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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 2.14- To C.I.R. With Love

Well, it's been a while, but I definitely think it was worth the wait....

Well, this episode apparently brought an end to the Madacorp arc. Which, to be honest, totally surprises me. I figured it would last a bit longer. But, it is possible that the arc isn't really over, but just resting for a bit. What was really interesting was the revelation that Valentine was the one after Kyle and not Madacorp. That begs the question of what was behind Valentine's obsession.

The Tragers now know everything about Kyle. And, they totally accepted it. Not that I expected them to reject him or anything, but it seemed that they accepted things just a bit too quickly. Necessary for story purposes, but seemingly somewhat plausible, so I'll let it slide without too much comment. And Lori's reaction to Declan's knowing was probably the best reaction of all. It was absolutely hilarious.

Lesson learned from this episode: Don't piss off Kyle and Jessi. Together the two of them wiped out power
across town and actually caused some physical side effects. That was impressive. What was interesting
there is the revelation that the two of them seem to have different purposes. This begs the question of
whether or not they have all of the same abilities or if there may be significant differences.

Watching Josh try and lie was probably the funniest thing. He is incapable of Andy. She knew he was keeping something from her, so he starts blurting out all of these long pent up secrets. Sorta like Vir Cotto from Babylon 5. I nearly died laughing at that scene.

Declan is so whipped by Lori. It is really cute, but somewhat cloying. His last line about no other girl having a chance because they weren't her was sweet, but almost too much.

This part of the season appears to be about Kyle and Jessi facing off about the use of their abilities.  This could be very interesting. Every time these two face off, they are so evenly matched that it is impossible to tell what will happen.

See y'all next week!