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Monday, June 6, 2011

My Review of Teen Wolf 1.01- Wolf Moon

Not sure if anyone else watched the premiere last night, but it was pretty good.  Not terribly original, but still good.  And here is my review of the first half of the pilot.  The second half is on tonight, I will try and watch it so I can send in a review tomorrow.

Ok, so the show is based off of the movie with Michael J. Fox that came out during the 80s.  Never saw it or the animated series, so I am seeing it all fresh.  I am also unsure of how much is coming from the movie, so I won't reference it that much.  Here is the basic plot so far:

Tyler Posey (Smallville's "Subterranean") plays Scott McCall, an asthmatic lacrosse bench-warmer who is exploring with woods looking for half of a dead body with his best friend Stiles (played by Dylan O'Brien).  Stiles' dad; who is also the sheriff; catches Stiles but misses Scott.  Scott hears something, runs, and stumbles across the other half of the body.  Shortly thereafter, he is attacked and bitten by a wolf.  The next day, he and Stiles are talking and Stiles jokes that Scott was attacked by a werewolf.  Scott then starts noticing that he can hear things from really far away and that his other senses are also enhanced.  He meets a new student, Allison Argent (played by Crystal Reed) and is instantly smitten (of course!).  At lacrosse practice, he is put in the goal as a ego booster for the rest of the team, but he manages to catch every single shot sent his way, including one by team captain (and general all around @$$hole) Jackson Whittemore [played by Colton Haynes (The Gates)].  Scott also catches the attention of Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin from 7th Heaven), who has returned from somewhere and is frankly more than a little creepy.  Scott takes Allison to a party on the night of a full moon (despite being warned not to by Stiles who has pretty much figured things out) and starts to morph.  He runs away and learns from Stiles that Derek (who Scott has figured out attacked him) took Allison from the party.  Tracking Allison to the woods, Scott runs into Derek and a group of hunters [led by JR Bourne (Fringe, Smallville, and Stargate SG-1)].  After a brief chat with Derek, Scott goes home.  The next day, Scott finds Allison and apologizes.  She forgives him and is picked up by her father who is none other than the lead hunter from the night before.  And so the plot thickens....

Ok, so not so brief.  And now for the character stuff.

Scott seems like a nice guy.  Good looking but low on the social ladder with a good friend.  And now his stock seems to be climbing since he is  on the first line of the lacrosse team.  This unfortunately also seems to put him square in the sights of the obligatory @$$hole jock.  Ah well, of such things high school dramas are made.  Not a bad thing, but definitely predictable.  The other predictable part is his falling for the new girl whose father happens to be a werewolf hunter.  That should be interesting to watch.  Not sure if dear old dad has anything figured out yet.  And I do wonder if little Allison participates in the family business.  Oh dear....

Stiles is pretty much your typical best friend and sidekick.  A bit of a smart ass, but willing to do what he can to help a friend.  At least Scott has someone he knows he can count on.  Can we say hello to the person who will probably act as the exposition speaker?  :-)

Jackson and his girlfriend Lydia (played by Holland Roden) are very much your stereotypical obnoxious jock and head cheerleader.  Not much to be said about them at this point.

Derek has the potential to be interesting.  Is he going to be the wise mentor or turn into a villain?  I can see either one happening depending on how he and Scott mesh.

Will try to write a better review tomorrow, but a little pressed for time since I have to get back to work now.