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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 5.18- What Comes After the Blues

Loved the use of Gavin DeGraw at the beginning. Wish it had been the whole credits, but that's ok....

Grrrr.....the last two scenes were not unexpected, but still annoying....

Let's start with Mouth and Millicent. Are they writing Mouth out of the series? It would make a certain amount of sense since he has really not had anything major in quite a while. I did love how they had him go out. First he saves the other sorts announcer's butt and then he quits as an encore. That was great. I'll miss him if he leaves, but it would make a sort of sense.

The continuing romance of Deb and Skillz. And Nathan catching her in the "walk of shame" was just funny. I wonder how he is going to react when he finds out?

Poor Brooke. Expecting eight more days with Angie and just loses her. And calling herself "Mommy" made it even harder. She handled it well, but I am not sure if she can continue to handle it as well if it happens again. Well, so long as she has Lucas and Peyton, I think that she'll be fine. Wonder how she is going to react to Millicent leaving with Mouth; assuming of course that they do leave.

Wow...Peyton was almost as bad off as Lucas. Seeing all of the water balloons at the beginning was quite funny, and when Lucas' car was hit, I had to laugh. Wonder who the guy was who knew Ellie. Is that an ongoing plot point or was it a one time thing for some weird reason? Guess we'll have to wait to find out. And please DO NOT tell me! Thanks!

Haley gets to play the heart healer this week. Between Lucas and Peyton, she had her work cut out. Fortunately, she was able to help both of them. ANd they actually talked to each other! That is a first for a while; have they talked since the wedding aside from Lucas' drunken declaration last week? I seem to remember a short talk; maybe saying hi; but I don't remember for sure.

Nathan also does his own bit of playing the healer. Between helping Jamie get over his fear of pools to healing himself with the help of; massive surprise here; Quentin. If I hadn't seen that, I would never have believed it. Jamie seeing Nathan lose it a Quentin helped Jamie to admit the truth, which enabled Nathan to admit the truth. Cool. And the look on Quentin's face at the end had me in stitches. Quentin, you just got a small taste of Nathan in his prime. Respect him dude.

Lucas, Lucas. Dude, you know from seeing Nathan that getting drunk is so not the right thing to do. Nathan and Jamie's comments were great. And the reveal of the hair was interesting. I so want to know the story behind that....

I get Lucas being in the dark place, but as I have been saying for weeks, Lucas needs to know his own heart. I am tired of the love triangle and just want it to end. Frankly, I can live with Lindsay, prefer Peyton, and hope that they don't resurrect Brucas. And now they are leaving us with the whole d@mn summer to wonder who he was calling. Expected, but still massively annoying.

I was amused by Peyton's attempt to get Lucas back. Not the most adult thing to do, but still really funny and classic Peyton. Does anyone know if that was a song and if so which one it was?

I suspected that Lindsay wasn't really seeing someone, but wasn't sure. Now we know that she was lying to get Lucas to give up on her. Sigh.....

And once again, one of the season-ending standbys of OTH, "Is Dan dead?" Let me see, this is the third time that something has happened to him.... I wonder if it will stick this time. I knew what was going to happen as soon as he started helping those elderly people. It was just to obvious.

Until next season.....