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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.12- Hundred

That was really cool. New and old faces together again....

I loved the dream sequences at the beginning: Peyton fantasizing about marrying Lucas, Brooke fantasizing about a wedding dress, and Nathan fantasizing about making up (and out) with Haley. Those were really neat.

Now onto the meat....

How totally awesome was it to see Karen back? I so missed her and her wisdom. She was a mother to all of the characters and helped them all. So seeing her back in the swing of things with words of wisdom for Peyton and Brooke was just really neat. I was so happy to see her and Andy together. And how awesome of Andy to admit that he'd give up Karen to let Lucas have Keith. That totally touched me.

Seeing Carrie was a shock. I knew she'd be in the episode, but I expected Dan to be up in the loft. So when they revealed her, I lost my breath for a second. Then to see her take Jamie....urrr....I hate that psychotic b!tch. Seeing Dan threaten her in the end was really neat. He gave her no choice but to agree. I mean, the guy killed his own brother. Why wouldn't he kill a skinny, skanky, slut b!tch like her?

So, Brooke came back to have a family? No wonder she was so putting up with Bitchtoria. She wanted a family desperately enough to put up with her mom. Now she wants a baby of her own. BTW, the greatest line was Peyton's when Brooke whispered that she wanted a baby: "With me?" I nearly fell out of my bed with laughter.

Will she or won't she? Will Peyton pursue Lucas or will she let him go? I'm thinking the chase has begun, and if Lindsey comes back, this will get really interesting. She was so devastated when Lucas said "I do." When she fantasized about speaking at the wedding, I covered my face and groaned. Partially from the cheesiness and partly because that would have been totally classless, IMHO. I was so happy to hear that it was a daydream.

Lucas had a bad day. Haley telling him that he loves Peyton; which is so true; and Lindsey leaving him at the altar. much would that suck? Methinks its going to be a while before he is ready for romance again.

Poor Nathan and Haley. Their son is kidnapped; they think by their homicidal father/in-law; and they can;t find him for a long time. Watching Haley fall apart was good, in its own way. I think this will help them get back together. Also, seeing Haley confront Dan was pretty cool. She is very protective and doesn't like Dan at all. That will probably change after tonight though.

So on April 14th, the aftermath. Until then!