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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.07- In da Club

Sorry this is so late. Was being an election judge and got home really late, then I couldn't get to a computer....uuurrrggghhh...

Anyway, here we go...

Wow, tonight was interesting. Not the best, but good.

Not sure how to react to Haley. While I get why she was upset, she did seem to overreact to what Nathan did. I think a part of it was that she was stressed over the whole Mia thing and I think she may sense the whole Carrie thing. Also, given what happened the last time Nathan lost his temper, I get it.

Nathan, dude, watch out for Carrie. While I think everything he said was meant innocently, she is so obsessed with him that what he said could be taken; and was taken; in a way he never meant. So not looking forward to what is going to happen there. Quentin was right, Nathan was innocently flirting. I honestly do the same thing with women I know well. We both know it isn't serious, but just fun. Only problem is that Carrie sees it all as serious. Scary.

I had to laugh at Brooke. While Bitchtoria was doing everything she could to hurt Brooke, Brooke was actually being somewhat mature. Now that Brooke isn't the drama queen between Lucas and Peyton, she is a lot more fun. Loved what she said to Mouth. He really needed to hear that.

While I have been disappointed in Mouth for the past few weeks, he made it up for it tonight. After Brooke verbally slapped him across the face, he realized just how badly he had screwed up. And his boss could so be looking at a sexual harassment suit. Please, nail the bitch to the wall. Please!!!!

And now for the fun of Lucas/Lindsey/Peyton, aka the triangle of Season 5. You know, I could really respect Lucas' decision more if it didn't seem like he proposed in order to: (a) hurt Peyton or (b) out of guilt. Like I said last week, Lindsey doesn't stand a chance once Lucas stops deceiving himself. He love Peyton too much to give up on her. But when he kissed Peyton, he felt guilty and so proposed to Lindsey.

Only problem is that Lindsey knows about the feelings. How much longer will she put up with everything? I really want to know. While I do not love Lindsey, she deserves better than what she is getting.

Until next week!