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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.08- Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe this is the Peyton drama of the season. I knew Mark Schwahn was being too easy on her. Jamie is crushing all over Sam, Haley is worried about Nathan, and Gigi is all over Mouth which is not pleasing to Millie. Let the drama begin!

Let's start with Leyton. I said a few weeks ago that things were going too well, and tonight the other shoe dropped. The producer who wants to turn Lucas' book into a movie has a past with Peyton. And apparently not a good one judging by her reaction to seeing him. Clueless Lucas (TM) didn't pick up on that. Surprised? Hardly. I am awaiting the drama.

I do love how they slam the entertainment business using the movie. The references to people too old to play high schoolers, the CW, and all the beautiful people on it were hilarious. I love when shows do that. It shows a great sense of humor and shows that they don't take themselves too seriously.

I loved the reappearance of Derek. The continuity on the show tends to be really good and this is a good example. The walk down memory lane was really neat. Although I apparently misremembered Peyton and Derek's relationship. I was under the impression that Ellie was their mom and that they had different dads. My bad.

Wacthing Nathan playing Slamball was hard. I felt so bad for Haley. She is so trying to be SupportiveWife (TM), but watching Nathan get banged up that way is making it really hard. I also loved watching Brooke shout at Owen. Great stuff there. And the near catfight between Millie and Gigi over Mouth was fun. I so want Millie to win. I liked Gigi in high school, but when she just randomly broke up with Mouth, she downgraded her status in about 2.5 seconds. And Nathan's warning to Mouth was a good thing. Hopefully Mouth will remember it. Otherwise, drama will be seriously up in the air.

Sam took herself down several notches by taking Jamie to a party. Um, honey, taking a 5 (6?) year old to a party is so unkosher. And then throwing that party in your foster mom's business and runining a dress? A few more notches. She does get a brownie point or two for trying to save the dress, but still, she should know better. Kudos to Brooke for stepping up to the plate as a mom. Sam was totally shocked by Brooke's actions. I think she might have been planning to see how Brooke would react to test her. Not a good idea, but it makes sense. The looks on Millie's and Owen's faces when Brooke talked about going for her gun were priceless.

And is Brooke trying to get the company back? That is interesting. Maybe she wants it back and wants to kick Bitchtoria out. Good luck honey.

Next week, more drama. As if there would be anything else?

Oh, yeah, due to being an election judge next week, my review will be posted Thursday night again. Just be aware. Toodles!