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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.12- You Have Got to be Kidding Me (Anatomy of the Devil's Brain)

Ok, this is my last one for today.  This completes 2008.  Next weekend, I'll do 2009 and maybe a bit further...


Wow....intense episode after last weeks fluff. Now I understand why last weeks episode was placed where it was. It was the calm before the storm....

Ok, for a twist I never saw coming, Sam is linked to Brooke's attack AND to Q's murder. Wow....I was convinced that Bitchtoria was connected to Brooke's attack. I was so wrong. I understand Sam's freaking out about this. She had a moment of anger and said something nasty, and a guy who likes her decided to act on her moment of anger. Dude, that is so not the way to impress a girl. At least, I can't imagine it would be. And his brother killed Q. Nice family. Sam, honey, pick your friends better. I can't really be mad at her, because I don't think she ever expected anything to some of her anger. She seemed sincerely regretful abut what happened. Brooke has been one of the best things in her life and in her mind, that is ruined. Wow....

Owen, get a clue. You ran out on Brooke before because she wanted to adopt a baby, and now you're telling her not to be concerned about a teenager she is trying to help. You may be a nice guy. but totally clueless, I just wanted to wrap my hands around his brawny neck and squeeze. Arrgghhh!

And poor Brooke. She gets hit with a massive 2x4 tonight. She finds out that Sam indirectly and inadvertantly caused the assault and now Sam has run away. She goes to Owen for help, and he more or less blows her off. And the guy she thinks is a scumbag ends up being the silent white knight. What is it with Mark making people we assume are going for Peyton choose someone else? First Chris with Haley and now Julian with Brooke.

I am actually liking Julian. Granted, he is an egotistical @$$, but he seems really sweet and funny as well. He has a wicked sense of humor and seems to honestly want what is best. I hope he stays this way, I could really like him.

When I saw James Van Der Beek snorting cocaine; at least I think that is what that was; my first reaction was, "Why is Dawson doing drugs?" I still think of him as Dawson. He seems to have no clue how personal and autobiographical Lucas' book is. I see drama. And Haley marrying Lucas?

So what is up with Peyton? I have heard rumblings that she gets pregnant, but here they seem to indicate cancer. I really hope it's not cancer, because that would be awful for her and for Lucas. But the look on her face at the end offers me no comfort. But if she thinks she has cancer, that would explain why she was such a bitch to Mia. I do understand that she wants the best for Mia, but she was really, really harsh. But if she thinks she is dying, I am betting she wants to get all of her ducks in a row and make sure Mia is taken care of.

I loved Nathan's try outs. Putting that @$$hole in his place was great. Nathan has heart and spirit. I really hope he gets his shot. He has worked so hard to get back, he really deserves a shot. But at least he has tried his hardest, so if he fails, he can hold his head up high knowing that he did his best.

I was howling when Jamie was performing. That was HILARIOUS! He has great instincts. Didn't know that was genetic.

And Millie, you are making a massive mistake. Granted, Mouth is being a total idiot, but Millie is overreacting, although totally understandably. But apparently sleeping with Owen, bad idea....I see huge drama here too.

No new episodes until January. Hang in until then!

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.11- We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)

This was interesting....

I'm really not sure what to think of this episode. I liked it, but fail to see where it fits into the overall scheme of things. It almost seemed to be a rehash of the past in a new setting. If that was what it was meant to be, then Chad succeeded. If that is not what it was meant to be, then I am confused.

Don't get me wrong, I thought this was a great episode. Definitely different from your standard episode. It was interesting and neat. But I didn't love it and was definitely confused. So this may be a different type of review than normal, but here we go.

Having each character back in the '40s was neat. Lucas owns Karen's Cafe and it is a nightclub. Haley is the singer in the club; beautiful voice as always; and Skillz is the piano player. That was interesting. Not what I would have expected him to be. Nathan was the bartender. Sort of ironic choice, but it put him in a position to see and fall in love with Haley, bringing us Naley. Very nice. Mouth is a reporter. Actually, he seems to be a gossip columnist, which was an interesting choice. Dan is a mob boss type terrorizing people and Julian is his enforcer. Peyton is his protectee. At first, I thought she was his girl, which gave me goosebumps. But thank goodness she wasn't.

Dan kissing Haley was creepy. Dan being a rat b@$tard again was creepy. Dan was just creepy. Paul must have been having the time of his life. No more repentant and reformed Dan. Instead, we get Dan Scott back in all his glory. He even killed Keith. I just wonder if the Scotts were related in this dream world.

I thought the accents that Hilarie, Chad, and Bethany tried to do were interesting. Not the best, but interesting. Maybe accent is the wrong word. Not sure what the right word is, but I think everyone knows what I am talking about.

Owen as a cop was odd. It's almost like they needed to fit him in somehow and so they put him in. Didn't make much sense to me.

Not sure what else to say. Maybe I will need to watch it again and re-review it after seeing how; or if; it fits into the rest of the season.

Next week, everyone is unhappy.

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.10- Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous

Brooke has the possibility of adopting a baby, Lucas and Julian have words, Millicent and Gigi have words, Haley sings, Nathan talks with the ghost of Quentin, and Peyton throws a concert.

Ok, first off, that concert was awesome. Kate Voegele is back as Mia and I love that song. Bethany's song with Enation rocked the house down, and Angels & Airwaves was just really neat. Does anyone know if that was actually Enation playing with Bethany? I would assume not, but you never know. And the fact that it was an actual concert was totally cool. Now for the storylines...

Love the opening, Haley totally freaking out about the upcoming concert was so cute. Not totally sure why she was freaking, unless it has to do with her just not doing this in a while. But it was funny anyway. It was also great watching her forget the opening line of her song and having Mia remind her of them. Good callback to the first time Mia performed and forgot her song. But once she got out there and started, she looked absolutely beautiful and sounded awesome. I love Bethany's voice. I so cannot wait for her album to come out. And how much do we love Nathan for being so supportive and loving towards Haley.

And speaking of Nathan, I loved the talk he had with "Quentin". He got things all straight in his mind and he is clearly laying the groundwork to try and comback in basketball. I hope he gets his shot, even if it is just coaching. And I did love his coming out in a wheelchair in the beginning. That was really funny. A bit inappropriate, but still funny.

Watching Sam freak out about the baby in a very lowkey way was interesting. Totally understandable given her history. And I love how Brooke handled it very gently and firmly. She made it clear that the baby would be an addition to the family and not a replacement for Sam. Sam really needs to hear this alot. Granted, it makes her look needy, but given how many homes she has been through, she needs to hear that she is wanted alot more than most people. And the breakfast was hilarious. My first though pretty much coincided with Brooke's. "What did Sam do?"

And apparently a Brooke/Julian romance is in the wind. This could be interesting.

Speaking of Julian, I have to say that I loved that Lucas punched him and that Peyton was happy about it. I think she was worried when Lucas didn't seem jealous, so the fact that he showed that he was made her feel better. I do hope he makes the movie and the Julian is not screwing him over. This is one of the best things to happen to Lucas recently and it would be totally awesome.

Can someone help me kill Gigi? That little slut is getting more and more obnoxious and manipulative by the episode. She is so clearly trying to get between Mouth and Millie. I did love Millie's conversation with Brooke especially the beginning when she was going off about Gigi. If anyone got that part down on paper, I'd love to have it. It was a great quote.

Next week a film noir style episode written by CMM himself. Oughta be fun! See ya then!

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.09- Sympathy for the Devil

Well, I got back in time and caught the whole show. Very happy Matthew here. Lucas dealing with old ghosts, Peyton dealing with an old flame, and Naley and Jamie dealing with a specter from the past....

Well, this was certainly interesting and enlightening. Julian was the rebound guy who dumped Peyton because of old ties with Lucas. Reason for the breakup is not unexpected. Peyton was brokenhearted over what happened with Lucas and Lindsey, so she took up with Julian. And now he wants to make a movie out of the novel that was the reason he left Peyton. Geez, nothing the least bit suspicious about that...

And Peyton, hiding this from Lucas for three weeks, not exactly the smartest move in the book. Understandable; sort of; but not smart.

Lucas is caught in a horrible dilemma. He either writes about Keith's murder or someone else will. Not fun. Can you blame him for being angry? I know I can't. Poor guy has to write a scene about his father killing his uncle; who was basically his dad. He understandably doesn't want the audience to sympathize with Dan and he doesn't want to make stuff up, so he tries to figure out what to do and he ends up talking with Dan, who gives him a mostly unemotional recounting of events. Wow....that sux.

And finding out that your fiancee has been lying about someone for weeks. Not fun. I see fireworks in the future, especially given what was going on in the preview for next week.

Naley relives a specter from the past in the form of Nathan going through a glasslike substance. Wow...just watching Haley and Jamie, you could see them reliving what happened. Not fun. And Jamie begging Nathan not to play Slamball

I did love watching Sam teach Jamie about economics. The rough side of it granted, but still, he learned about supply and demand. Definitely amusing.

And for the embarassment factor of the week, Owen wins hands down. Forced to leave a car naked. Not that I minded, he is hot, but still embarassing. And watching him and Brooke chase each other was interesting. It seems they have decided that the just friends thing is best for now.

Mouth, run away from Gigi as fast as you can. Even better, get rid of her. She is trouble....

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.08- Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe this is the Peyton drama of the season. I knew Mark Schwahn was being too easy on her. Jamie is crushing all over Sam, Haley is worried about Nathan, and Gigi is all over Mouth which is not pleasing to Millie. Let the drama begin!

Let's start with Leyton. I said a few weeks ago that things were going too well, and tonight the other shoe dropped. The producer who wants to turn Lucas' book into a movie has a past with Peyton. And apparently not a good one judging by her reaction to seeing him. Clueless Lucas (TM) didn't pick up on that. Surprised? Hardly. I am awaiting the drama.

I do love how they slam the entertainment business using the movie. The references to people too old to play high schoolers, the CW, and all the beautiful people on it were hilarious. I love when shows do that. It shows a great sense of humor and shows that they don't take themselves too seriously.

