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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.10- Running to Stand Still

Wow, we finally hit Naley meltdown. And was it a wowser.....

Of course, the big event of the night, meltdown in Naley-ville. Carrie the skanky nanny is gone, for now anyway. Haley is officially pissed off at Nathan and Carrie. On Carrie, that is totally justified. On Nathan, not so much. While he so should have said something earlier, its not like he really cheated.  His main problem was that he didn't cut Carrie off at the pass sooner. That, coupled with what happened to Jamie and the fact that he wasn't honest; in fact he outright lied to Haley's face; means that Haley is totally pissed off.

As soon as I saw Mia and Peyton's confrontation, I knew; or rather seriously suspected; that they were playing John. It was about the only thing that made sense. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Rachel the junkie. Wow. Can't say I am terribly surprised, although the Owen as an addict was seriously surprising. While I can appreciate Brooke taking Rachel home with her, I do wonder if it really is the smartest thing to do. I think Rachel needs a lot of help, although Owen will probably be a good deal of help.

I loved Lucas' and Dan's speeches to the parole board.  I do wonder about Dan's sincerity; although I will
say that I think that he is sincere. Poor Lucas totally had the ground knocked out from underneath him by Nathan; however unwittingly it was done. Dan coming back; at least I assume he is; will be really cool.

How is Quentin going to deal with his cast? He will probably try and play only to be taken out by Lucas at
some point.

'Til next week.