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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.16- Crying Won't Help You Now

This was not quite what I was expecting. Some redemption and some endings....

Let's start with Brooke. She has that very important meeting with Macy's and needs to drop Angie off somewhere. She can't and uses Angie to help seal the deal. Totally cool. And the line of baby clothing was really cute. And she was so obviously concerned about Angie's health. She was so scared and so worried, it was really touching. Also nice to see that things have settled down.

The whole Lucas/Peyton/Lindsey thing is not so interesting anymore. I actually sort of liked the Lucas/Brooke/Peyton triangle, but there is something off about this one. Not sure what it is, but I am almost over it.

Mouth and Millie were really cute. The first time he was on, all I could do was cover my eyes and not watch. The rest was neat, corny as could be, but neat.

But this episode was mostly about Dan. He only has a few months left and everyone knows it. Unfortunately, he has so damaged his relationship with Nathan and Lucas that it will be almost impossible for him to establish a relationship with Jamie. I feel bad for him because as I have said before, I really think that he has changed, but it is very hard for me to feel terrible for him. If he hadn't screwed up so much with Nathan growing up, if he hadn't killed Keith, if he hadn't abandoned Lucas, if, if, if......

I felt so bad for Nathan. He obviously wants what is best for Jamie, and Jamie wants to know grandpa Dan. But Nathan just cannot forgive Dan. Not that I blame him for the inability, but he is in a bad position. Haley is too. That card from Jamie was so sincere. I cannot believe she threw it away. Well, I do get it, I just think it will come back to haunt her. If Jamie finds the card, I think he'll be really angry.

It was nice to see that Quentin was back to being a decent human being again. His apology to Skillz was cool and sincere and his bargain with Nathan was totally cool. Hopefully human Quentin will stick around for a while.

Next week, Lucas and Peyton get it on?!?!?!?! This is going to be interesting.....