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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.12- You Have Got to be Kidding Me (Anatomy of the Devil's Brain)

Ok, this is my last one for today.  This completes 2008.  Next weekend, I'll do 2009 and maybe a bit further...


Wow....intense episode after last weeks fluff. Now I understand why last weeks episode was placed where it was. It was the calm before the storm....

Ok, for a twist I never saw coming, Sam is linked to Brooke's attack AND to Q's murder. Wow....I was convinced that Bitchtoria was connected to Brooke's attack. I was so wrong. I understand Sam's freaking out about this. She had a moment of anger and said something nasty, and a guy who likes her decided to act on her moment of anger. Dude, that is so not the way to impress a girl. At least, I can't imagine it would be. And his brother killed Q. Nice family. Sam, honey, pick your friends better. I can't really be mad at her, because I don't think she ever expected anything to some of her anger. She seemed sincerely regretful abut what happened. Brooke has been one of the best things in her life and in her mind, that is ruined. Wow....

Owen, get a clue. You ran out on Brooke before because she wanted to adopt a baby, and now you're telling her not to be concerned about a teenager she is trying to help. You may be a nice guy. but totally clueless, I just wanted to wrap my hands around his brawny neck and squeeze. Arrgghhh!

And poor Brooke. She gets hit with a massive 2x4 tonight. She finds out that Sam indirectly and inadvertantly caused the assault and now Sam has run away. She goes to Owen for help, and he more or less blows her off. And the guy she thinks is a scumbag ends up being the silent white knight. What is it with Mark making people we assume are going for Peyton choose someone else? First Chris with Haley and now Julian with Brooke.

I am actually liking Julian. Granted, he is an egotistical @$$, but he seems really sweet and funny as well. He has a wicked sense of humor and seems to honestly want what is best. I hope he stays this way, I could really like him.

When I saw James Van Der Beek snorting cocaine; at least I think that is what that was; my first reaction was, "Why is Dawson doing drugs?" I still think of him as Dawson. He seems to have no clue how personal and autobiographical Lucas' book is. I see drama. And Haley marrying Lucas?

So what is up with Peyton? I have heard rumblings that she gets pregnant, but here they seem to indicate cancer. I really hope it's not cancer, because that would be awful for her and for Lucas. But the look on her face at the end offers me no comfort. But if she thinks she has cancer, that would explain why she was such a bitch to Mia. I do understand that she wants the best for Mia, but she was really, really harsh. But if she thinks she is dying, I am betting she wants to get all of her ducks in a row and make sure Mia is taken care of.

I loved Nathan's try outs. Putting that @$$hole in his place was great. Nathan has heart and spirit. I really hope he gets his shot. He has worked so hard to get back, he really deserves a shot. But at least he has tried his hardest, so if he fails, he can hold his head up high knowing that he did his best.

I was howling when Jamie was performing. That was HILARIOUS! He has great instincts. Didn't know that was genetic.

And Millie, you are making a massive mistake. Granted, Mouth is being a total idiot, but Millie is overreacting, although totally understandably. But apparently sleeping with Owen, bad idea....I see huge drama here too.

No new episodes until January. Hang in until then!