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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 2.23- I've Had The Time of My Life

Wow, that ending was not the one I expected. Not one, but two people gone....

Like last week, this week was about expectations, as is expected from a prom episode. Watching how the expectations were not met or exceeded made for fun television. Not great, but fun.

Leclan is officially over. Lori was given the choice by Declan to be with him or stay split, and she chose to stay split. I was a little surprised, until I realized that I think she does have feelings for the TA; whose name I can never remember; and that she wants to see where that goes. Besides, as friends, she and Declan are in a good place. She's scared to mess with that.

Poor Declan. No matter how strongly he declares that its okay with him, he was devastated. That look as he got in the limo and the look on his face when Hilary came to talk with him said it all. He does truly care about Lori in a very real way, and I think he still holds out hope for them.

Jandy; is that what they are called?; were in as cute a form as ever tonight. Lesbian moms as feminists, never saw that one coming . Although it did provide for one of the funniest moments when Andy removed the sunglasses. Scary thing is, I have seen full grown women; and I ain't talking professional women (trying to be circumspect here); who actually wear make-up like that every day. When she came down the stairs, all I could say was "Wow!" She looked gorgeous.

Josh misunderstanding what Andy wanted was totally understandable. As Andy said, sex on prom night is the cliche to end all cliches. So naturally, where is a hormonally driven boy gonna go with his thoughts? Duh! And this led to four entirely too cute discussions. First, Kyle and Josh. Josh talking about bases and stuff was funny, but the kicker was Kyle's declaration of cluelessness. That had me busting out laughing. Then there was Stephen confronting Lori about TA guy and the ensuing screwed up conversation about sex that Stephen just left. Which was promptly followed by a Nicole Trager(TM) pep talk. But the best was the conversation between Stephen and Josh. Both were entirely uncomfortable, but it really affected Josh as later events showed. Not the best talk I've ever seen, but definitely one of the funniest.

Watching Jessi and Amanda was actually really neat. Neither of them can stand the other, but they will help each other out and deal with each other for Kyle's sake. That was just really sweet. Follow with the moment totally broken by Lori's comment to Jessi about going soft and Jessi's comeback about a near-death experience. Then when Lori left, Jessi leaned her head on the wall and looked so happy. I think she really appreciated being treated like a normal high school girl.

And all speculation can end, Amanda definitely knows about Kyle's abilities. It remains to be seen if she knows about his origins or how far his abilities extend, but when she asked if he was doing things, she asked it in a way that said she was curious, not surprised.

I was glad to see the obligatory dance, even if it was cheesy. Every prom episode has to have a special dance between the hero and his lady; or vice versa if there's a heroine. Cliched, yes. But prom is so full of cliches, who's going to notice one more?

The last thirty seconds totally shocked me. Last week I know I had speculated that Kyle or Jessi might be taken by Latnok or that Amanda might leave, but seeing Amanda kidnapped by Latnok was a twist I never saw coming. This group REALLY wants Kyle. I wonder where this will go next...

Until next season!