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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.01- Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Part 1

We're back with new episodes and new drama....

That was a great episode. Alot happened. Things happened that I expected or heard about and some things happened that I never expected. So here we go.

First, lets start off answering the question we were all asking: Who did Lucas call? In my review of the season finale, I said " Frankly, I can live with Lindsay, prefer Peyton, and hope that they don't resurrect Brucas." And they went with Peyton. Surprised? No. Happy? Yes. I knew all the signs pointed to Peyton all summer long, so it really wasn't the biggest question, but still, you never know if there going to be a twist in there somewhere. Loved the dream sequence in the beginning. Must be slowing down because I didn't catch onto the fact that it was a dream sequence until Brooke said something about their anniversary. Probably should have caught on before that, but I didn't. The hotel room was absolutely hilarious. The mirror above the bed and the post-coital text messages had me giggling and rolling my eyes at the cheese factor at the same time. The wedding chapel was just amusing. When Lucas appeared to be rethinking when he saw the chapel, I just wanted to reach through the TV and slap him. And how much did I love it that Peyton took him back to the hotle room where he first proposed? So cute. Hopefully we'll see the wedding later. If it happens offscreen, I will scream.

Now, lets move onto the second cliffhanger from the season finale AKA "Is Dan dead?" part 3. When I saw ex-Nanny Carrie, I almost fell over in shock. I missed her credit or something, because I was so not expecting to see her. When she said that she did it on purpose, I just shook my head and pitied Dan. No one; not even the old Dan; deserves to be cooped up with that psychotic, skanky, husband-and-son-stealing bi!ch. I knew they weren't in a hospital, so the fact that they weren't was not a surprise. I am really curious about this. She should know that if he ever gets well and loose, she will pay the piper and I don't think even God himself will be able to save her skanky @$$.

Deb and Skillz crack me up. Watching the two of them sneak around is just great. I can tell where the comic relief is going to come from this season. Just hope Nathan never finds out. That could make things very interesting. I just have to say that I love Nathan's comment about being scarred for life.

Nathan has to be careful. It was really obvious that his back is acting up. I suspect that if he doesn't take care of it something REALLY bad will happen. It's nice to see him so happy though.

Brooke and Haley getting those text messages at the same time was a riot. When they realized that they got the same text message from Lucas and Peyton, they just looked at each other knowingly. And Nathan's reaction was equally neat. They are all so happy about this.

And I so hope that what I have been hearing about Q is a foiler. Don't tell me one way or the other. But if it is true, that will truly suck for everyone, especially Jamie.

Bitchtoria strike back. I am so willing to lay even money that she had something to do with the robbery and attack. Given how little that woman cares for her daughter, I would not put anything beyond her.

Goodbye Mouth and Millicent. I am going to miss both of you. Stop back by sometime, please.

Next week: the aftermath of the attack and more. See you then!