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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Repost of an actual message

Following the season 2 finale of OTH, I wrote the following message which is briefly mentioned in the season 2 review.


Who (presumably) killed Dan?

[1] Deb: The obvious subject. She has been through
hell because of this man and so has her son. She has
been trying to divorce him, and obviously hates him.
She also had pills which she could use to drug him.
In addition, he threatened her with jail if she
exposed him. So incredibly obvious that she is both
the most and least likely suspect.

[2] Keith: The royally pissed off brother. Dan's
belittled him and made him feel worthless all of his
life. Then Dan paid a woman to make Keith fall in
love with her and then break his heart. When he left
town he was swearing revenge. Again a fairly obvious
suspect. Maybe a bit too obvious.

[3] Whitey: The embittered ex-coach. He's always
tried to protect his kids; which includes Dan's son
Nathan. He has also been threatened by Dan with being
fired. There is no love lost here. A decently
obvious suspect.

[4] Lucas: The abandoned son. His mom and father
figure (Keith) has been hurt deeply by Dan and Lucas
has never really had a father. Sure, he's had a
father figure, but no real father. His best friend
has also been hurt by Dan when he demanded that Haley
sign the annullment papers. Obvious, but unlikely. I
can't imagine them twisting Lucas this way.

[5] Nathan: The abused son. Yes, abused. Not
physically, but emotionally and mentally. Dan has
always been jealous of Nathan and tries to make Nathan
feel like $h!t. Also, his mom and wife have been hurt
deeply by Dan. Again, obvious but unlikely.

[6] Haley: The daughter-in-law. She could have done
it to protect Nathan from Dan. She also has her own
hurt from the annullment issue. Unlikely.

[7] Andy: The man who loves the mother of Dan's
bastard child. Sorry, just being techincally correct
in my terminology. Dan has threatened Andy directly;
or did he?; with keeping him out of the country. Dan
has also deeply hurt Karen and Lucas with all of his
antics. One of the more likely and more obvious

[8] Karen: The ex-girlfriend and aforementioned mother
of Dan's bastard child. Sorry, again just being
techincally correct in my terminology. Dan kissed her
and has threatened her relationship with her son. He
has also (supposedly) threatened to keep her boyfriend
out of the country. Obvious, but unlikely.

[9] Jules: The hired woman. She was hired to seduce
Keith and then drop him like a hot potato. She made
the mistake of falling in love with Keith and then
left him on their wedding day. Obviously harbors no
good feelings towards Dan. Not so obvious, and not

I honestly don't see any motives for Brooke, Peyton,
or Jake. But otherwise I think almost everyone else
is a subject.

Other reactions:

The first hour or so was a fairly typical episode.
Good, but no massive surprises. Most of the next hour
was the same. The last ten minutes or so however,
blew me away.

First, Nathan tells Lucas that he wants nothing to do
with him again save on the basketball court. And I do
not blame him. I understand what Lucas was doing, but
he promised to stop twice and did not. I hope they
reconcile, but it will take a while.

Second, Peyton's mom shows up. This really threw me
for a loop. Intially I was trying to figure out if
her mom didn't really die in the crash. Then it
occurred to me that it was probably her biological
mother and that Peyton was adopted or something like
that. This will be very interesting.

Third, Dan. I knew from the moment I saw the bottle
that it was poisoned or something. I did not expect
the fire.

Finally, Haley shows up. I really hope Nathan and
Haley work things out, even if they have to be
separated for a bit to think things through.

Well, that's all. Have fun!