I loved the reappearance of Derek. The continuity on the show tends to be really good and this is a good example. The walk down memory lane was really neat. Although I apparently misremembered Peyton and Derek's relationship. I was under the impression that Ellie was their mom and that they had different dads. My bad.

Wacthing Nathan playing Slamball was hard. I felt so bad for Haley. She is so trying to be SupportiveWife (TM), but watching Nathan get banged up that way is making it really hard. I also loved watching Brooke shout at Owen. Great stuff there. And the near catfight between Millie and Gigi over Mouth was fun. I so want Millie to win. I liked Gigi in high school, but when she just randomly broke up with Mouth, she downgraded her status in about 2.5 seconds. And Nathan's warning to Mouth was a good thing. Hopefully Mouth will remember it. Otherwise, drama will be seriously up in the air.

Sam took herself down several notches by taking Jamie to a party. Um, honey, taking a 5 (6?) year old to a party is so unkosher. And then throwing that party in your foster mom's business and runining a dress? A few more notches. She does get a brownie point or two for trying to save the dress, but still, she should know better. Kudos to Brooke for stepping up to the plate as a mom. Sam was totally shocked by Brooke's actions. I think she might have been planning to see how Brooke would react to test her. Not a good idea, but it makes sense. The looks on Millie's and Owen's faces when Brooke talked about going for her gun were priceless.

And is Brooke trying to get the company back? That is interesting. Maybe she wants it back and wants to kick Bitchtoria out. Good luck honey.

Next week, more drama. As if there would be anything else?

Oh, yeah, due to being an election judge next week, my review will be posted Thursday night again. Just be aware. Toodles!

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.07- Messin' With the Kid

Ok, a couple of days late, but given the givens, it is out as soon as I can write it. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions about how to watch online. And I want to say for the record that I haven't read anything about the episode yet, because I didn't want to color my opinion with what others have said. Al thought here are my own. And that being said, we're off....

This episode was absolutely hilarious. Every story; save one; had some awesome comedy and I am so glad they did this.

Let's start with the drama. Brooke and Sam. Brooke is having a tough time with Sam. Ummm, can't say this wasn't expected. 15 year old kid who is messed up and now has trouble adjusting to rules. Big shocker there. I knew Brooke wouldn't give up so easily, and she just needed the reminder about that. Sam has had no real authority figure in her life and Brooke needs to be that. Not going to be easy for her, but I know that she can do it. At least Sam came home for breakfast.

And for the funniest and most twisted storyline of the night, Lucas and Peyton. That was quite possibily the most fun I have seen on this show of two people who live together since the famous Dan/Deb feuds back in season 2. I was roaring when Lucas was having "performance problems." Not that I totally blame him, I mean, who would really want to do that in their parent's bed? Peyton was having WAY too much fun with that though. The whole dividing of the house thing and the ways they got at each other were just great. Lucas took advantage of the fuse box on his side, Peyton played the seductress and sent a very amusing text to Fergie. The ways they came up with to tease each other were just great. Now they just need to connect their storyline with everyone else's, which so far has not really happened this year.

Jamie and the Case of the Cape Bully. First, standing up to protect Q's honor. Not that I am a fan of the whole fighting thing, but I get that. Haley's reaction to the mom was totally funny. She was right, the mom was a bi!ch. Haley doesn't get physical too often; only remember one other instance offhand and that was with Rachel; so when she does, you know she is royally pissed off. Nathan's solution was probably the most creative one. He made the cape popular. That bully looked like he thought that he was gonna get it from Nathan. But my favorite solution was Dan. Never much for the nice approach, he goes with the none-too-subtle threat. Classic Dan and it had me giggling. That mom totally deserved that one.

Nathan and Haley are still looking to pursue their dreams. I still think Nathan is crazy for seriously considering Slamball, but if he really wants to do it, he will. It was nice to see Haley having fun with music. Does anyone know who that girl was? I loved her voice and if she does have a CD, I want it.

Mouth/Millie/Gigi are apparently the romantic triangle of the season. This could be annoying. Gigi obviously has her sights set on Mouth, and she reminds me of Nanny Carrie for some reason.

Next week, Lucas gets a chance to turn the novel into a movie.

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.06- Choosing My Own Way of Life

Well, after a week off, we're back. This was obviously a transitional episode between the beginning of the season and the next part of the season. Thank goodness. While I liked most of the season so far, some of it, not so fond of aka the Nanny Carrie/Dan plotline. That being said, we're off....

Where to start? Hows about Brooke. After a very rough season so far, she is starting to pick the pieces back up. Telling Peyton about what happened was a very good idea. While I understand why she didn't tell her previously, I am a wee bit upset with her about that. But, she got her stuff together and finally told a friend about what happened. Taking Samantha in is a good step for her. While the details are very different, the basic idea is very much the same. Both of them have had absentee parents and had to learn to fend for themselves. I am foreseeing massive fireworks in the not-too distant future. Brooke will probably try and lay down ground rules and Samantha will rebel. But that is a teenagers thing.

I so hope Nathan doesn't play Slamball. While I want him to have his dream, I really do fear that if he plays, he is going to do some serious damage to his back. While I love that Haley is being SupportiveWife (tm), I do worry. But, hopefully if he does play, he'll be careful enough to avoid serious injury.

Now that Dan's back in town, I wonder what will happen. Everyone hates him. Naley want nothing to do with him, Deb has moved on, and Lucas will probably just ignore him. But given the fact that Jamie loves him so much, he'll be in Naley's lives for a while to come. I do sort of worry about Skillz. If Dan is truly intent on trying again with Deb, Skillz may be his next victim. And while I sincerely hope Nathan has nothing to do with Dan, I think Dan will use Nathan's antipathy for the Deb/Skillz relationship to cause issues.

It's been confirmed! Mick is Peyton's biological father. I think we pretty much all knew that, but confirmation is always nice. And so how long has he been carrying around Ellie's sobriety chip? Has to have been a while. Given their last conversation, I think that he'll definitely be back at some point. Maybe for Lucas' and Peyton's wedding? I wonder how Larry will react to that one...that could be amusing.

Speaking of Lucas, I felt so bad for him. Here he is going on a book tour that the publisher seems to have either seriously screwed up or something. It was amusing to watch him sign a Gossip Girl book. And then when that guy wanted a picture with Mouth. I was laughing. It seems that the book tour was a plot device to bring Mouth back. Not that I am complaining, but it did seem odd.

I do also love that Millicent is being so supportive of Brooke. She is in the running to become one of Brooke's best friends as well as her assistant.

Next week, violence breaks out in Tree Hill.

My Review of One Tree Hill Episode 605 - You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It

Nathan gets an unexpected offer, the Nanny Carrie storyline climaxes, Peyton learns an unexpected secret, Lucas tells an old fiancee the news, and Brooke starts fresh.....

Well, let me start off by saying how happy I am that the Nanny Carrie storyline is finally over. One of One Tree Hill's weirdest plotlines ever ends with Dan's freedom and Nanny Carrie's death. Thank goodness. I do have to say that I love that Deb was saving that Dom Perignon for when she was rid of Dan. That was classic.

When Nathan received that call, I was curious. I was expecting it to be for playing; as we were meant to suspect; but as soon as the GM said the line about good coaching, I knew that he was going to ask Nathan to coach. An unexpected, but really neat twist. He hit Nathan with what I suspect to be the hard truth and Nathan is considering it. I am really glad that he didn't reject it out of hand. He was upset about it, but once he had a chance to think a little, I suspect that he saw the wisdom in what was being said. Nathan would make a great coach and I really hope that he gives this opportunity the thought it deserves. It would mean alot of travel, but I think Haley and Jamie would be able to deal with it since it would mean that Nathan would be a part of the game that has so shaped his life and dreams.

And so the famous musician is probably Peyton's dad. Interesting. His little slip gave alot away, and given the look on his face and the fact that he slipped back into drinking, he knew it. I have a sneaking suspicion that either he was the one who convinced Ellie to give up Peyton or she never gave him a chance to make a choice. Both would explain why he is so reticent to talk with her and why he has taken so long to see her. I am definitely upset that he never came to see her at dinner, but not very surprised. This could provide Peyton with her seasonal quota of family drama. I knew something was going to happen because things have been going too well for her recently. She has been happy for 5 episodes straight, some drama was bound to find her.

I feel sort of bad Lindsey found out about Lucas and Peyton the way she did, but in all fairness, Lucas did try to tell her straight away and she never gave him the chance. So bad feelings disappear pretty quickly. I am glad that she is going to be adult about this. After what happened between her and Lucas, drama is the last thing that they need. I love the book cover, it looked really cool. The writing inside was a nice ending to their story.

Brooke, Brooke, Brooke. You actually gave your company to your mom. I must say that I was not expecting her to actually do that. I honestly figured that she might try to fight more, but I am glad she didn't. In order for her to heal, she needs to get away from Bitchtoria. She can start a new clothing line. She has the experience and the store space, as well as an assistant now that Millicent is back, so she can get going. I do expect Bitchtoria to show up at some point to try and sabotage her, so watch for that. I do wonder though, is she going to become like a big sister to the shoplifter whose name I cannot remember. That seemed to be implied by that scene in the restaurant, so I am going to watch for that too. That would be really cool and help stop Haley from the same storyline all of the time. Maybe Brooke can be a mother figure and help the girl out. Here's wondering....

In two weeks, Nathan watches extreme basketball and Peyton catches her alleged father drunk and passed out. See you then!

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.04: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Well, got back in time and saw the new episode. I am so glad I did, this was really neat.

Well, there is so much to say, Where to start? Let's start with the Ravens.  Playing one man down was interesting. I am glad that they are honoring Quentin, but I do wonder if it is the best idea. I am seeing a losing season. Hopefully Lucas can keep his job after this. The callbacks to the time after Keith died were interesting. I love how this show ties all the events from the past into the present episodes. From the previously mentioned callback about Keith to that girl (Samantha?) knowing about Haley's past to Haley and Nathan recalling their unlikely pairing, the memories and continuity are awesome.

