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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 2.21- Grey Matters

As I predicted, Sarah was at the very end. Ok, that was totally predictable, but I still like that I predicted it.
:-) And here we go...

Hmmm...didn't we do the whole cheating storyline in Season 1 when Kyle was testing for placement in the
school?  Not that it wasn't sort of cool, and if you can recycle your own storylines without it being stale, then cool.

I was highly impressed that Josh improved enough to get the principal; or was it vice-principal?; to suspect him of cheating. That was really cool. Josh is really, really smart, but really, really lazy too.  This is one of the ways that he has really changed since meeting Andy. He is now actually trying in order to make her proud. That so rocks.

When Mr. Hooper accused 2 Trager kids of cheating, I knew he was referring to Kyle. At first, I was
seriously confused, because Kyle doesn't need to cheat. Once Hooper mentioned the hack, I knew Jessi
was behind it. She's as good with a computer as Kyle, and she doesn't have his finely honed moral compass.
I am glad that she admitted it to him.

Taylor is such a creep. He is pushing Jessi so hard that she is starting to break down, and he refuses to let up. Dude, if you really cared about her, let up.  But we all know he doesn't care about her and will never let up. Sigh....

How pathetic was it that Jessi, even though she knows that Taylor is being an @$$, continues to defend him
because he's all she has. Honey, break away from him and stick with Kyle. He'll help, promise.

Watching Kyle work up to asking Amanda to the Prom was totally cute. He was so nervous and so sure that he was missing something to ask her that when he heard to just ask her he was in shock. Of course though, it
wasn't that easy, because of the whole timing thing.  And "goddesses of estrogen"?

Speaking of Amanda, was anyone else surprised that she went to the website? That seriously surprised me.
While I am glad that she did not use it, the fact that she went is surprising.

And Kyle's solution, while not perfect, was not that bad. Protect Jessi while clearing himself and Josh.
I do feel bad that everyone has to retake the tests, but it was the fairest option.

Nicole goes to the mat for Kyle and Jessi. That was great. Obviously Nicole cares about both of them.
She needs to be careful though. Taylor is dangerous.  If he thinks shes a threat, he may react badly.

Despite its obvious placement, I loved the finding of Sarah. I so cannot wait to see what she is going to

'Til then.