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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.06- Choosing My Own Way of Life

Well, after a week off, we're back. This was obviously a transitional episode between the beginning of the season and the next part of the season. Thank goodness. While I liked most of the season so far, some of it, not so fond of aka the Nanny Carrie/Dan plotline. That being said, we're off....

Where to start? Hows about Brooke. After a very rough season so far, she is starting to pick the pieces back up. Telling Peyton about what happened was a very good idea. While I understand why she didn't tell her previously, I am a wee bit upset with her about that. But, she got her stuff together and finally told a friend about what happened. Taking Samantha in is a good step for her. While the details are very different, the basic idea is very much the same. Both of them have had absentee parents and had to learn to fend for themselves. I am foreseeing massive fireworks in the not-too distant future. Brooke will probably try and lay down ground rules and Samantha will rebel. But that is a teenagers thing.

I so hope Nathan doesn't play Slamball. While I want him to have his dream, I really do fear that if he plays, he is going to do some serious damage to his back. While I love that Haley is being SupportiveWife (tm), I do worry. But, hopefully if he does play, he'll be careful enough to avoid serious injury.

Now that Dan's back in town, I wonder what will happen. Everyone hates him. Naley want nothing to do with him, Deb has moved on, and Lucas will probably just ignore him. But given the fact that Jamie loves him so much, he'll be in Naley's lives for a while to come. I do sort of worry about Skillz. If Dan is truly intent on trying again with Deb, Skillz may be his next victim. And while I sincerely hope Nathan has nothing to do with Dan, I think Dan will use Nathan's antipathy for the Deb/Skillz relationship to cause issues.

It's been confirmed! Mick is Peyton's biological father. I think we pretty much all knew that, but confirmation is always nice. And so how long has he been carrying around Ellie's sobriety chip? Has to have been a while. Given their last conversation, I think that he'll definitely be back at some point. Maybe for Lucas' and Peyton's wedding? I wonder how Larry will react to that one...that could be amusing.

Speaking of Lucas, I felt so bad for him. Here he is going on a book tour that the publisher seems to have either seriously screwed up or something. It was amusing to watch him sign a Gossip Girl book. And then when that guy wanted a picture with Mouth. I was laughing. It seems that the book tour was a plot device to bring Mouth back. Not that I am complaining, but it did seem odd.

I do also love that Millicent is being so supportive of Brooke. She is in the running to become one of Brooke's best friends as well as her assistant.

Next week, violence breaks out in Tree Hill.