Peyton meets someone who knew Ellie. Missed the name, sounded like "Big Wolf", but I am probably wrong there. I found it interesting how evasive he was about her father. I had heard that Peyton would be meeting someone who could be her father, and I am betting this is him. He never flat out denied it, but seemed
to be leaving things deliberately murky in that area. Color me exceedingly curious.

While Peyton gains a possible father, Brooke loses a mother. And apparently also a company, although I am willing to bet that does not actually happen.  Brooke said what alot of us have been saying for a couple of weeks. Victoria had someone rob the store and attack Brooke. I am willing to admit that Victoria might not have meant to harm Brooke, but she could very well have been trying to provoke a response like the one we got tonight. Watching Brooke drag out that gun and flop into the chair; extremely gracefully, but still flopping;
was an interesting image.

My vote for best quote of the night was Lucas about Skillz and Deb. Nathan might not have found it funny, but I was howling. I really like Skillz and Deb together. He is stable and she seems to be staying that way. They obviously care about each other, and while it may be weird, I love it. I cannot wait to see where they are going with this. While I understand Nathan's reaction, them needing to get his permission to date was annoying.

Haley being concerned about Dan? Who would've thunk? But, she was doing it for Jamie. And Nanny Carrie is planning an abduction. That woman is creepy. I love the actress, but the character is creepy.

Haley now has a new student to help out. I have to wonder what her story is.  Has a chip on her shoulder the size of Mount Everest and doesn't want any help.  I wonder if this is going to be Haley's teaching storyline from here on out.  Watch Haley, the wunderkind teacher. Sorta cool, but I think it will get old quickly.

Next week, Nanny Carrie takes One Tree Hill in the direction of a horror/slasher film. As if she wasn't creepy enough already....

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.03- Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

Not quite as powerful as "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept", but pretty close. This was an amazing episode, easily one of my favorites to date. And away we go...

Have to start with the voiceovers at the beginning and the end. At first, I thought it might be Bethany, but after a few words, I realized that it wasn't. Didn't figure it out until the end. I believe this is the first time that a guest has done a voiceover. Totally cool, just unexpected.

To lose someone so young seriously sucks. And this was so senseless. Quentin was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he paid for it. This week, we got to see everyone's reaction to that loss. Even people who didn't know Quentin were affected, however tangentially.

Poor Skillz. Wanting to say something to someone and thinking that there will always be tomorrow to say it sucks. Quentin came really far in a fairly short period of time. Almost as far as Nathan came during the first season. Now Skillz lost the chance to tewll Quentin how proud he was. I am sure Quentin knew, but that doesn't help Skillz out. I am glad Deb was there for him. Even though outing their relationship is going to cause drama and trouble, it will be worth it I think. He needed someone to hold and to hold him and Deb did that. This relationship is going to be very interesting. Cannot wait for Nathan's reaction.

Lucas also got hit really hard. How much would it have to suck for the whole gang to meet Quentin's mom for the first time after he dies? Loads, I'll bet. I am so proud of that team for coming to Quentin's funeral and giving his mom flowers. If she ever wondered what her son meant to people, just look at that turnout and wonder no more. He was a leader, a d@mn good basketball player, and a good friend.

Nathan and Haley got hit on a whole other level. Having to explain to Jamie about death and Quentin not coming back blows. He's a five year-old kid and really shouldn't have to deal with this. Quentin was a student to both Haley and Nathan. Haley taught him how to use his brains and his skills and Nathan taught him how to be a part of a team. I loved Haley's assignment for her students. That is a awesome teacher right there. Using the moment to get across a larger point and to help her kids sort out their feelings. I did giggle a little when they wrote on the desk. That poor guy thought he was in trouble, but using that desk as a memorial to Quentin was really neat.

I think Jamie gets everything on some level, but not totally. He understands that Quentin is gone and he wants to give comfort somehow, so he gave Quentin a cape and gave his brother Quentin's jersey. And Quentin's brother going into the lineup with Quentin's jersey was so cute. I loved the two of them outside just chatting away. Totally adorable.

Peyton didn't know Quentin, but she was affected through Lucas. I also think that she suspects that there is more going on than what Brooke is telling her, but I don't think she'll force the issue. She'll probably wait for Brooke to come to her.

And Brooke was bitter. Not surprising, given the givens, but she reacted in ways I did not respect. Throwing out the clothes and yelling at Peyton were not what I would have expected. I get it, but was not fond of it. I am glad that she acknowledged that she reacted badly. Brooke is cool that way. And the end with Jamie was awesome.

Now the whole Dan/Nanny Carrie thing is starting to make sense, as her obsession with Jamie. She had a son and lost him. So now she is fixated on getting a new son. No lengths are too far. Twisted, but I actually felt some pity for her tonight, which I never expected.

I am not sure if I will have a review next week. I have a speech I am going to and may miss the episode. So, if I don't write you'll know why. Until next time.

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.02 - One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning episode of complete opposites. Complete and utter joy mixed with darkness and ending in tragedy...

Hafta start with Quentin. I started off hating him because he was a total @$$, but eventually I came to love him, especially because of his relationship with Nathan and Jamie. I had heard something about his dying, but as I said last week, I was seriously hoping that they were foilers and not real. But tonight, as I saw the tremendous strides he had taken and seeing how much he meant to Jamie, I knew they weren't. And at the end when I saw Haley making the cape and Skillz saying that he was going to see Q in the morning, I knew something horrible was going to happen. His death was totally senseless. He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. That was horrible. RIP Q. I am really going to miss you.

Poor Jamie, I cannot imagine how horribly this is going to affect him. He loves Q and Q's death is going to hit him hard. Damn.

And for the last of the darkness, witness Brooke. Computer stolen, cash taken, and designs stolen. And for good measure she was assualted bigtime. I do get her not telling Peyton; sort of. Turning to Deb was unexpected. But if you want advice from someone who has been through a bad situation, Deb is someone to go to. While I do think she should confide in someone else, she obviously doesn't want to spoil Lucas' and Peyton's happiness. I am even more convinced that Victoria had something to do with this. The only thing that gives me pause is that Victoria is too obvious of a suspect. But One Tree Hill has gone too obvious on several occasions, so that isn't a huge pause.

I get Haley suspecting Deb for the pills, but she did leap to conclusions a little too fast. I mean, Deb has been sneaking around, the pill bottle is half empty, and Deb is an addict. Not fair to accuse her so quickly, but I get it. Nathan does need to be careful though. He was in pain last week and again this week. I so don't want him to end up in a wheelchair and bitter again. Hopefully, he'll slow down some. He seems willing to do that, but the death of Q might change things. It might make him try all the harder as a sort of memorial to Q, or he might slow down because he needs to spend time at home. Surious about how that is going to end out.

And I adored Deb and Skillz talking tonight. Skillz is always good for advice, and seeing Deb go to him was neat. I do hope that the two of them get more careful. I also want them to eventually go public. While they are a wierd couple, I do think they make a good couple.

Peyton and Lucas have moved in together. I wonder how long it is until the wedding. I am betting that the midseason cliffhanger will have something to do with their wedding. Hopefully it won't be called off. The two of them really have been through alot and deserve happiness.

I am not sure what to think of Dan and Nanny Carrie. That story is wierd and doesn't really fit in with OTH. I hope it gets integrated somehow and makes more sense. I am amused by it, just not much beyond that.

Next week, Q's funeral and the fallout. See ya then!

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.01- Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Part 1

We're back with new episodes and new drama....

That was a great episode. Alot happened. Things happened that I expected or heard about and some things happened that I never expected. So here we go.

First, lets start off answering the question we were all asking: Who did Lucas call? In my review of the season finale, I said " Frankly, I can live with Lindsay, prefer Peyton, and hope that they don't resurrect Brucas." And they went with Peyton. Surprised? No. Happy? Yes. I knew all the signs pointed to Peyton all summer long, so it really wasn't the biggest question, but still, you never know if there going to be a twist in there somewhere. Loved the dream sequence in the beginning. Must be slowing down because I didn't catch onto the fact that it was a dream sequence until Brooke said something about their anniversary. Probably should have caught on before that, but I didn't. The hotel room was absolutely hilarious. The mirror above the bed and the post-coital text messages had me giggling and rolling my eyes at the cheese factor at the same time. The wedding chapel was just amusing. When Lucas appeared to be rethinking when he saw the chapel, I just wanted to reach through the TV and slap him. And how much did I love it that Peyton took him back to the hotle room where he first proposed? So cute. Hopefully we'll see the wedding later. If it happens offscreen, I will scream.

Now, lets move onto the second cliffhanger from the season finale AKA "Is Dan dead?" part 3. When I saw ex-Nanny Carrie, I almost fell over in shock. I missed her credit or something, because I was so not expecting to see her. When she said that she did it on purpose, I just shook my head and pitied Dan. No one; not even the old Dan; deserves to be cooped up with that psychotic, skanky, husband-and-son-stealing bi!ch. I knew they weren't in a hospital, so the fact that they weren't was not a surprise. I am really curious about this. She should know that if he ever gets well and loose, she will pay the piper and I don't think even God himself will be able to save her skanky @$$.

Deb and Skillz crack me up. Watching the two of them sneak around is just great. I can tell where the comic relief is going to come from this season. Just hope Nathan never finds out. That could make things very interesting. I just have to say that I love Nathan's comment about being scarred for life.

Nathan has to be careful. It was really obvious that his back is acting up. I suspect that if he doesn't take care of it something REALLY bad will happen. It's nice to see him so happy though.

Brooke and Haley getting those text messages at the same time was a riot. When they realized that they got the same text message from Lucas and Peyton, they just looked at each other knowingly. And Nathan's reaction was equally neat. They are all so happy about this.

And I so hope that what I have been hearing about Q is a foiler. Don't tell me one way or the other. But if it is true, that will truly suck for everyone, especially Jamie.

Bitchtoria strike back. I am so willing to lay even money that she had something to do with the robbery and attack. Given how little that woman cares for her daughter, I would not put anything beyond her.

Goodbye Mouth and Millicent. I am going to miss both of you. Stop back by sometime, please.

