10 pm- Body of Proof (ABC) and Unforgettable (CBS)


10 pm
- Revenge (ABC) and Top Chef (whatever variation) (Bravo)


8 pm
- Vampire Diaries (CW)
9 pm- Secret Circle (CW) and Bones/The Finder (Fox)


8 pm
- Chuck (NBC) and Nikita (CW)
9 pm- Fringe (Fox) and Supernatural (CW)

*Note- I really want to watch Grimm, but can't fit it in here. If anyone else is going to watch it, let me know how it is.


8 pm
- Once Upon a Time (ABC)
9 pm- Desperate Housewives (ABC)

Anyone else want to share their schedule? :-)