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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Review of Teen Wolf 1.03- Pack Mentality

Last night on Teen Wolf, a death, a double date, fear, and a big reveal....

Well, Scott had alot to handle last night.  Let me first say that I figured the opening scene was a dream pretty quickly.  It was alot of little things that made it obvious, but it became huge honking red lights obvious when Scott shifted right in front of Allison.  If/when that happens, it will be a huge reveal taking place at a midseason finale (if this show has them) or a season finale.  And I must say that having a conversation about lycanethropy and killing in the hallway of a high school, not necessarily the brightest idea.  Followed by a serious freakout (and totally cool frantic camera work to convey the mood) from Scott when he saw the bloody, ripped apart bus and started to search for Allison.  How many other people giggled when it turned out that the locker Scott punched was Jackson?  That scene was made totally priceless by the look on Scott's face.  <snerk>

And the whole double date with Jackson and Lydia was just totally a bad idea.  And the total burst of guyishness with the lie about being a good bowler was enough to make me want to smack Scott across the head.  Although the initial bad bowling was definitely amusing and I have to admit to laughing right along with Jackson there.  Followed by loud guffaws when Allison told Scott to imagine her....naked.  The look on his face was beyond priceless.  Let me just say that Tyler Posey has an amazing face for acting.  He can come up with the greatest expressions.  This, umm, interesting idea was followed by 6 strikes in a row thanks to enhanced senses courtesy of his lycanethropy.  And we get another great facial expression from Jackson.  And Lydia starts to flirt with Scott right in front of Jackson and Allison and asks for help with her bowling.  He refuses (wise move) and Jackson offers to help which leads to Lydia shooting him down and then getting a strike after bowling badly previously.  And then we get the great quote of the night.  Allison tells Lydia that she doesn't need to suck for Jackson and Lydia says, "Oh, well, I do plenty of sucking for him."  (or words to that effect)  Oh, the possibilities implicit in that particular statement!  Jackson suspects Scott of cheating (how exactly?) and threatens to figure out what is going on and then to tell Allison.  Well, that weakness found out and exploited.

In our main death storyline, Scott was totally freaking out that he might have killed the bus driver.  So, he went to Derek who told him to go to the bus and use his senses to help him remember what happened.  Scott went and discovered that the driver had been attacked by someone else and that he had been injured trying to protect the driver.  Naturally, he assumed that Derek had attacked the bus driver and proceeded to go after him.  They fought for a bit before Derek revealed that he hadn't bitten Scott, killed the bus driver, or killed his sister.  Rather, it had been an Alpha.  So not a good thing.

Other thoughts:

- I want more Stiles.  He is really funny, and yes, you are totally adorkable and quite likely attractive to gay men (well, I know me anyways :-) )  I want more development about him soon please.  The scene where he is almost attacked by Scott's mom was hilarious.
- Derek versus the hunters was interesting.  I do wonder if they know he is a werewolf or if they were just testing him.  I suspect the latter, but am not entirely sure.
- Derek as a teacher should be interesting.  As I said last week, he is definitely a grey hat.  He seems to choose the path of moral expedience rather than the good path necessarily.  Given the circumstances, can't exactly blame him.
- I wonder if we have met the Alpha yet or if we will eventually.

Until next week!