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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Review of Teen Wolf 1.05- The Tell

An interesting episode that seemed to have 3 stories that were separate for most of the episode leading me to call this my least favorite episode of the series so far.

Ok, so we had three stories that were basically totally separate stories in one episode causing the episode to feel disjointed and bumpy.  The three storylines were: Scott and Allison skipping school to celebrate her birthday, Jackson and Lydia at a video store where the Alpha attacked and killed a man and the fallout from that, and Allison's psycho aunt Kate attacking Derek.  Oh yes, and then there were parent-teacher conferences where the first two storylines mixed at the end.  Yeah, seeing the problem here?

First, Kate and Derek.  According to Kate; and from the look on Derek's face he believed her; the Alpha definitely killed his sister.  Kate and a couple of other hunters attacked Derek hoping to get the name of the Alpha out of him.  After taking out the 2 other hunters, Derek is taken down by a stun stick (anyone know the actual name of that thing) that Kate was wielding.  After discovering that Derek had no clue who the Alpha was, she decided to kill him.  Yeah, wonderful lady and totally who I want as my next door neighbor.  Someone needs to take her in hand and soon or else the consequences could be tragic.

I actually felt sorry for Jackson tonight.  Man, his life is seriously sucking.  He is forced (well, more or less anyways) to find and borrow "The Notebook" when he wants a sports film.  In the store, he finds no help until he sees a dead body and a pair of glowing eyes.  After hiding from the thing (ie. the Alpha), Jackson gets a bunch of shelves knocked onto him.  Dude, that seriously sucks.  This on top of the attack from Derek last week is making his life miserable.  Oh, and speaking of Derek (and prior to the events above) Jackson (clad only in a towel, and WOW!) is visited by Derek who tries to determine what Jackson saw while simultaneously scaring him into saying nothing.  Yeah, that just sucked.  And what is with the glowing clawmarks on Jackson's neck?  I know where they came from (Derek), but why are they glowing?  And Lydia is totally freaking out about what she saw.  I do have to say that the scene with her and Stiles in her room was hilarious.  Poor Stiles gets asked to stay in the bedroom of a girl he has been crushing all over, only to have her pass out.  <snerk>  Jackson adopted?  Ok, that was totally out of left field.  Oh, and Lydia's parents are divorced with prejudice.  Yikes!

I so love Stiles.  This show has people who give the greatest facial expressions, I have to say.  He is stuck at school trying to deal with the aftermath of the video store attack all on his own while Scott skips school with Allison.  He sees the video Lydia recorded of the Alpha and then erases it.  This is a good sidekick and Scott needs to stop taking him for granted.

Scott and Allison's story, while totally cute, nearly put me into sugar shock.  It was nice to see the two of them relaxing, but the timing was horrible on Scott's part.  He knew there was an attack the night before and he knew there were problems at school.  But in his haste to have a nice day with his girlfriend, he abandons everyone who needs him.  So not a good idea.  Glad things worked out though.

'Til next week....