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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 2.16- Great Expectations

Not quite what I was expecting. Whether that is good or bad, I haven't yet decided....

I was expecting this week to be a major watershed in the Kyle/Amanda relationship. It was; sort of; and not in the way I was expecting.

The fact that Kyle and Amanda are being compared to Romeo and Juliet and star-crossed lovers, gives me the creeps. Just in case you've never heard of it, Romeo and Juliet is a tragic romance where the title characters commit suicide in the end. Anyhow, the idea of star-crossed lovers comes from astrology.  What it means is that the pair is fated to love each other forever, but their relationship is doomed.  Hence my concern. If this description is any sort of foreshadowing, they don't have a chance. If it isn't, then it is basic drama and everything will be ok.

Watching Kyle when Amanda first appeared, I was very amused. He had such naked longing in his eyes for
Amanda. And the fact that he set off all of the car alarms was absolutely hilarious. When Amanda said,
"We've got to talk," my heart dropped. I was so worried about what was coming up. I was less worried
when Kyle went to go visit Amanda and her mom denied him at the door. Obviously, that is not a bad sign.

And now for the part I am probably going to get crucified for. In a way, I have to agree with Amanda's mom and Nicole and Stephen. Her mom does have the right to say who Amanda can and can't see.  Was she being a bitch? Absolutely. But she can be legally. Do I agree with Amanda's moms way of dealing? No way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks. The fact that she was more or less blackmailing Amanda into going back indicated that  her reasons for wanting Amanda to go back were not exactly benign or to help Amanda.

I am so disappointed in Jessi. I get that she feels that she should occupy most of Kyle's time; and in all honesty, I can't blame her; but I can't countenance her calling Mrs. Bloom to tattle.

Watching Declan when he was talking to Lori; both times; was hilarious. When he was first talking to Lori while they were setting up the table, his face looked torn between amusement and terror. She so let her guard down that I think it scared him. And the second time when she was talking about never having seen a couple like Kyle and Amanda, he had such a wistful look. He knows of another couple like that.  Declan and Lori. Good luck dude.

Watching Josh actually study was a great piece of continuity from last week. Reading Shakespeare with a
dictionary is unique, but that's our Josh.

I felt so sorry for Stephen and Nicole. Forced to side with another parent against their kids; especially since they agreed with the kids. Loved that they were secretly amused by the whole situation.  Stephen the professor ought to be interesting.

Next week: Social Worker visits. And was that my imagination or do Kyle and Amanda sleep together? If
so, is that literally sleeping or the more colloquial version? I am really curious.