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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill Season 3

Here is my season 3 review.


Ok, last one until Season 4 comes out in November or
December (I think). Rather obviously, I think this
will be the longest, with the end focusing on episode
3.16 "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We

The first part of Season 3; I would say up through
episode 3.13 "The Wind That Blew My Heart Away"; was
dealing with the fallout of Season 2. From Naley's
near dissolution to Peyton and Ellie to the fire,
those storylines were; for the most part; completed by
this time. Of course, the fallout from the fire
lasted until the end of S4, and my guess is that those
ramifications will keep on going in Dan for a long

The second part of Season 3; starting with episode
3.15 "Just Watch the Fireworks" until the end of the
season; was the heavier end of the season. In fact I
would call episodes 3.15, 3.16, and 3.17 the three
pivotal episodes in One Tree Hill history.
Collectively, they changed the world of One Tree Hill

We'll start our character examination by looking first
at Naley. And for the first time this season, they
really are Naley. At the end of the first season,
they approached it, during the second season Naley
dissolved, but in the third season Naley came roaring
back. It took a while to get started, at the
beginning of the season they were Nathan and Haley.
By "Just Watch the Fireworks", they had stopped being
Nathan and Haley and started to become Naley. That
was wonderful to see.

While I was a little annoyed with Nathan at the
beginning of the season, you do have to admit that he
was always honest with Haley. He didn't play games,
didn't try and cause her pain, didn't do anything that
would destroy them. Instead, he told her how he felt
and; most of the time; listened to her. They
eventually talked their way through everything and got
back together in time for the absolutely hilarious
reenactments of their dating life and for a beautiful
remarriage ceremony.

Lucas probably had the biggest shock to his system
this year; with the definite exception of Karen and
the possible exception of Peyton. He saved his dad;
who he hates; from death only to have his dad try and
kill him. His mom is going to marry the man who
basically raised him, and together they are going to
adopt him, only to have that man ripped away. His
girlfriend seems to have a serious case of multiple
personalities when it comes to dating sometimes. And
one of his best friends finds and loses her mother in
the course of a few months. Wow. No wonder he needed
to get away for a few days.....

The only reason that I would list Peyton's shock as
being less than Lucas' is that she had just met Ellie.
She never formed the same lasting link with her that
Lucas had with Keith. That being said, she did have
that whole mother/daughter link. So who knows. I
know I don't. I feel so sorry for Peyton. She finds
out; after 17 years; that her birth mother gave her up
for adoption and that the woman she has been mourning
as her mother adopted her. That would have to suck.
And then she finds out that her birth mother is dying
of cancer. So they put together a way to raise money
for cancer research only to have her mother die before
she gets to see the final product. Then ep 3.16
happens. Then she accidentally tells the one guy she
loves that she is in love with someone else, who just
happens to be her best friends boyfriend. So she
decides to be honest with best friend, who promptly
becomes a major league bitch and breaks everything

But, I have a special rant saved just for Peyton. It
is about Bitch!Peyton from the beginning of the
season. Nathan being mad at Haley, I get. Peyton
being upset, I can get. Peyton being a numero uno,
major league, grade A, primero, (pick your
superlative) bitch< I cannot stand. She constantly
verbally abused Haley, ignored her, and basically did
what she could to make Haley feel unwelcome. If
anyone should be doing that, Nathan should, not his
ex. I do get that Peyton is tired of losing people,
but to take all of that anger out on Haley is wrong
and really obnoxious. I so preferred Brooke's method
of dealing. Tell Haley she gets no sympathy because
she screwed up, but be a friend now that she's back.

Speaking of Brooke, I swear that all that girl's
brains fall out during this season. First, she tries
the whole "Friends with Benefits" thing with Lucas,
then she becomes Ms. Dating-MPD, then she goes all
major league psycho-bitch on Peyton. I love Sophia, I
really do, but Brooke is not my favorite person this
season, with a few exceptions.

I love that they made Mouth a lead character this
season. I remember the first time I saw Lee Norris in
the credits, I "squeed" really loudly. I love Mouth
and wish him all the best. He has this way of
bringing out the best in people around him by really
caring about them and by being real. He is probably
the coolest character on the whole show.

And now for Rachel. Oh Lord, how I love to hate this
girl. The resident bitch, majorly sexy, and quite the
conniver. Love her, love her, love her.

Dan goes through an interesting journey this season.
Initially, he is obsessed with finding out who tried
to kill him. First he thinks of Lucas, then Nathan,
then Haley, then Karen, then Andy, and finally Keith.
I think maybe he thought Whitey did too, but I
honestly can't remember. I am really surprised that
he never seemed to suspect Deb. When he finds out she
did it, it is the beginning of the end for him. He
slowly loses his hold on reality.

I did so dearly love the whole storyline this season
of Dan and Deb seeing who could out prank the other in
terms of making life hellish on the other. Some were
cruel, some crude, and others just a riot to see.
That was just neat.

Karen also has an interesting journey. Just as it
looks like she'll be getting married, she loses her
fiancee and can only pull herself back together when
her son needs her. Wow.

Actually, I am going to make a separate review for
episode 3.16 which I will send along in a few.