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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Review of Teen Wolf 1.04- Magic Bullet

A new character, new information, a totally awkward dinner, and some Stiles/Derek hilarity was brought to us last night courtesy of Teen Wolf...

As always, let's start with Scott.  First, he gets lots of questions from Stiles in the middle of class.  Guys, just as an FYI, if you want to keep something a secret, talking about it in the middle of class or in the hallway of school, not a good idea.  Second, there is the main story about Derek getting shot.  That was actually really interesting and for the first time, Scott was in some sort of serious danger.  Turns out that the hunter who shot Derek (who was hunting the Alpha that had just attacked the hunter) was Kate, Allison's aunt.  Unfortunately for Derek, he can't just heal from this bullet because it was created with a rare form of wolfsbane.  Ok, that officially sucks.  So, after Derek shows up at school, threatens and hurts Jackson (both cheering and a big "uh oh!") and then collapses in front of Stiles' car, Scott is forced to snoop around Allison's house to find the bullet (or one like it) so Derek can heal himself.  Unfortunately for Scott, there is no really good way to segue into that sort of question without a massive stroke of luck brought to him courtesy of Allison taking him to the garage where he saw guns.  Which was promptly followed by hiding behind the SUV when Allison's dad showed up.  This move availed them not at all because Allison's dad knew they were there and he called them out.  Quite amusing, IMNSHO.

Scott was incredibly lucky because Kate thought he had cute eyes and invited him in for dinner after Allison's dad wanted him gone.  Which led to the most uncomfortable dinner ever.  From Allison's dad questioning Scott about pot use and alcohol to Allison wanting to lose it to just everything else, I was almost laughing.  Fortunately Scott got away and was told to go to the guest bedroom to use a bathroom.  Luckily, the guest bedroom just happened to be Kate's room and Scott found the bullet.  Just one problem.  He forgot to zip the bag shut!  Dude, if you are going to pilfer, *CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!*  Again, he was lucky that Allison was a quick thinker and said that she went through the bag and produced a condom much to Kate's chagrin and her dad's annoyance (and did I detect a wee bit of panic?).  That was followed shortly afterward by a huge ear-to-ear grin on Scott's face once he got outside.  Fortunately he was able to get to Derek in time to save Stiles from having to cut off Derek's arm (more on that in a bit).  This was followed by the revelation that the Argents (Allison's family) were the ones who burned down Derek's family's house which included several normal members of his family in violation of what the hunters say they do.

I have to say that it was hilarious watching Derek and Stiles together.  Dylan is so damn funny and provides great sidekick comic relief.  Derek's constant threats were amusing as was Stiles' reactions to them.  And the look on Stiles' face when Derek said that Stiles would have to cut Derek's arm off was just classic.  And the relief when Scott showed up was palpable.

Jackson and Lydia didn't do much this episode which I actually didn't mind.  They were good with what little they had, but having them in would have been such a distraction and totally filler, so kudos.

Allison definitely does not know about the family business.  However, she does know she is being lied to.  Dad told her that Aunt Kate had a flat tire, Aunt Kate says that she needed a jumpstart, and at the end of the show she sees the broken window from the Alpha attack.  Doesn't take a rocket scientist to put those together to com up with something fishy.

Kate worries me.  She seems to be a wee bit psychotic, and unless I am guessing wrong, she is the one (or one of the ones anyways) who burned down the Hale house.  Allison's dad seems to be a bit more straitlaced about the whole thing and I don't see him being involved unless tricked somehow.  And I was wrong last week, the Argents and hunters do know what Derek is.  I do think they were testing him to see if he lost control (see the rabid dog speech from the uncomfortable dinner) of himself, but that was it.

Is anyone besides me worried about the fact that the Alpha can (at least to a certain extent) control Scott?  That is so not good.....

Next week, Jackson and Lydia seem to lose it and other things unravel.....