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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 2.17- Grounded

This episode was a total hoot! I was aching after I finished watching it.

From the start until the point where Amanda's mom came in, this was one extended farcical episode. Not a
whole lot of story movement, but a lot of laughs.

The purpose of this episode appeared to be to set up for the future by reviewing the past. Except for the
Jessi/Kyle/Amanda scenes and the final scene at Latnok; or is that with Latnok?; everything was looking at the past. How is Kyle fitting in?  How did the family help him?  How has he helped the family?  With the end of the Madacorp arc a couple of episodes ago, Latnok appears to be the new arc.

Jessi/Kyle/Amanda is not pretty. Kyle cares for Amanda; as is obvious by the fact that he is willing to violate all sorts of rules to help her. He also cares for Jessi; although in a different way. He and Jessi are connected by the way they were created, but he and Amanda are connected on a much more emotional level. Jessi, unfortunately, is much better at picking up on the more negative emotions; i.e. jealousy; than the positive ones. This is trouble for Kyle/Amanda.

I was roaring with the early conversations in the kitchen. I thought that it was hilarious that Nicole took so long to catch onto the gist of the conversation, and I snickered when Kyle never caught on.

Oh, and Kyle, just for the record. When a hot guy is shirtless in a bedroom with their girlfriend, the girl will tend to go a bit red in the cheeks and their temperature will rise. The guy may have a similar reaction. :-)

Watching all of the hiding of things from both the social worker and Stephen/Nicole was a tremendous
hoot. First, Kyle trying to hide Amanda from everyone. When he was sent to his room, he had such a
goofy look on his face. Grounding is supposed to be punishment. Spending the day with your girlfriend,
not exactly a punishment.

Declan/Lori/Josh hiding the beer was great. I was wondering what they were going to do with it, so
seeing it as the bed was just nifty.  As soon as Mrs. Bloom denied calling social services, my mind immediately went to Madacorp. I honestly never considered Latnok. That was the first time in a while that Kyle XY has totally shocked me speechless.  That was so cool.

Next week: Someone comes back. My guess: Adam or Foss. And Jessi continues to interfere in Kyle and
Amanda's relationship. She sucks.