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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.15- Life is Short

Well, that was an interesting episode. Dan and Deb meet, Brooke finds out that a baby is not the easiest thing to handle, Skillz reconnects with Jamie, and the Lucas- Lindsay reunion is not quite what was expected.

Wow, I was not expected Lindsay to break things off so completely with Lucas. I think it is a good thing so that Lucas can move on, I still feel sorry for him. Not so much for her because she is the one making the choice.

Poor Skillz. Thinking the Naley doesn't want him around because of what happened at the wedding. I understand, but why he never bothered to ask, I don't really understand. He loves them and they love him, and they all love Jamie, so you'd think they could talk. But that can be hard to do, so he wussed out. Glad he did the right thing in the end.

Seeing Deb and Dan was interesting. She still hates him and he still trys to get at her through her addictions. That was funny. Loved that Dan gave Jamie Nathan's old jersey. I see now a large part of the reason Dan has changed. He wants to leave this world in better shape than he lived in it.

Too bad Nathan isn't going to help. Not that I can blame him, but it might be nice if he would give Dan a chance. But given everything that Dan has put him through, I can see Nathan's point of view.

Haley doesn't like clowns. Either I forgot about it, or they never mentioned it before. But watching her totally freak out was highly amusing. And watching Deb flirt and...uhh...don't know if I want details on the rest....with the clown was beyond amusing.

Brooke is having a bit of trouble with Angie. And you thought it would be easy dear? Babies spit up, cry, poop, burp, and sleep (maybe). If you want a baby full-time, get used to it. But I think that with help from Naley, Lucas, and Peyton, you'll do just fine.

Watching Millie fit into the apartment with the guys was great. Mouth wants her to feel comfortable, and she wants them to be comfortable, so they have fun and still clean up some. Totally awesome.

Next week: Nathan rejects Dan's advances, so Dan goes to Lucas.