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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.03- My Way Home Is Through You

Wow a twist at the end that I was totally not expecting.

Let's start with Naley. They're getting back on track. Nathan is bound and determined to make things up to Haley and she is willing to accept it. This bodes well. The nanny, not so much.

And as for just Nathan, I am glad he went to see Dan.  He needed to cut those strings in the worst possible
way. While he may have gotten a certain amount of strength from Dan, it was in spite of what Dan did, not because of it. And watching him with Jamie was really cute. He is willing to let Jamie work with basketball if he wants, but won't force it either way.  Very cool.

Haley is the type of teacher I want to be; and am not always unfortunately. Never giving up on students and
going that extra mile. I try, but it can be very hard to do. Trust me.

Jamie's little shrine to Nathan was really touching.  I'm glad that the nanny didn't keep that promise.

Watching Lucas and Skillz work with the team was neat.  If I remember correctly, didn't Whitey; or was it
Dan; do something like that in the first season? They are slowly improving the team.

And watching the maneuvering between Peyton and Lindsay was quite hilarious. I gotta agree with
Peyton, Lindsay's visiting and what she said gave me the instant impression of "I'm here and I'm not going
away." Maybe that was not what was meant, but that is what I saw even before Peyton confronted Lindsay.

And now for the part that might get me shot. I think I'll like Kevin Federline's character. Sure, the
character is an arrogant b@$tard, but that seems to go with the territory. Watching him and Peyton go at it
ought to be quite amusing.

And Victoria is Brooke's mom? I did not see that one coming. This is going to be interesting.....