Next week: the aftermath of the attack and more. See you then!

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.18- What Comes After the Blues

Loved the use of Gavin DeGraw at the beginning. Wish it had been the whole credits, but that's ok....

Grrrr.....the last two scenes were not unexpected, but still annoying....

Let's start with Mouth and Millicent. Are they writing Mouth out of the series? It would make a certain amount of sense since he has really not had anything major in quite a while. I did love how they had him go out. First he saves the other sorts announcer's butt and then he quits as an encore. That was great. I'll miss him if he leaves, but it would make a sort of sense.

The continuing romance of Deb and Skillz. And Nathan catching her in the "walk of shame" was just funny. I wonder how he is going to react when he finds out?

Poor Brooke. Expecting eight more days with Angie and just loses her. And calling herself "Mommy" made it even harder. She handled it well, but I am not sure if she can continue to handle it as well if it happens again. Well, so long as she has Lucas and Peyton, I think that she'll be fine. Wonder how she is going to react to Millicent leaving with Mouth; assuming of course that they do leave.

Wow...Peyton was almost as bad off as Lucas. Seeing all of the water balloons at the beginning was quite funny, and when Lucas' car was hit, I had to laugh. Wonder who the guy was who knew Ellie. Is that an ongoing plot point or was it a one time thing for some weird reason? Guess we'll have to wait to find out. And please DO NOT tell me! Thanks!

Haley gets to play the heart healer this week. Between Lucas and Peyton, she had her work cut out. Fortunately, she was able to help both of them. ANd they actually talked to each other! That is a first for a while; have they talked since the wedding aside from Lucas' drunken declaration last week? I seem to remember a short talk; maybe saying hi; but I don't remember for sure.

Nathan also does his own bit of playing the healer. Between helping Jamie get over his fear of pools to healing himself with the help of; massive surprise here; Quentin. If I hadn't seen that, I would never have believed it. Jamie seeing Nathan lose it a Quentin helped Jamie to admit the truth, which enabled Nathan to admit the truth. Cool. And the look on Quentin's face at the end had me in stitches. Quentin, you just got a small taste of Nathan in his prime. Respect him dude.

Lucas, Lucas. Dude, you know from seeing Nathan that getting drunk is so not the right thing to do. Nathan and Jamie's comments were great. And the reveal of the hair was interesting. I so want to know the story behind that....

I get Lucas being in the dark place, but as I have been saying for weeks, Lucas needs to know his own heart. I am tired of the love triangle and just want it to end. Frankly, I can live with Lindsay, prefer Peyton, and hope that they don't resurrect Brucas. And now they are leaving us with the whole d@mn summer to wonder who he was calling. Expected, but still massively annoying.

I was amused by Peyton's attempt to get Lucas back. Not the most adult thing to do, but still really funny and classic Peyton. Does anyone know if that was a song and if so which one it was?

I suspected that Lindsay wasn't really seeing someone, but wasn't sure. Now we know that she was lying to get Lucas to give up on her. Sigh.....

And once again, one of the season-ending standbys of OTH, "Is Dan dead?" Let me see, this is the third time that something has happened to him.... I wonder if it will stick this time. I knew what was going to happen as soon as he started helping those elderly people. It was just to obvious.

Until next season.....

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.17- Hate Is Safer Than Love

Lucas throwing a fit, Nathan walking in on Deb flashing a webcam, Brooke being very worried in a hospital, and Jamie walking down the street alone. And all of this in the first minute!

Tonight marked the return of Mia. That was so cool. It seemed to be to give Haley the boost she needed, to promote the Sunkist Summer Tour, and to promote Rock the Vote (which was just totally awesome), And Kate Voegele sang "Hallelujah", which is one of my favorite songs. I was happy.

Brooke is so going to fall apart when she sends Angie back. She seemed to barely hold it together tonight. I get it, she really is attached to Angie, but sending her back is going to b e tough. And how cool was it that Lucas and Peyton were both there for her. I also thought it was so cool of her to insist that Peyton leave.

I'm of two minds about Mouth's actions tonight. While I can appreciate the fact that he wants to remain loyal to Lucas, I think he should have given over the footage. To do otherwise showed a lack of professionalism. Also, Mouth does need to put himself first sometimes. I'm sure a lot of people will disagree, and I get why, but thats what I think.

I knew Haley was going to get in trouble for throwing away that card. Like I said last week, I get it and think she did not purposely lie, but she did break trust with Jamie. Fortunately, he seemed to understand that Mommy was trying to protect him, so no lasting damage was done. And she made up for it by allowing him to give the card to Dan. Not sure if I would have done the same thing, but seeing as Jamie really needed to do that, she did right. And seeing Mia explain why she was so jealous of Haley was neat. Haley needed the reassurance that she was doing the right thing, and she got it.

Skillz and Deb were absolutely hilarious! I was so not expecting him to be the guy she was chatting with. I was expecting the stereotypical fat, old, ugly guy. Seeing Skillz there with the flower had me on the floor laughing. Seeing them kissing had me a bit wierded out, but it was still one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Poor Nathan. Walking in on your mom flashing a webcam. No wonder Jamie ran away. Granted, Deb is hot for a grandma, but still....

Watching Nathan run with Jamie was neat...and an interesting form of exercise.

Poor Peyton. Apologizes to Lucas for what happens and then he says that he hates her. Granted, he was drunk and pissed off about Lindsey, but still that hurt her to the quick. Oh yeah, and that promo that led us to think that they were getting it on? So obnoxiously off the point entirely. Smart, but obnoxious.

Of all the times for Lindsey to call. In the middle of a basketball game? Wow, talk about bad timing. And Lucas, grabbing an opposing player, so not a good idea. I know he was stressed and what not, but I don't think that is going to fly. And that other coach was just being downright cruel. I got the whole purposely fouling Q thing, but trying to take out his wrist was just beyond the pale. Can we kill him? Please?!?

Next week, Lucas calls someone about going to Vegas.....

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.16- Crying Won't Help You Now

This was not quite what I was expecting. Some redemption and some endings....

Let's start with Brooke. She has that very important meeting with Macy's and needs to drop Angie off somewhere. She can't and uses Angie to help seal the deal. Totally cool. And the line of baby clothing was really cute. And she was so obviously concerned about Angie's health. She was so scared and so worried, it was really touching. Also nice to see that things have settled down.

The whole Lucas/Peyton/Lindsey thing is not so interesting anymore. I actually sort of liked the Lucas/Brooke/Peyton triangle, but there is something off about this one. Not sure what it is, but I am almost over it.

Mouth and Millie were really cute. The first time he was on, all I could do was cover my eyes and not watch. The rest was neat, corny as could be, but neat.

But this episode was mostly about Dan. He only has a few months left and everyone knows it. Unfortunately, he has so damaged his relationship with Nathan and Lucas that it will be almost impossible for him to establish a relationship with Jamie. I feel bad for him because as I have said before, I really think that he has changed, but it is very hard for me to feel terrible for him. If he hadn't screwed up so much with Nathan growing up, if he hadn't killed Keith, if he hadn't abandoned Lucas, if, if, if......

I felt so bad for Nathan. He obviously wants what is best for Jamie, and Jamie wants to know grandpa Dan. But Nathan just cannot forgive Dan. Not that I blame him for the inability, but he is in a bad position. Haley is too. That card from Jamie was so sincere. I cannot believe she threw it away. Well, I do get it, I just think it will come back to haunt her. If Jamie finds the card, I think he'll be really angry.

It was nice to see that Quentin was back to being a decent human being again. His apology to Skillz was cool and sincere and his bargain with Nathan was totally cool. Hopefully human Quentin will stick around for a while.

Next week, Lucas and Peyton get it on?!?!?!?! This is going to be interesting.....

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.15- Life is Short

Well, that was an interesting episode. Dan and Deb meet, Brooke finds out that a baby is not the easiest thing to handle, Skillz reconnects with Jamie, and the Lucas- Lindsay reunion is not quite what was expected.

Wow, I was not expected Lindsay to break things off so completely with Lucas. I think it is a good thing so that Lucas can move on, I still feel sorry for him. Not so much for her because she is the one making the choice.

Poor Skillz. Thinking the Naley doesn't want him around because of what happened at the wedding. I understand, but why he never bothered to ask, I don't really understand. He loves them and they love him, and they all love Jamie, so you'd think they could talk. But that can be hard to do, so he wussed out. Glad he did the right thing in the end.

Seeing Deb and Dan was interesting. She still hates him and he still trys to get at her through her addictions. That was funny. Loved that Dan gave Jamie Nathan's old jersey. I see now a large part of the reason Dan has changed. He wants to leave this world in better shape than he lived in it.

Too bad Nathan isn't going to help. Not that I can blame him, but it might be nice if he would give Dan a chance. But given everything that Dan has put him through, I can see Nathan's point of view.

Haley doesn't like clowns. Either I forgot about it, or they never mentioned it before. But watching her totally freak out was highly amusing. And watching Deb flirt and...uhh...don't know if I want details on the rest....with the clown was beyond amusing.

Brooke is having a bit of trouble with Angie. And you thought it would be easy dear? Babies spit up, cry, poop, burp, and sleep (maybe). If you want a baby full-time, get used to it. But I think that with help from Naley, Lucas, and Peyton, you'll do just fine.

Watching Millie fit into the apartment with the guys was great. Mouth wants her to feel comfortable, and she wants them to be comfortable, so they have fun and still clean up some. Totally awesome.

Next week: Nathan rejects Dan's advances, so Dan goes to Lucas.

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.14- What Do You Go Home To?

The return of Quentin, the return of Deb, the return of Haley James Scott; singer extraordinaire. Nifty....

I think that if I was Skillz, I would have smacked Quentin something good. He can be a good guy, but to Nathan and Skillz tonight he was an absolute ass. I get his whole anger at Skillz, but there was no reason to be that way with Nathan.

How awesome was it that Brooke gets a trial chance at adopting. She was so excited, it was hilarious.  Watching her freak out honestly had to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Then the whole shopping binge...sheesh. Love ya dear. Not so fond of Owen freaking out though. Even though I do get it.
Sort of.

