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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.13- Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace

Interesting episode. Not much interaction between our main characters, but as a transition of sorts, this was really cool.

This was a very interesting return episode. Each of the main characters had all of their own scenes and each one was working on moving forward and backward simultaneously.

First, as always, Naley. It was really nice to see the two of them as a couple again. After all the trouble that the two of them have had this season, it was wonderful to see the two of them together. It was really sad that it took Jamie's kidnapping to come back to each other, but seeing the two of them really communicating with each other was touching. And did you notice how they came closer to each other over the course of the hour? I thought the symbolism of the healing of their rift was totally awesome. Also, seeing the two of them in the end with their own passions was neat.

Poor Brooke. She got totally screwed over by Bitchtoria. Sour grapes is right. While Brooke does not have the most sparkling past, she has a wonderful present. The fact that the social worker was totally snowed by Bitchtoria was totally uncool. Brooke would be a wonderful mother. I do wonder about the adjustment period, but I know that Brooke would be able to handle it somehow.

I'd feel sorrier for Lucas if I hadn't been saying for weeks that he needed to make up his mind between
Lindsay and Peyton. I really don't understand how someone who is so intelligent can know so little about
his own heart. While I'd never wish getting left at the altar on anyone, he had been cruising for that for
some time. And he is so trying to get Lindsay back.  This is going to be interesting.

Peyton's scenes sort of confused me. I understood her whole pining for Lucas thing, but I was trying to figure out if she was talking to Mark Schwahn's character the whole time or not. She really didn't do much except for pine, so not a whole lot to say with her.

Dan was actually funny. Paying your p.o. to listen to you? I do think he has really changed. The challenge is going to be getting everyone else to believe it.

Next week: Nathan Scott's back on the basketball court. This ought to be interesting.