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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 2.19- First Cut is the Deepest

Thank you to everyone for your appreciation of my reviews. They're fun, not too hard, and I enjoy writing them. So, they'll keep coming.

And speaking of reviews coming....

Normally, I start off with Amanda/Kyle/Jessi, but this time, I want to start with and focus on Josh and Andy.
I know I keep talking about how cute they are together, and tonight was no exception. Much heavier than their normal storyline, but I think this was necessary. Andy has always relied on Josh to be her fun sidekick, the guy who is just neat to be around.  They zing each other, tease each other, make out, he gropes her, and other fun stuff. But recently, he has been so focused on the cancer that he is losing funJosh to seriousJosh. And she needs funJosh so badly; as she demonstrated tonight in her conversation with Nicole.

In a weird way, I think Josh needs her too. Her sickness gives him something to focus on outside of school and family. This is the first time someone has really needed him, and that seems to have made him grow up a lot. Their relationship is incredibly symbiotic, with each of them getting something necessary from the other. This could become THE great love story of the show if they are so inclined.

My feelings about Jessi flit back and forth between being scared of her and scared for her. She is obviously not totally stable; and apparently neither was Sarah. And the news that Taylor has been off the reservation for some time is actually not very surprising. It was more like a confirmation of what we have heard about him so far.

Anyhoo, back to Jessi. She is more advanced than Kyle is because of her drive to be the best. She is continuously pushing herself to be the absolute best at everything, which will get her killed if she isn't careful. Already, she is showing the strain of doing too much too quickly. I laughed when she firewalled Kyle and gasped when she diverted the 8-ball. Not because I was surprised that she would do it, but because she COULD do it. While both Kyle and Jessi have telekinesis of some sort, they normally move something stationary, not something moving.

That TA being the DJ was totally foreseeable. As soon as Lori and the TA were talking, I knew he was the DJ. Funny reveal, but totally predictable.

And what the heck did Kyle do at the end? Obviously with the lights flickering and his nosebleed, he did
something, but what was it? Did he heal Andy? Did he just energize her? Or what? I really want to know.

I wish they would either just end Kyle/Amanda or not end it. This whole dragging out thing is getting

Next week, Kyle appears to have a breakdown of some sort....