Haley is back with her music. And Peyton is her producer. This could be interesting, particularly if artistic visions clash. I am so happy for both of them. I do wonder if this is some sort of deal to put out Bethany's album. Too bad Nathan had trouble with basketball. I wonder if that is going to cause problems.

I adored the nanny; and manny ; interviews.  Haley's questions were so funny. Then the manny's comment about Nathan watching the nanny's swim naked was hilarious. Nathan's dead pan reaction about deserving that totally made the scene.

Dan is always interesting this season. His first time back in the gym and you could see the sadness on his
face. Basketball was his life and seeing his jersey removed was like a denial of a large part of his existence. I want to see where they are taking this.

Loved that Lucas and Peyton talked. They both needed it. Not sure where they stand right now.  I also loved seeing Deb back. I so missed her.

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.13- Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace

Interesting episode. Not much interaction between our main characters, but as a transition of sorts, this was really cool.

This was a very interesting return episode. Each of the main characters had all of their own scenes and each one was working on moving forward and backward simultaneously.

First, as always, Naley. It was really nice to see the two of them as a couple again. After all the trouble that the two of them have had this season, it was wonderful to see the two of them together. It was really sad that it took Jamie's kidnapping to come back to each other, but seeing the two of them really communicating with each other was touching. And did you notice how they came closer to each other over the course of the hour? I thought the symbolism of the healing of their rift was totally awesome. Also, seeing the two of them in the end with their own passions was neat.

Poor Brooke. She got totally screwed over by Bitchtoria. Sour grapes is right. While Brooke does not have the most sparkling past, she has a wonderful present. The fact that the social worker was totally snowed by Bitchtoria was totally uncool. Brooke would be a wonderful mother. I do wonder about the adjustment period, but I know that Brooke would be able to handle it somehow.

I'd feel sorrier for Lucas if I hadn't been saying for weeks that he needed to make up his mind between
Lindsay and Peyton. I really don't understand how someone who is so intelligent can know so little about
his own heart. While I'd never wish getting left at the altar on anyone, he had been cruising for that for
some time. And he is so trying to get Lindsay back.  This is going to be interesting.

Peyton's scenes sort of confused me. I understood her whole pining for Lucas thing, but I was trying to figure out if she was talking to Mark Schwahn's character the whole time or not. She really didn't do much except for pine, so not a whole lot to say with her.

Dan was actually funny. Paying your p.o. to listen to you? I do think he has really changed. The challenge is going to be getting everyone else to believe it.

Next week: Nathan Scott's back on the basketball court. This ought to be interesting.

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.12- Hundred

That was really cool. New and old faces together again....

I loved the dream sequences at the beginning: Peyton fantasizing about marrying Lucas, Brooke fantasizing about a wedding dress, and Nathan fantasizing about making up (and out) with Haley. Those were really neat.

Now onto the meat....

How totally awesome was it to see Karen back? I so missed her and her wisdom. She was a mother to all of the characters and helped them all. So seeing her back in the swing of things with words of wisdom for Peyton and Brooke was just really neat. I was so happy to see her and Andy together. And how awesome of Andy to admit that he'd give up Karen to let Lucas have Keith. That totally touched me.

Seeing Carrie was a shock. I knew she'd be in the episode, but I expected Dan to be up in the loft. So when they revealed her, I lost my breath for a second. Then to see her take Jamie....urrr....I hate that psychotic b!tch. Seeing Dan threaten her in the end was really neat. He gave her no choice but to agree. I mean, the guy killed his own brother. Why wouldn't he kill a skinny, skanky, slut b!tch like her?

So, Brooke came back to have a family? No wonder she was so putting up with Bitchtoria. She wanted a family desperately enough to put up with her mom. Now she wants a baby of her own. BTW, the greatest line was Peyton's when Brooke whispered that she wanted a baby: "With me?" I nearly fell out of my bed with laughter.

Will she or won't she? Will Peyton pursue Lucas or will she let him go? I'm thinking the chase has begun, and if Lindsey comes back, this will get really interesting. She was so devastated when Lucas said "I do." When she fantasized about speaking at the wedding, I covered my face and groaned. Partially from the cheesiness and partly because that would have been totally classless, IMHO. I was so happy to hear that it was a daydream.

Lucas had a bad day. Haley telling him that he loves Peyton; which is so true; and Lindsey leaving him at the altar. much would that suck? Methinks its going to be a while before he is ready for romance again.

Poor Nathan and Haley. Their son is kidnapped; they think by their homicidal father/in-law; and they can;t find him for a long time. Watching Haley fall apart was good, in its own way. I think this will help them get back together. Also, seeing Haley confront Dan was pretty cool. She is very protective and doesn't like Dan at all. That will probably change after tonight though.

So on April 14th, the aftermath. Until then!

My Review of Kyle XY 2.23- I've Had The Time of My Life

Wow, that ending was not the one I expected. Not one, but two people gone....

Like last week, this week was about expectations, as is expected from a prom episode. Watching how the expectations were not met or exceeded made for fun television. Not great, but fun.

Leclan is officially over. Lori was given the choice by Declan to be with him or stay split, and she chose to stay split. I was a little surprised, until I realized that I think she does have feelings for the TA; whose name I can never remember; and that she wants to see where that goes. Besides, as friends, she and Declan are in a good place. She's scared to mess with that.

Poor Declan. No matter how strongly he declares that its okay with him, he was devastated. That look as he got in the limo and the look on his face when Hilary came to talk with him said it all. He does truly care about Lori in a very real way, and I think he still holds out hope for them.

Jandy; is that what they are called?; were in as cute a form as ever tonight. Lesbian moms as feminists, never saw that one coming . Although it did provide for one of the funniest moments when Andy removed the sunglasses. Scary thing is, I have seen full grown women; and I ain't talking professional women (trying to be circumspect here); who actually wear make-up like that every day. When she came down the stairs, all I could say was "Wow!" She looked gorgeous.

Josh misunderstanding what Andy wanted was totally understandable. As Andy said, sex on prom night is the cliche to end all cliches. So naturally, where is a hormonally driven boy gonna go with his thoughts? Duh! And this led to four entirely too cute discussions. First, Kyle and Josh. Josh talking about bases and stuff was funny, but the kicker was Kyle's declaration of cluelessness. That had me busting out laughing. Then there was Stephen confronting Lori about TA guy and the ensuing screwed up conversation about sex that Stephen just left. Which was promptly followed by a Nicole Trager(TM) pep talk. But the best was the conversation between Stephen and Josh. Both were entirely uncomfortable, but it really affected Josh as later events showed. Not the best talk I've ever seen, but definitely one of the funniest.

Watching Jessi and Amanda was actually really neat. Neither of them can stand the other, but they will help each other out and deal with each other for Kyle's sake. That was just really sweet. Follow with the moment totally broken by Lori's comment to Jessi about going soft and Jessi's comeback about a near-death experience. Then when Lori left, Jessi leaned her head on the wall and looked so happy. I think she really appreciated being treated like a normal high school girl.

And all speculation can end, Amanda definitely knows about Kyle's abilities. It remains to be seen if she knows about his origins or how far his abilities extend, but when she asked if he was doing things, she asked it in a way that said she was curious, not surprised.

I was glad to see the obligatory dance, even if it was cheesy. Every prom episode has to have a special dance between the hero and his lady; or vice versa if there's a heroine. Cliched, yes. But prom is so full of cliches, who's going to notice one more?

The last thirty seconds totally shocked me. Last week I know I had speculated that Kyle or Jessi might be taken by Latnok or that Amanda might leave, but seeing Amanda kidnapped by Latnok was a twist I never saw coming. This group REALLY wants Kyle. I wonder where this will go next...

Until next season!

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.11- You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

Well, as if we needed any more evidence that Victoria is a totally psychotic bitch...

Wow, what an episode. So much happened, but let's start with the Scotts. Nathan and Haley are on the serious outs right now. Haley is either severely stressed or operating under some sort of delusion. I mean, I do get the being mad at Nathan last week. Thanks to everything that happened, she was seriously stressed. I'm cool with that. But to all of a sudden decide that it's not worth saving just seems weird. Maybe she's just tired of trying, but something about tonight seems real forced, like the writers are creating conflict where there shouldn't be any. Maybe its just me though.

I think the person I feel the sorriest for is Jamie. He doesn't get what is going on. All he knows is that Mommy and Daddy were arguing and then Daddy left and hasn't been home. He wanted a family again tonight and he just kept getting blown off. I don't think either Haley or Nathan meant to blow him off; though admittedly Haley did it more; but they did all the same. Thank goodness Skillz was around to look after Jamie's interests and to give Haley the verbal slap she needed to realize what was up with Jamie.

Watching Skillz, Fergie, and Junk with Jamie was totally cute. They are so good to him and for him.

Loved that Lucas and Lindsay tried to use their bachelor/bachelorette parties to try and reunite Nathan and Haley. Also loved that Nathan and Haley saw right through it.

Dan didn't really do much. He got out of jail, flirted with a saleswoman while buying as basketball for Jamie, and then slept with her.

Peyton and Chase was a total trip. When Brooke set up Peyton on a double date, I was wondering if it was Chase. I mean, I saw his name in the credits, and that would be just the sort of wacky thing that OTH would do. And watching Owen's reaction when he connected Chase's Brooke and his Brooke was absolutely hilarious.

I AM SO PROUD OF BROOKE! Wow, I never thought she'd actually fire Victoria. The best part was that about a second before she said "You're fired.", I said, "Fire the bitch." I was so pleased that Brooke actually did the right thing. I know this is going to cost her big time, but she really needed to do that.

Watching Victoria tear Rachel down on purpose was one of the worst things I had ever seen. Rachel was actually trying to get better, and Victoria came in and just laid into her like no one's business. She had to know what would happen because of that. This after rearranging the meeting that Brooke had set up with Macy's. Then when she admitted; more or less; what she had done to Brooke, Brooke had enough. Canning her was a move that Brooke really needed to make. Hopefully, Brooke can still run the company; I do have concerns to be honest; but I know she'll do a better job than Victoria gives her credit for.

