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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.02 - One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning episode of complete opposites. Complete and utter joy mixed with darkness and ending in tragedy...

Hafta start with Quentin. I started off hating him because he was a total @$$, but eventually I came to love him, especially because of his relationship with Nathan and Jamie. I had heard something about his dying, but as I said last week, I was seriously hoping that they were foilers and not real. But tonight, as I saw the tremendous strides he had taken and seeing how much he meant to Jamie, I knew they weren't. And at the end when I saw Haley making the cape and Skillz saying that he was going to see Q in the morning, I knew something horrible was going to happen. His death was totally senseless. He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. That was horrible. RIP Q. I am really going to miss you.

Poor Jamie, I cannot imagine how horribly this is going to affect him. He loves Q and Q's death is going to hit him hard. Damn.

And for the last of the darkness, witness Brooke. Computer stolen, cash taken, and designs stolen. And for good measure she was assualted bigtime. I do get her not telling Peyton; sort of. Turning to Deb was unexpected. But if you want advice from someone who has been through a bad situation, Deb is someone to go to. While I do think she should confide in someone else, she obviously doesn't want to spoil Lucas' and Peyton's happiness. I am even more convinced that Victoria had something to do with this. The only thing that gives me pause is that Victoria is too obvious of a suspect. But One Tree Hill has gone too obvious on several occasions, so that isn't a huge pause.

I get Haley suspecting Deb for the pills, but she did leap to conclusions a little too fast. I mean, Deb has been sneaking around, the pill bottle is half empty, and Deb is an addict. Not fair to accuse her so quickly, but I get it. Nathan does need to be careful though. He was in pain last week and again this week. I so don't want him to end up in a wheelchair and bitter again. Hopefully, he'll slow down some. He seems willing to do that, but the death of Q might change things. It might make him try all the harder as a sort of memorial to Q, or he might slow down because he needs to spend time at home. Surious about how that is going to end out.

And I adored Deb and Skillz talking tonight. Skillz is always good for advice, and seeing Deb go to him was neat. I do hope that the two of them get more careful. I also want them to eventually go public. While they are a wierd couple, I do think they make a good couple.

Peyton and Lucas have moved in together. I wonder how long it is until the wedding. I am betting that the midseason cliffhanger will have something to do with their wedding. Hopefully it won't be called off. The two of them really have been through alot and deserve happiness.

I am not sure what to think of Dan and Nanny Carrie. That story is wierd and doesn't really fit in with OTH. I hope it gets integrated somehow and makes more sense. I am amused by it, just not much beyond that.

Next week, Q's funeral and the fallout. See ya then!