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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.11- You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

Well, as if we needed any more evidence that Victoria is a totally psychotic bitch...

Wow, what an episode. So much happened, but let's start with the Scotts. Nathan and Haley are on the serious outs right now. Haley is either severely stressed or operating under some sort of delusion. I mean, I do get the being mad at Nathan last week. Thanks to everything that happened, she was seriously stressed. I'm cool with that. But to all of a sudden decide that it's not worth saving just seems weird. Maybe she's just tired of trying, but something about tonight seems real forced, like the writers are creating conflict where there shouldn't be any. Maybe its just me though.

I think the person I feel the sorriest for is Jamie. He doesn't get what is going on. All he knows is that Mommy and Daddy were arguing and then Daddy left and hasn't been home. He wanted a family again tonight and he just kept getting blown off. I don't think either Haley or Nathan meant to blow him off; though admittedly Haley did it more; but they did all the same. Thank goodness Skillz was around to look after Jamie's interests and to give Haley the verbal slap she needed to realize what was up with Jamie.

Watching Skillz, Fergie, and Junk with Jamie was totally cute. They are so good to him and for him.

Loved that Lucas and Lindsay tried to use their bachelor/bachelorette parties to try and reunite Nathan and Haley. Also loved that Nathan and Haley saw right through it.

Dan didn't really do much. He got out of jail, flirted with a saleswoman while buying as basketball for Jamie, and then slept with her.

Peyton and Chase was a total trip. When Brooke set up Peyton on a double date, I was wondering if it was Chase. I mean, I saw his name in the credits, and that would be just the sort of wacky thing that OTH would do. And watching Owen's reaction when he connected Chase's Brooke and his Brooke was absolutely hilarious.

I AM SO PROUD OF BROOKE! Wow, I never thought she'd actually fire Victoria. The best part was that about a second before she said "You're fired.", I said, "Fire the bitch." I was so pleased that Brooke actually did the right thing. I know this is going to cost her big time, but she really needed to do that.

Watching Victoria tear Rachel down on purpose was one of the worst things I had ever seen. Rachel was actually trying to get better, and Victoria came in and just laid into her like no one's business. She had to know what would happen because of that. This after rearranging the meeting that Brooke had set up with Macy's. Then when she admitted; more or less; what she had done to Brooke, Brooke had enough. Canning her was a move that Brooke really needed to make. Hopefully, Brooke can still run the company; I do have concerns to be honest; but I know she'll do a better job than Victoria gives her credit for.

Next week, episode 100. The wedding. What will happen? I can't wait to find out.

Until then.