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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mid-Season Wraps from December 2006

This one is from a mid-season wrap post from December 2006.


First here is my review of OTH from some lists I am on:

"Ok, now THIS is how to do a proper One Tree Hill cliffhanger. At the end of last season, the cliffhanger was almost nonexistent, but here it was awesome.

Before I start with other characters, I have to say that I practically died laughing when I saw Mark Schwahn doing an appearance as the record store employee. That was just totally awesome.

I also need to say that despite my trepidations from last week about the whole "It's a Wonderful Life" theme, they pulled it off really well and I loved this episode.

Lucas....and Brooke....and Peyton. I have been waiting all season to put those names together.  Whether its a love triangle; which I am not so fond of; or a friendship triangle, I look at these three as the heart of the show. No matter how much I love Naley; and I adore them so much; L/B/P is the emotional center of the show for me. The lack of their complicated relationship this season has made it one of my least favorite seasons thus far, and with
its reappearance tonight, I was so happy. Brooke and Peyton may never reach the friendship they had before, but I think their new bond will be stronger and better because it will be more mature.

I loved watching the split conversations between Brooke/Lucas and Peyton/Haley. The parallel conversations shows how close Peyton and Brooke will always be, even if they are fighting.

I loved having Keith back. Watching him forgive Dan; and seeing Dan refuse to accept the forgiveness; and watching him guide Lucas through the good in his life was just awesome. I also loved that he made; at least I think he did; Lucas realize the truth about the shooting in the school.

Alternate-Brooke was just freaky. That is such a horrible look, I just want to banish it forever from my mind.

Seeing Dan throw himself on his sword for Nathan and because of a guilty conscience was just too awesome.  The b@$t@rd is finally getting his just desserts.

Naley. Saved them for last. Poor Nathan. His life sucked for most of the episode. I am so glad that their baby is going to be alright."


While the episode itself was not really great, the ongoing themes present in it as well as the preview of the next part of the season made this a wonderful mid-season episode. Clark is really starting to step out into the world and trying to do as much good as he can. Unfortunately, he wants to change everything, when even he can't do that, but with Chloe as someone to keep him balanced and realistic, he should be ok. I am so looking forward to the episode "Justice" with: Superman (Clark), the Green Arrow, the Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman all going up against Lex Luthor. That looks for freaking awesome.


Once again, the show goes out for the midseason with a bang. Sam is immunce to demon viruses. Which actually makes sense. If you are trying to raise an army; as The Demon seems to be doing; and you intend to use biological weapons, you want your soldiers to be unaffected by it. And Dean is ready to mentally/psychologically crack it seems. And a new demon possessed person on the loose communicating; apparently with The Demon; using blood....ewwww....I do wonder if that guy is the nemesis for the second half of the season.

Veronica Mars:

Dean O'Dell is dead, Mercer and Moe worked together to commit the rapes, the Greeks are back, and LoVe is dead. Damn....not really much to say except I can't wait for the new arc to start up in January.

Desperate Housewives:

Ok...Orson's first wife is not really dead. Me so confused.