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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.07- Messin' With the Kid

Ok, a couple of days late, but given the givens, it is out as soon as I can write it. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions about how to watch online. And I want to say for the record that I haven't read anything about the episode yet, because I didn't want to color my opinion with what others have said. Al thought here are my own. And that being said, we're off....

This episode was absolutely hilarious. Every story; save one; had some awesome comedy and I am so glad they did this.

Let's start with the drama. Brooke and Sam. Brooke is having a tough time with Sam. Ummm, can't say this wasn't expected. 15 year old kid who is messed up and now has trouble adjusting to rules. Big shocker there. I knew Brooke wouldn't give up so easily, and she just needed the reminder about that. Sam has had no real authority figure in her life and Brooke needs to be that. Not going to be easy for her, but I know that she can do it. At least Sam came home for breakfast.

And for the funniest and most twisted storyline of the night, Lucas and Peyton. That was quite possibily the most fun I have seen on this show of two people who live together since the famous Dan/Deb feuds back in season 2. I was roaring when Lucas was having "performance problems." Not that I totally blame him, I mean, who would really want to do that in their parent's bed? Peyton was having WAY too much fun with that though. The whole dividing of the house thing and the ways they got at each other were just great. Lucas took advantage of the fuse box on his side, Peyton played the seductress and sent a very amusing text to Fergie. The ways they came up with to tease each other were just great. Now they just need to connect their storyline with everyone else's, which so far has not really happened this year.

Jamie and the Case of the Cape Bully. First, standing up to protect Q's honor. Not that I am a fan of the whole fighting thing, but I get that. Haley's reaction to the mom was totally funny. She was right, the mom was a bi!ch. Haley doesn't get physical too often; only remember one other instance offhand and that was with Rachel; so when she does, you know she is royally pissed off. Nathan's solution was probably the most creative one. He made the cape popular. That bully looked like he thought that he was gonna get it from Nathan. But my favorite solution was Dan. Never much for the nice approach, he goes with the none-too-subtle threat. Classic Dan and it had me giggling. That mom totally deserved that one.

Nathan and Haley are still looking to pursue their dreams. I still think Nathan is crazy for seriously considering Slamball, but if he really wants to do it, he will. It was nice to see Haley having fun with music. Does anyone know who that girl was? I loved her voice and if she does have a CD, I want it.

Mouth/Millie/Gigi are apparently the romantic triangle of the season. This could be annoying. Gigi obviously has her sights set on Mouth, and she reminds me of Nanny Carrie for some reason.

Next week, Lucas gets a chance to turn the novel into a movie.