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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Review of OTH 5.06- Don't Dream It's Over

Wow...that was an interesting episode. Good thing for a misleading promo...

The name of this episode fit it so well. Brooke's dream of Victoria acknowledging affection and trust, Jamie's nightmare of Dan getting him, Lucas' dream about proposing to Lindsay, and Haley's dream of Jamie and Nathan going to Carrie.

I was so happy when Peyton told Bitchtoria; love that name; off. What kind of mother constantly beats down
her daughter and destroys her self-esteem? She has no trust in Brooke and terrorizes everyone around her.
Even though I expected it, I was utterly shocked when Bitchtoria said "Whatever," to Brooke. That was just
awful. I loved that Brooke went ahead and decided to ignore Bitchtoria and do what was best for the

The deadly triple-team of Lucas, Haley, and Nathan strikes again. First, Lucas and Haley do the hard
sell to get Quentin to stay. Then Nathan goes and hits Quentin as only another basketball player could.  I hope that Quentin does turn around and become a better person. But not sure if that will happen.

As I said last week, Lucas/Lindsay is headed for disaster. Lucas is still in love with Peyton and Peyton is still in love with him. Only strong feelings like that could cause the explosion seen tonight. Even anger would have faded somewhat by now.  But their feelings are still strong and really need resolution; which may happen next week.

Can't say I felt too sorry for Lindsay when she overheard Peyton's confession that Peyton didn't like her. Sorry, but Lindsay should have seen that one coming. Peyton has never really liked her. That has been so obvious.

I have liked Carrie prior to this week. Her line to Lindsay about just having history doesn't mean that
you're going to be together was so obviously an attempt to justify the fact that she wants to seduce a married man. I think calling her a skank is being kind.

Next week: trouble in paradise.