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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 2.22- Hello...

Wow. Kyle XY really knows how to kick off the end of a season. I know next week is the finale, but this week so set up things for next week....

Let's start with the teen angst storyline of the past several episodes, Prom. You know, I never went to mine either. Not that I really regret it in all honesty, but sometimes I wonder if it might have been nice to go to. Anyway...

Watching everyone race around trying to rescue prom while Kyle and Jessi were dealing with a major problem shows how well this show balances the fluffy teen angst and drama with the more serious storylines.
Amanda and Josh were so determined to make prom special for Kyle and Andy. I laughed when Amanda
admitted that she asked herself, "What would Kyle do?"  I laughed even harder when Josh said the same thing.  Kyle is such a bad influence on our poor impressionable Josh. Watching the serious moment between Andy and Josh was almost tearjerking...then Josh broke the mood. Loved it!  Those two can never remain serious for long, and thank you for that!

Hilary is always good for a serious laugh. She is so incapable of drama; except for the first season when she was feuding with Lori. It is always fun to watch her be totally clueless about what is going on around her and to be so focused on ordinary things. Sure she's a blonde, but she can be so cool. I might have actually gotten along with popular people in high school if I had known someone like her.

Leclan is back for prom. Not permanent, I am betting, but I'll take what I can get. Those two are so good
for each other. They just need to get past all of the groping and hooking up.

Poor Jessi. I was so proud of her backbone in standing up to Taylor and I hate him for tearing her down that much. He has told her so many times that she is alone that she actually believes it. And then when Sarah didn't show Her loss of control was even scarier than Kyle's loss a few weeks ago.  She not only moved things, she caused the whole restaurant to shake and still had enough energy to freeze Kyle in place. Good thing Sarah showed up or else it is possible that Jessi and/or Kyle would have been in serious trouble.

Kyle, the human defibrillator. Wow. The sheer power he harnessed to do that was amazing. He blew out the
lights in at least 100 feet in all directions. He could have died for Jessi, who hasn't always been the best friend. But still, he doesn't care. He cares about her and she was in danger, so he saved her and the cost be damned. I am glad that he was freaked out by his power. A healthy respect for the amount of power that he and Jessi have is a very good thing.

I was touched by the Lori/Jessi scene. Those two have always been characterized by hostility. First, because Jessi was after Declan. Then because Jessi attacked Lori. That heart-to-heart was really needed to bring the two of them together. And the fact that Lori was willing to let Jessi in shows how far she has come.

I loved how Kyle "took care" of Taylor. Bringing back Foss to be the bad guy was an inspired move. Foss
will protect Kyle with no hesitation, and I am willing to bet that he will protect Jessi as well, if Kyle asks.

Latnok wants to meet Kyle. That could be interesting.  Not good, but interesting.

Speaking of Latnok, I wonder how much of what Sarah said about them is true. The fact that Adam is still
with them implies that they are not bad, but Sarah's description of them as scientist bent on discovery
does not bode well. If they are that intent on objectivity and scientific inquiry, then we could have

Next week, prom. And someone disappears. Obvious candidates are Kyle or Jessi. But could it be Foss,
Sarah or Adam?