Next week, episode 100. The wedding. What will happen? I can't wait to find out.

Until then.

My Review of Kyle XY 2.22- Hello...

Wow. Kyle XY really knows how to kick off the end of a season. I know next week is the finale, but this week so set up things for next week....

Let's start with the teen angst storyline of the past several episodes, Prom. You know, I never went to mine either. Not that I really regret it in all honesty, but sometimes I wonder if it might have been nice to go to. Anyway...

Watching everyone race around trying to rescue prom while Kyle and Jessi were dealing with a major problem shows how well this show balances the fluffy teen angst and drama with the more serious storylines.
Amanda and Josh were so determined to make prom special for Kyle and Andy. I laughed when Amanda
admitted that she asked herself, "What would Kyle do?"  I laughed even harder when Josh said the same thing.  Kyle is such a bad influence on our poor impressionable Josh. Watching the serious moment between Andy and Josh was almost tearjerking...then Josh broke the mood. Loved it!  Those two can never remain serious for long, and thank you for that!

Hilary is always good for a serious laugh. She is so incapable of drama; except for the first season when she was feuding with Lori. It is always fun to watch her be totally clueless about what is going on around her and to be so focused on ordinary things. Sure she's a blonde, but she can be so cool. I might have actually gotten along with popular people in high school if I had known someone like her.

Leclan is back for prom. Not permanent, I am betting, but I'll take what I can get. Those two are so good
for each other. They just need to get past all of the groping and hooking up.

Poor Jessi. I was so proud of her backbone in standing up to Taylor and I hate him for tearing her down that much. He has told her so many times that she is alone that she actually believes it. And then when Sarah didn't show Her loss of control was even scarier than Kyle's loss a few weeks ago.  She not only moved things, she caused the whole restaurant to shake and still had enough energy to freeze Kyle in place. Good thing Sarah showed up or else it is possible that Jessi and/or Kyle would have been in serious trouble.

Kyle, the human defibrillator. Wow. The sheer power he harnessed to do that was amazing. He blew out the
lights in at least 100 feet in all directions. He could have died for Jessi, who hasn't always been the best friend. But still, he doesn't care. He cares about her and she was in danger, so he saved her and the cost be damned. I am glad that he was freaked out by his power. A healthy respect for the amount of power that he and Jessi have is a very good thing.

I was touched by the Lori/Jessi scene. Those two have always been characterized by hostility. First, because Jessi was after Declan. Then because Jessi attacked Lori. That heart-to-heart was really needed to bring the two of them together. And the fact that Lori was willing to let Jessi in shows how far she has come.

I loved how Kyle "took care" of Taylor. Bringing back Foss to be the bad guy was an inspired move. Foss
will protect Kyle with no hesitation, and I am willing to bet that he will protect Jessi as well, if Kyle asks.

Latnok wants to meet Kyle. That could be interesting.  Not good, but interesting.

Speaking of Latnok, I wonder how much of what Sarah said about them is true. The fact that Adam is still
with them implies that they are not bad, but Sarah's description of them as scientist bent on discovery
does not bode well. If they are that intent on objectivity and scientific inquiry, then we could have

Next week, prom. And someone disappears. Obvious candidates are Kyle or Jessi. But could it be Foss,
Sarah or Adam?

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.10- Running to Stand Still

Wow, we finally hit Naley meltdown. And was it a wowser.....

Of course, the big event of the night, meltdown in Naley-ville. Carrie the skanky nanny is gone, for now anyway. Haley is officially pissed off at Nathan and Carrie. On Carrie, that is totally justified. On Nathan, not so much. While he so should have said something earlier, its not like he really cheated.  His main problem was that he didn't cut Carrie off at the pass sooner. That, coupled with what happened to Jamie and the fact that he wasn't honest; in fact he outright lied to Haley's face; means that Haley is totally pissed off.

As soon as I saw Mia and Peyton's confrontation, I knew; or rather seriously suspected; that they were playing John. It was about the only thing that made sense. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Rachel the junkie. Wow. Can't say I am terribly surprised, although the Owen as an addict was seriously surprising. While I can appreciate Brooke taking Rachel home with her, I do wonder if it really is the smartest thing to do. I think Rachel needs a lot of help, although Owen will probably be a good deal of help.

I loved Lucas' and Dan's speeches to the parole board.  I do wonder about Dan's sincerity; although I will
say that I think that he is sincere. Poor Lucas totally had the ground knocked out from underneath him by Nathan; however unwittingly it was done. Dan coming back; at least I assume he is; will be really cool.

How is Quentin going to deal with his cast? He will probably try and play only to be taken out by Lucas at
some point.

'Til next week.

My Review of Kyle XY 2.21- Grey Matters

As I predicted, Sarah was at the very end. Ok, that was totally predictable, but I still like that I predicted it.
:-) And here we go...

Hmmm...didn't we do the whole cheating storyline in Season 1 when Kyle was testing for placement in the
school?  Not that it wasn't sort of cool, and if you can recycle your own storylines without it being stale, then cool.

I was highly impressed that Josh improved enough to get the principal; or was it vice-principal?; to suspect him of cheating. That was really cool. Josh is really, really smart, but really, really lazy too.  This is one of the ways that he has really changed since meeting Andy. He is now actually trying in order to make her proud. That so rocks.

When Mr. Hooper accused 2 Trager kids of cheating, I knew he was referring to Kyle. At first, I was
seriously confused, because Kyle doesn't need to cheat. Once Hooper mentioned the hack, I knew Jessi
was behind it. She's as good with a computer as Kyle, and she doesn't have his finely honed moral compass.
I am glad that she admitted it to him.

Taylor is such a creep. He is pushing Jessi so hard that she is starting to break down, and he refuses to let up. Dude, if you really cared about her, let up.  But we all know he doesn't care about her and will never let up. Sigh....

How pathetic was it that Jessi, even though she knows that Taylor is being an @$$, continues to defend him
because he's all she has. Honey, break away from him and stick with Kyle. He'll help, promise.

Watching Kyle work up to asking Amanda to the Prom was totally cute. He was so nervous and so sure that he was missing something to ask her that when he heard to just ask her he was in shock. Of course though, it
wasn't that easy, because of the whole timing thing.  And "goddesses of estrogen"?

Speaking of Amanda, was anyone else surprised that she went to the website? That seriously surprised me.
While I am glad that she did not use it, the fact that she went is surprising.

And Kyle's solution, while not perfect, was not that bad. Protect Jessi while clearing himself and Josh.
I do feel bad that everyone has to retake the tests, but it was the fairest option.

Nicole goes to the mat for Kyle and Jessi. That was great. Obviously Nicole cares about both of them.
She needs to be careful though. Taylor is dangerous.  If he thinks shes a threat, he may react badly.

Despite its obvious placement, I loved the finding of Sarah. I so cannot wait to see what she is going to

'Til then.

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.09- For Tonight You're Only Here To Know

Wow....the promo wasn't too misleading. That was nice. Loved the catfight.

Tonight was all about Lindsay and Peyton. Well, mostly, so that is where I'll start.

This is the only way that these two would ever be able to exist together. They needed an extended nasty fight to get everything out and hurt each other so that they can then just get over it. Watching each of them at their bitchiest was actually fun.

Lindsay is seriously threatened by Peyton. She knows about Lucas and Peyton's history and she knows how
incredibly potent it is. So, she is worried about what Lucas might do. She also knows about Lucas cheating on Brooke with Peyton, which can't make things any easier for her.

Peyton is also threatened by Lindsay. Lindsay is making friends with Peyton's friends and is engaged to Peyton's love. That can't be easy. While Lucas and Lindsay don't have history, they do have feelings.  I don't know where this is headed. They might take the route of Lucas marrying and leaving Lindsay, Lucas leaving Lindsay for Peyton before the marriage, or Lucas and Peyton forever apart. This is going to be interesting.

I felt so sorry for Lindsay when we found out about her dad. That would seriously suck. While I can't be
seriously upset at Peyton given the circumstances, I am a mite disappointed. Both Peyton and Lindsay were
at their worst tonight, so a lot can be forgiven.

I was interested to hear how Haley came to be friends with Lindsay. I was also interested to see how Brooke
reacted to the criticisms of Victoria. Again, I get it although I may not totally agree.

I roared when I saw that Tim was the pizza delivery guy. While he has never been my favorite character, he is always hilarious and fun to watch. And he hasn't changed much. He has definitely grown up some, but I loved that he hid it at first.

Seeing Jamie in a basketball uniform was totally cute.  I was definitely upset that Nathan didn't tell Haley
what happened, but I am glad that he said it to Lucas. That should make it easier later.

The Ravens won. Cool.

Seeing Mouth struggling was interesting. But he found his story in the end. He reframed the story and made
it all his own. Very cool.

Next week, Dan's hearing.

My Review of Kyle XY 2.20- Primary Colors

Wow....tonight was really cool...

There was some ambiguity about events tonight, but I will give my definite interpretation about them.

The meltdown was definitely interesting. I seem to remember them doing something similar in the past, but
maybe I am remembering incorrectly; or maybe I am remembering a different show.

Watching Kyle slowly unravel was...well, odd. At first, he made really small mistakes and was slightly uncoordinated; which was odd enough; but then when he couldn't speak correctly, it was definitely a little
freaky. Then watching him lose control of his abilities that physically affect the outside world was scary. Given the amount of power he has, to lose control of it would be awful; as demonstrated tonight by the fire.

Watching Jessi take Kyle's place was not cool. Not that I mind her smarts, but the fact that she was really smug about it and everything was just flat out annoying. I do think she was right and Adam was wrong; at least partly; about the reasons for Kyle's problems. Just watching last week, Kyle clearly did something. The lights flickered like they do when he uses his powers in some major way. I think that Adam is clearly underestimating how far Kyle as advanced in a short period of time. While he was clearly right about the message, I think that was only a part of the problem. Unfortunately, he has convinced Kyle that he did nothing.

