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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.04: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Well, got back in time and saw the new episode. I am so glad I did, this was really neat.

Well, there is so much to say, Where to start? Let's start with the Ravens.  Playing one man down was interesting. I am glad that they are honoring Quentin, but I do wonder if it is the best idea. I am seeing a losing season. Hopefully Lucas can keep his job after this. The callbacks to the time after Keith died were interesting. I love how this show ties all the events from the past into the present episodes. From the previously mentioned callback about Keith to that girl (Samantha?) knowing about Haley's past to Haley and Nathan recalling their unlikely pairing, the memories and continuity are awesome.

Peyton meets someone who knew Ellie. Missed the name, sounded like "Big Wolf", but I am probably wrong there. I found it interesting how evasive he was about her father. I had heard that Peyton would be meeting someone who could be her father, and I am betting this is him. He never flat out denied it, but seemed
to be leaving things deliberately murky in that area. Color me exceedingly curious.

While Peyton gains a possible father, Brooke loses a mother. And apparently also a company, although I am willing to bet that does not actually happen.  Brooke said what alot of us have been saying for a couple of weeks. Victoria had someone rob the store and attack Brooke. I am willing to admit that Victoria might not have meant to harm Brooke, but she could very well have been trying to provoke a response like the one we got tonight. Watching Brooke drag out that gun and flop into the chair; extremely gracefully, but still flopping;
was an interesting image.

My vote for best quote of the night was Lucas about Skillz and Deb. Nathan might not have found it funny, but I was howling. I really like Skillz and Deb together. He is stable and she seems to be staying that way. They obviously care about each other, and while it may be weird, I love it. I cannot wait to see where they are going with this. While I understand Nathan's reaction, them needing to get his permission to date was annoying.

Haley being concerned about Dan? Who would've thunk? But, she was doing it for Jamie. And Nanny Carrie is planning an abduction. That woman is creepy. I love the actress, but the character is creepy.

Haley now has a new student to help out. I have to wonder what her story is.  Has a chip on her shoulder the size of Mount Everest and doesn't want any help.  I wonder if this is going to be Haley's teaching storyline from here on out.  Watch Haley, the wunderkind teacher. Sorta cool, but I think it will get old quickly.

Next week, Nanny Carrie takes One Tree Hill in the direction of a horror/slasher film. As if she wasn't creepy enough already....