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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Review of Teen Wolf 1.02- Second Chance at First Line

On what amounts to the second half of the premiere, we learn about control, second chances, wolfsbane, and the identity of the dead body from the first half....

Ok, let us start with Scott.  When we last left him, he found out that the father of the girl he likes is the hunter who shot him with a crossbow.  Naturally, he starts to freak out just a little bit.  Can ya blame him?  No, didn't think so.  Just be glad you have Stiles around.  Oh, and on the lacrosse field, transforming is so *NOT* a good idea.  Although I did love the separating Jackson's shoulder bit.  That was definitely amusing.  And back in the locker room, the transformation is complete and Stiles is in so much trouble.  Fortunately, cooling Scott down with a fire extinguisher (!) worked.  Some other creepy Scott things: climbing roofs to look at Allison changing, growling at the opposing team during a lacrosse game, and stalking Allison in the locker room (boys).  Dude, here's hoping you learn some control and soon.

I am really liking Stiles.  He is so out of his depth but gamely hanging in to make sure that his best friend is ok.  From doing research to confronting a werewolf (Derek) being arrested to keeping Scott calm, he does what he can to help out.  Just stop hitting on Lydia.  She's a total bitch and you can do much better, even if she is incredibly hot.

Derek is something of a cipher.  As I believe I said yesterday, I can see him being a huge help and mentor to Scott or being Scott's worst enemy.  He is definitely not a white hat, at best he is a grey hat given what we know or has been hinted at so far.  Killing your sister, not a good thing.  I suspect that she was doing something wrong and so he killed her.  That is, if he killed her.  Everyone is pretty much assuming that he did, but there is no hard evidence yet.  So, I will withhold conclusions for now.

Allison is going to be a serious unknown.  Does she know about what Daddy does?  Does she participate in any hunts?  This whole thing could put a serious crimp in her and Scott's relationship.  And Dad seems to suspect that something is up given the looks on his face during the game.  I wonder if he is starting to put 2 and 2 together to get four.

Jackson and Lydia continue to be the most overt antagonists.  Jackson because his status is threatened and Lydia for pretty much the same reason.  OF course, Jackson now also has something else given that he was injured by Scott.  This is so not going to be good.

Until next week....