About the record, while I do believe that it was from Sarah, I do wonder if she is in league at all with Taylor. If he wanted to get his hands on both Kyle and Jessi, then maybe she's helping him. It is also possible that Sarah faked her death in order to try and get Taylor off her trail. I really don't know yet. I am seriously interested to find out though.

And oh yes, I was so right about Lori and the TA.  They are so totally going to end up together; at least
temporarily. The way they are insulting and arguing with each other is a clear indication. Poor Declan...

And we see the softer side of Mrs. Bloom. Who would have ever imagined that she would actually come around to Kyle and Amanda's side? I figured it might happen....eventually. But not yet. That was seriously cool. I still don't like her too much, but I don't despise her anymore.

It is always nice to see Nicole be able to put her counseling skills to good use. That was so reminiscent of the beginning of Season 1. Putting the dots in a flipbook was an interesting idea on the part of Kyle and Adam.

Watching Stephen and Nicole meet Adam was interesting.  He is Kyle's biological father. So the fact that his
adoptive parents met his biological father was a cause for tension. Not limitless, but more nervousness than
anything else I think.

Next week, Sarah's back. I bet she will not be met until the end so that they can leave that for the season finale; which I believe is in two weeks.


My Review of OTH 5.08- Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Ok, I was wrong and right about Lucas' proposal last week....

Wow, I knew Lucas' proposal was a reaction to Peyton kissage, but I never thought that it was because Lindsay found the ring. Not that I was fond of the pairing last week, but this week it has reached a new low. Lucas only proposed because Lindsay found the ring, thought it was meant for her, and then threatened to leave. Wow. I feel so sorry for her.  She is so going to get her heart broken in the long run. She doesn't deserve that.

Naley was.....interesting this week. I'm glad Nathan had a talk with Carrie, even if I wish he had told Haley everything, even before the kiss. That little biatch manipulated the whole thing tonight. First, she pretends to remember little of what happened; and yes I think she was faking; and then she blatantly lied to Haley when Haley called home. Then Jamie called her "mommy" and she kissed Nathan; who so should have fired her on the spot. Nathan needs to have a talk with Haley and then they need to let Carrie go.

Haley got it in the teeth today, even though she doesn't know it. She saw her best friend and another friend kissing, even though the best friend is dating someone else. Then she has horrible flashbacks to her husband losing his career and nearly ruining their marriage. Can you blame her for overreacting? I can't; even though I know Haley haters will. She owned up to it and apologized to Nathan. Laying into both Lucas and Peyton was the right thing to do. And don't give me any crap about it not being her business. She is Lucas' best friend, Peyton's friend, and Lindsay's friend and soon to be matron of honor.  Should she tell Lindsay about the kiss? Probably not.  Should she have grilled Lucas and Peyton?  Absolutely. While I get and acknowledge their connection, that doesn't give them license to cheat on Lindsay. Lucas and Peyton need to figure out what the hell they want and then continue living. To do otherwise is unfair to anyone involved with them and to each other.

I'm glad that Peyton got some perspective tonight, but I'm not sure how long it will last. This ought to be interesting.

Watching Brooke chase Owen was funny. I'm interested in seeing where this is headed.

I'm glad Mouth is with a decent person. Alice sleeping with the whole staff? Wow...she's a bigger slut than I thought.

Next week: Peyton v. Lindsay. CAT FIGHT!!!!!

My Review of Kyle XY 2.19- First Cut is the Deepest

Thank you to everyone for your appreciation of my reviews. They're fun, not too hard, and I enjoy writing them. So, they'll keep coming.

And speaking of reviews coming....

Normally, I start off with Amanda/Kyle/Jessi, but this time, I want to start with and focus on Josh and Andy.
I know I keep talking about how cute they are together, and tonight was no exception. Much heavier than their normal storyline, but I think this was necessary. Andy has always relied on Josh to be her fun sidekick, the guy who is just neat to be around.  They zing each other, tease each other, make out, he gropes her, and other fun stuff. But recently, he has been so focused on the cancer that he is losing funJosh to seriousJosh. And she needs funJosh so badly; as she demonstrated tonight in her conversation with Nicole.

In a weird way, I think Josh needs her too. Her sickness gives him something to focus on outside of school and family. This is the first time someone has really needed him, and that seems to have made him grow up a lot. Their relationship is incredibly symbiotic, with each of them getting something necessary from the other. This could become THE great love story of the show if they are so inclined.

My feelings about Jessi flit back and forth between being scared of her and scared for her. She is obviously not totally stable; and apparently neither was Sarah. And the news that Taylor has been off the reservation for some time is actually not very surprising. It was more like a confirmation of what we have heard about him so far.

Anyhoo, back to Jessi. She is more advanced than Kyle is because of her drive to be the best. She is continuously pushing herself to be the absolute best at everything, which will get her killed if she isn't careful. Already, she is showing the strain of doing too much too quickly. I laughed when she firewalled Kyle and gasped when she diverted the 8-ball. Not because I was surprised that she would do it, but because she COULD do it. While both Kyle and Jessi have telekinesis of some sort, they normally move something stationary, not something moving.

That TA being the DJ was totally foreseeable. As soon as Lori and the TA were talking, I knew he was the DJ. Funny reveal, but totally predictable.

And what the heck did Kyle do at the end? Obviously with the lights flickering and his nosebleed, he did
something, but what was it? Did he heal Andy? Did he just energize her? Or what? I really want to know.

I wish they would either just end Kyle/Amanda or not end it. This whole dragging out thing is getting

Next week, Kyle appears to have a breakdown of some sort....

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.07- In da Club

Sorry this is so late. Was being an election judge and got home really late, then I couldn't get to a computer....uuurrrggghhh...

Anyway, here we go...

Wow, tonight was interesting. Not the best, but good.

Not sure how to react to Haley. While I get why she was upset, she did seem to overreact to what Nathan did. I think a part of it was that she was stressed over the whole Mia thing and I think she may sense the whole Carrie thing. Also, given what happened the last time Nathan lost his temper, I get it.

Nathan, dude, watch out for Carrie. While I think everything he said was meant innocently, she is so obsessed with him that what he said could be taken; and was taken; in a way he never meant. So not looking forward to what is going to happen there. Quentin was right, Nathan was innocently flirting. I honestly do the same thing with women I know well. We both know it isn't serious, but just fun. Only problem is that Carrie sees it all as serious. Scary.

I had to laugh at Brooke. While Bitchtoria was doing everything she could to hurt Brooke, Brooke was actually being somewhat mature. Now that Brooke isn't the drama queen between Lucas and Peyton, she is a lot more fun. Loved what she said to Mouth. He really needed to hear that.

While I have been disappointed in Mouth for the past few weeks, he made it up for it tonight. After Brooke verbally slapped him across the face, he realized just how badly he had screwed up. And his boss could so be looking at a sexual harassment suit. Please, nail the bitch to the wall. Please!!!!

And now for the fun of Lucas/Lindsey/Peyton, aka the triangle of Season 5. You know, I could really respect Lucas' decision more if it didn't seem like he proposed in order to: (a) hurt Peyton or (b) out of guilt. Like I said last week, Lindsey doesn't stand a chance once Lucas stops deceiving himself. He love Peyton too much to give up on her. But when he kissed Peyton, he felt guilty and so proposed to Lindsey.

Only problem is that Lindsey knows about the feelings. How much longer will she put up with everything? I really want to know. While I do not love Lindsey, she deserves better than what she is getting.

Until next week!

My Review of Kyle XY 2.18- Between a Rack and a Hard Place

Good episode, but not my favorite. This one seemed very fillery for some reason, even though it did advance certain stories alot.

Kyle/Amanda took a huge step forward tonight. Kyle made the decision to tell Amanda about himself, which is something that it took him a long time to do with the Tragers. But I think he realizes that if he says nothing, then he loses her. Tough position, but like the title say, he's caught between a rock and a hard place.

While I understand Amanda's issue, I do wish she could have picked a better way to talk with Kyle about it. If it is bothering her so much that she has to b!tch him out about it, then she really should have said something earlier. Instead, she let it fester until she exploded at him. So not cool.

Lori/Declan holding pattern is firm. One of them can't be with someone else without making the other jealous. This is sorta cute, and really annoying. Either make up/out or something. This holding pattern is starting to piss me off.

That TA is a total love interest for Lori. The classic meet and hate. Totally funny. And sorta predictable.

I have to say that as soon as I heard $120 missing, I thought of the concert tickets. I assumed that maybe Josh had done something, but that didn't make much sense, so I discounted the idea. Then, they figured it out and I felt a certain sense of vindication. And Josh blackmailing the boss was classic.

Josh and Andy are cute, but not cloying. The fun snarkiness and everything is just neat. Andy could be a total drag if they wrote her wrong, but her sheer spunk in the face of everything makes her a wonderful breath of fresh air in the show.

Brian is rapidly getting one my nerves. His blatant manipulation of Jessi is sad. I don't think she'll ever be able to see through it until it is too late. Which is really unfortunate.

And Adam Baylin is back. Is this good or not? Inquiring minds want to know....

My Review of Kyle XY 2.17- Grounded

This episode was a total hoot! I was aching after I finished watching it.

From the start until the point where Amanda's mom came in, this was one extended farcical episode. Not a
whole lot of story movement, but a lot of laughs.

The purpose of this episode appeared to be to set up for the future by reviewing the past. Except for the
Jessi/Kyle/Amanda scenes and the final scene at Latnok; or is that with Latnok?; everything was looking at the past. How is Kyle fitting in?  How did the family help him?  How has he helped the family?  With the end of the Madacorp arc a couple of episodes ago, Latnok appears to be the new arc.

Jessi/Kyle/Amanda is not pretty. Kyle cares for Amanda; as is obvious by the fact that he is willing to violate all sorts of rules to help her. He also cares for Jessi; although in a different way. He and Jessi are connected by the way they were created, but he and Amanda are connected on a much more emotional level. Jessi, unfortunately, is much better at picking up on the more negative emotions; i.e. jealousy; than the positive ones. This is trouble for Kyle/Amanda.

I was roaring with the early conversations in the kitchen. I thought that it was hilarious that Nicole took so long to catch onto the gist of the conversation, and I snickered when Kyle never caught on.

