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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 2.20- Primary Colors

Wow....tonight was really cool...

There was some ambiguity about events tonight, but I will give my definite interpretation about them.

The meltdown was definitely interesting. I seem to remember them doing something similar in the past, but
maybe I am remembering incorrectly; or maybe I am remembering a different show.

Watching Kyle slowly unravel was...well, odd. At first, he made really small mistakes and was slightly uncoordinated; which was odd enough; but then when he couldn't speak correctly, it was definitely a little
freaky. Then watching him lose control of his abilities that physically affect the outside world was scary. Given the amount of power he has, to lose control of it would be awful; as demonstrated tonight by the fire.

Watching Jessi take Kyle's place was not cool. Not that I mind her smarts, but the fact that she was really smug about it and everything was just flat out annoying. I do think she was right and Adam was wrong; at least partly; about the reasons for Kyle's problems. Just watching last week, Kyle clearly did something. The lights flickered like they do when he uses his powers in some major way. I think that Adam is clearly underestimating how far Kyle as advanced in a short period of time. While he was clearly right about the message, I think that was only a part of the problem. Unfortunately, he has convinced Kyle that he did nothing.

About the record, while I do believe that it was from Sarah, I do wonder if she is in league at all with Taylor. If he wanted to get his hands on both Kyle and Jessi, then maybe she's helping him. It is also possible that Sarah faked her death in order to try and get Taylor off her trail. I really don't know yet. I am seriously interested to find out though.

And oh yes, I was so right about Lori and the TA.  They are so totally going to end up together; at least
temporarily. The way they are insulting and arguing with each other is a clear indication. Poor Declan...

And we see the softer side of Mrs. Bloom. Who would have ever imagined that she would actually come around to Kyle and Amanda's side? I figured it might happen....eventually. But not yet. That was seriously cool. I still don't like her too much, but I don't despise her anymore.

It is always nice to see Nicole be able to put her counseling skills to good use. That was so reminiscent of the beginning of Season 1. Putting the dots in a flipbook was an interesting idea on the part of Kyle and Adam.

Watching Stephen and Nicole meet Adam was interesting.  He is Kyle's biological father. So the fact that his
adoptive parents met his biological father was a cause for tension. Not limitless, but more nervousness than
anything else I think.

Next week, Sarah's back. I bet she will not be met until the end so that they can leave that for the season finale; which I believe is in two weeks.