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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.09- For Tonight You're Only Here To Know

Wow....the promo wasn't too misleading. That was nice. Loved the catfight.

Tonight was all about Lindsay and Peyton. Well, mostly, so that is where I'll start.

This is the only way that these two would ever be able to exist together. They needed an extended nasty fight to get everything out and hurt each other so that they can then just get over it. Watching each of them at their bitchiest was actually fun.

Lindsay is seriously threatened by Peyton. She knows about Lucas and Peyton's history and she knows how
incredibly potent it is. So, she is worried about what Lucas might do. She also knows about Lucas cheating on Brooke with Peyton, which can't make things any easier for her.

Peyton is also threatened by Lindsay. Lindsay is making friends with Peyton's friends and is engaged to Peyton's love. That can't be easy. While Lucas and Lindsay don't have history, they do have feelings.  I don't know where this is headed. They might take the route of Lucas marrying and leaving Lindsay, Lucas leaving Lindsay for Peyton before the marriage, or Lucas and Peyton forever apart. This is going to be interesting.

I felt so sorry for Lindsay when we found out about her dad. That would seriously suck. While I can't be
seriously upset at Peyton given the circumstances, I am a mite disappointed. Both Peyton and Lindsay were
at their worst tonight, so a lot can be forgiven.

I was interested to hear how Haley came to be friends with Lindsay. I was also interested to see how Brooke
reacted to the criticisms of Victoria. Again, I get it although I may not totally agree.

I roared when I saw that Tim was the pizza delivery guy. While he has never been my favorite character, he is always hilarious and fun to watch. And he hasn't changed much. He has definitely grown up some, but I loved that he hid it at first.

Seeing Jamie in a basketball uniform was totally cute.  I was definitely upset that Nathan didn't tell Haley
what happened, but I am glad that he said it to Lucas. That should make it easier later.

The Ravens won. Cool.

Seeing Mouth struggling was interesting. But he found his story in the end. He reframed the story and made
it all his own. Very cool.

Next week, Dan's hearing.