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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.05- I Forgot To Remember To Forget

Not the best episode ever, but very necessary flashback info for us...

This episode was totally about Leyton. With only one or two exceptions; one relatively small, the other larger; everything centered around them.

Poor Lucas. He was having such a great day and so he goes to LA to propose to Peyton and she turns him
down. Oh, I know that she asked for time to think about it, but it was still a rejection. Then he gets the news of his book being published and he goes to New York to celebrate. He runs into Brooke and the two of them have a blast together. I loved how shamelessly they used their "engagement" to have fun.  I think that is what I will always love about Brooke and Lucas. She helps to keep him grounded and helps him to have fun. Lucas and Peyton are so full of drama that it can detract from their relationship.

I do understand Peyton's position. They are on opposite sides of the country and she doesn't want Lucas to turn out like Dan. And she did ask only for time. But she should have known how Lucas would likely react to what she said.

I don't think that Lucas and Peyton will ever have a normal relationship with anyone else. Every relationship they have had has been derailed because of their feelings for each other. Lucas and Brooke and Jake and Peyton both died because of Leyton. I don't think Lindsey has a chance unless something drastic happens to Leyton.

I did love Brooke's last line: "This is going to be interesting."

Seeing Whitey was cool. He officially handed everything over to Lucas, completing the circle that started with Keith showing Lucas to Whitey and Lucas showing Skillz to Whitey. I will bet anything that Lucas' college coaching is a large part of the reason he got the job at THHS.

And now I start to understand Victoria's controlling of Brooke. Sure, it has something to do with bitchiness, but I think she also sees Clothes Over Bros as her one link to Brooke. Lucas and Peyton are challenges to that link and I think she will do anything to keep the link going.

I really hope that Nathan doesn't cheat on Haley next week. I am scared though....