Oh, and Kyle, just for the record. When a hot guy is shirtless in a bedroom with their girlfriend, the girl will tend to go a bit red in the cheeks and their temperature will rise. The guy may have a similar reaction. :-)

Watching all of the hiding of things from both the social worker and Stephen/Nicole was a tremendous
hoot. First, Kyle trying to hide Amanda from everyone. When he was sent to his room, he had such a
goofy look on his face. Grounding is supposed to be punishment. Spending the day with your girlfriend,
not exactly a punishment.

Declan/Lori/Josh hiding the beer was great. I was wondering what they were going to do with it, so
seeing it as the bed was just nifty.  As soon as Mrs. Bloom denied calling social services, my mind immediately went to Madacorp. I honestly never considered Latnok. That was the first time in a while that Kyle XY has totally shocked me speechless.  That was so cool.

Next week: Someone comes back. My guess: Adam or Foss. And Jessi continues to interfere in Kyle and
Amanda's relationship. She sucks.

My Review of OTH 5.06- Don't Dream It's Over

Wow...that was an interesting episode. Good thing for a misleading promo...

The name of this episode fit it so well. Brooke's dream of Victoria acknowledging affection and trust, Jamie's nightmare of Dan getting him, Lucas' dream about proposing to Lindsay, and Haley's dream of Jamie and Nathan going to Carrie.

I was so happy when Peyton told Bitchtoria; love that name; off. What kind of mother constantly beats down
her daughter and destroys her self-esteem? She has no trust in Brooke and terrorizes everyone around her.
Even though I expected it, I was utterly shocked when Bitchtoria said "Whatever," to Brooke. That was just
awful. I loved that Brooke went ahead and decided to ignore Bitchtoria and do what was best for the

The deadly triple-team of Lucas, Haley, and Nathan strikes again. First, Lucas and Haley do the hard
sell to get Quentin to stay. Then Nathan goes and hits Quentin as only another basketball player could.  I hope that Quentin does turn around and become a better person. But not sure if that will happen.

As I said last week, Lucas/Lindsay is headed for disaster. Lucas is still in love with Peyton and Peyton is still in love with him. Only strong feelings like that could cause the explosion seen tonight. Even anger would have faded somewhat by now.  But their feelings are still strong and really need resolution; which may happen next week.

Can't say I felt too sorry for Lindsay when she overheard Peyton's confession that Peyton didn't like her. Sorry, but Lindsay should have seen that one coming. Peyton has never really liked her. That has been so obvious.

I have liked Carrie prior to this week. Her line to Lindsay about just having history doesn't mean that
you're going to be together was so obviously an attempt to justify the fact that she wants to seduce a married man. I think calling her a skank is being kind.

Next week: trouble in paradise.

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.05- I Forgot To Remember To Forget

Not the best episode ever, but very necessary flashback info for us...

This episode was totally about Leyton. With only one or two exceptions; one relatively small, the other larger; everything centered around them.

Poor Lucas. He was having such a great day and so he goes to LA to propose to Peyton and she turns him
down. Oh, I know that she asked for time to think about it, but it was still a rejection. Then he gets the news of his book being published and he goes to New York to celebrate. He runs into Brooke and the two of them have a blast together. I loved how shamelessly they used their "engagement" to have fun.  I think that is what I will always love about Brooke and Lucas. She helps to keep him grounded and helps him to have fun. Lucas and Peyton are so full of drama that it can detract from their relationship.

I do understand Peyton's position. They are on opposite sides of the country and she doesn't want Lucas to turn out like Dan. And she did ask only for time. But she should have known how Lucas would likely react to what she said.

I don't think that Lucas and Peyton will ever have a normal relationship with anyone else. Every relationship they have had has been derailed because of their feelings for each other. Lucas and Brooke and Jake and Peyton both died because of Leyton. I don't think Lindsey has a chance unless something drastic happens to Leyton.

I did love Brooke's last line: "This is going to be interesting."

Seeing Whitey was cool. He officially handed everything over to Lucas, completing the circle that started with Keith showing Lucas to Whitey and Lucas showing Skillz to Whitey. I will bet anything that Lucas' college coaching is a large part of the reason he got the job at THHS.

And now I start to understand Victoria's controlling of Brooke. Sure, it has something to do with bitchiness, but I think she also sees Clothes Over Bros as her one link to Brooke. Lucas and Peyton are challenges to that link and I think she will do anything to keep the link going.

I really hope that Nathan doesn't cheat on Haley next week. I am scared though....

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.04- It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

Wow, tonight was the night of @$$holes and bi!ches.  We'll get to that in a minute....

First, Peyton/Haley v. Jason. Wow, his ego makes Chris' look minuscule. Refusing to take any advice from anyone about how to help his music. I understand the whole wanting to be true to your music thing, but if someone is offering suggestions, you'd be well advised to at least consider what they have to say. Haley firing him was hilarious. I loved Kate Voegele's music and voice. I look forward to this storyline. And is this Kevin Federline's last episode? I thought he was in 5 or 6. Maybe he'll be back. Maybe not. Either way, I'll survive.

Second, Lucas/Nathan/Skillz v. Quentin. Again, an ego so large that it eclipses the Sun. I understand everyone wanting to help the kid, but I do wonder if it is worth the hassle and aggravation. He won't consider anyone else at all and is going to cause more damage to the team than he is going to help it. Kick him off the team and be done with it.

Third, Victoria v. Brooke/the world. I have always wondering why Brooke was so much of a bitch in the
first season, and now I see. She came by it honestly.  First, Victoria purposely spiked Brooke's store
opening, then she calls Peyton a parasite, then she hits Lucas with a low blow. Um, bitch, if you really
wanted the best for Brooke, you would have been around. So sit down, shut the hell up, and get out of
Brooke's way.

I did feel a little sorry for Haley. While I am glad that Carrie is such a big help, she is sort of
replacing Haley. That would suck.

Nathan, nice hair cut. Much appreciated.

Next week looks like a week of flashbacks. Should be interesting. 'Til then.

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.03- My Way Home Is Through You

Wow a twist at the end that I was totally not expecting.

Let's start with Naley. They're getting back on track. Nathan is bound and determined to make things up to Haley and she is willing to accept it. This bodes well. The nanny, not so much.

And as for just Nathan, I am glad he went to see Dan.  He needed to cut those strings in the worst possible
way. While he may have gotten a certain amount of strength from Dan, it was in spite of what Dan did, not because of it. And watching him with Jamie was really cute. He is willing to let Jamie work with basketball if he wants, but won't force it either way.  Very cool.

Haley is the type of teacher I want to be; and am not always unfortunately. Never giving up on students and
going that extra mile. I try, but it can be very hard to do. Trust me.

Jamie's little shrine to Nathan was really touching.  I'm glad that the nanny didn't keep that promise.

Watching Lucas and Skillz work with the team was neat.  If I remember correctly, didn't Whitey; or was it
Dan; do something like that in the first season? They are slowly improving the team.

And watching the maneuvering between Peyton and Lindsay was quite hilarious. I gotta agree with
Peyton, Lindsay's visiting and what she said gave me the instant impression of "I'm here and I'm not going
away." Maybe that was not what was meant, but that is what I saw even before Peyton confronted Lindsay.

And now for the part that might get me shot. I think I'll like Kevin Federline's character. Sure, the
character is an arrogant b@$tard, but that seems to go with the territory. Watching him and Peyton go at it
ought to be quite amusing.

And Victoria is Brooke's mom? I did not see that one coming. This is going to be interesting.....

My Review of Kyle XY 2.16- Great Expectations

Not quite what I was expecting. Whether that is good or bad, I haven't yet decided....

I was expecting this week to be a major watershed in the Kyle/Amanda relationship. It was; sort of; and not in the way I was expecting.

The fact that Kyle and Amanda are being compared to Romeo and Juliet and star-crossed lovers, gives me the creeps. Just in case you've never heard of it, Romeo and Juliet is a tragic romance where the title characters commit suicide in the end. Anyhow, the idea of star-crossed lovers comes from astrology.  What it means is that the pair is fated to love each other forever, but their relationship is doomed.  Hence my concern. If this description is any sort of foreshadowing, they don't have a chance. If it isn't, then it is basic drama and everything will be ok.

Watching Kyle when Amanda first appeared, I was very amused. He had such naked longing in his eyes for
Amanda. And the fact that he set off all of the car alarms was absolutely hilarious. When Amanda said,
"We've got to talk," my heart dropped. I was so worried about what was coming up. I was less worried
when Kyle went to go visit Amanda and her mom denied him at the door. Obviously, that is not a bad sign.

And now for the part I am probably going to get crucified for. In a way, I have to agree with Amanda's mom and Nicole and Stephen. Her mom does have the right to say who Amanda can and can't see.  Was she being a bitch? Absolutely. But she can be legally. Do I agree with Amanda's moms way of dealing? No way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks. The fact that she was more or less blackmailing Amanda into going back indicated that  her reasons for wanting Amanda to go back were not exactly benign or to help Amanda.

I am so disappointed in Jessi. I get that she feels that she should occupy most of Kyle's time; and in all honesty, I can't blame her; but I can't countenance her calling Mrs. Bloom to tattle.

Watching Declan when he was talking to Lori; both times; was hilarious. When he was first talking to Lori while they were setting up the table, his face looked torn between amusement and terror. She so let her guard down that I think it scared him. And the second time when she was talking about never having seen a couple like Kyle and Amanda, he had such a wistful look. He knows of another couple like that.  Declan and Lori. Good luck dude.

Watching Josh actually study was a great piece of continuity from last week. Reading Shakespeare with a
dictionary is unique, but that's our Josh.

I felt so sorry for Stephen and Nicole. Forced to side with another parent against their kids; especially since they agreed with the kids. Loved that they were secretly amused by the whole situation.  Stephen the professor ought to be interesting.

Next week: Social Worker visits. And was that my imagination or do Kyle and Amanda sleep together? If
so, is that literally sleeping or the more colloquial version? I am really curious.