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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.09- Sympathy for the Devil

Well, I got back in time and caught the whole show. Very happy Matthew here. Lucas dealing with old ghosts, Peyton dealing with an old flame, and Naley and Jamie dealing with a specter from the past....

Well, this was certainly interesting and enlightening. Julian was the rebound guy who dumped Peyton because of old ties with Lucas. Reason for the breakup is not unexpected. Peyton was brokenhearted over what happened with Lucas and Lindsey, so she took up with Julian. And now he wants to make a movie out of the novel that was the reason he left Peyton. Geez, nothing the least bit suspicious about that...

And Peyton, hiding this from Lucas for three weeks, not exactly the smartest move in the book. Understandable; sort of; but not smart.

Lucas is caught in a horrible dilemma. He either writes about Keith's murder or someone else will. Not fun. Can you blame him for being angry? I know I can't. Poor guy has to write a scene about his father killing his uncle; who was basically his dad. He understandably doesn't want the audience to sympathize with Dan and he doesn't want to make stuff up, so he tries to figure out what to do and he ends up talking with Dan, who gives him a mostly unemotional recounting of events. Wow....that sux.

And finding out that your fiancee has been lying about someone for weeks. Not fun. I see fireworks in the future, especially given what was going on in the preview for next week.

Naley relives a specter from the past in the form of Nathan going through a glasslike substance. Wow...just watching Haley and Jamie, you could see them reliving what happened. Not fun. And Jamie begging Nathan not to play Slamball

I did love watching Sam teach Jamie about economics. The rough side of it granted, but still, he learned about supply and demand. Definitely amusing.

And for the embarassment factor of the week, Owen wins hands down. Forced to leave a car naked. Not that I minded, he is hot, but still embarassing. And watching him and Brooke chase each other was interesting. It seems they have decided that the just friends thing is best for now.

Mouth, run away from Gigi as fast as you can. Even better, get rid of her. She is trouble....