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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.10- Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous

Brooke has the possibility of adopting a baby, Lucas and Julian have words, Millicent and Gigi have words, Haley sings, Nathan talks with the ghost of Quentin, and Peyton throws a concert.

Ok, first off, that concert was awesome. Kate Voegele is back as Mia and I love that song. Bethany's song with Enation rocked the house down, and Angels & Airwaves was just really neat. Does anyone know if that was actually Enation playing with Bethany? I would assume not, but you never know. And the fact that it was an actual concert was totally cool. Now for the storylines...

Love the opening, Haley totally freaking out about the upcoming concert was so cute. Not totally sure why she was freaking, unless it has to do with her just not doing this in a while. But it was funny anyway. It was also great watching her forget the opening line of her song and having Mia remind her of them. Good callback to the first time Mia performed and forgot her song. But once she got out there and started, she looked absolutely beautiful and sounded awesome. I love Bethany's voice. I so cannot wait for her album to come out. And how much do we love Nathan for being so supportive and loving towards Haley.

And speaking of Nathan, I loved the talk he had with "Quentin". He got things all straight in his mind and he is clearly laying the groundwork to try and comback in basketball. I hope he gets his shot, even if it is just coaching. And I did love his coming out in a wheelchair in the beginning. That was really funny. A bit inappropriate, but still funny.

Watching Sam freak out about the baby in a very lowkey way was interesting. Totally understandable given her history. And I love how Brooke handled it very gently and firmly. She made it clear that the baby would be an addition to the family and not a replacement for Sam. Sam really needs to hear this alot. Granted, it makes her look needy, but given how many homes she has been through, she needs to hear that she is wanted alot more than most people. And the breakfast was hilarious. My first though pretty much coincided with Brooke's. "What did Sam do?"

And apparently a Brooke/Julian romance is in the wind. This could be interesting.

Speaking of Julian, I have to say that I loved that Lucas punched him and that Peyton was happy about it. I think she was worried when Lucas didn't seem jealous, so the fact that he showed that he was made her feel better. I do hope he makes the movie and the Julian is not screwing him over. This is one of the best things to happen to Lucas recently and it would be totally awesome.

Can someone help me kill Gigi? That little slut is getting more and more obnoxious and manipulative by the episode. She is so clearly trying to get between Mouth and Millie. I did love Millie's conversation with Brooke especially the beginning when she was going off about Gigi. If anyone got that part down on paper, I'd love to have it. It was a great quote.

Next week a film noir style episode written by CMM himself. Oughta be fun! See ya then!