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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Review of Supernatural 3.02

Only a couple more of these left....


The first thing I thought of when I saw this episode title was the Dark Angel episode "The Kidz are Aiight". While Jensen wasn't in that episode of DA, he was in the show. But, anyway, onto the review.

This week, I'll be going back to my normal character based review rather than the plot summary I did last week.

First, Dean. While I figured that the kid probably wasn't his; that was entirely too obvious of a move; I was highly amused to see the kid being so Deanish. Wonder how much training and stuff it took to make the kid act like Dean. It was nice to see Dean be a father figure, although I do question the notion of teaching a kids to kick another one in the 'nads amusing as that was. Dean was so personally invested in this particular job it was not funny. Between the kid who might have been his and the woman he had a fling with being threatened, he really was motivated this time.

And ladies, nice to see you admire all the right things about Dean.

Second, Sam and the as-yet-unamed demon/hunter. That was a twist I wasn't expecting. I haven't seen any spoilers except for knowing that there will be two female hunters this season, so that totally threw me for a loop. I figured that she was some exceptionally well-informed hunter. When her eyes went black, I practically jumped out of my skin in surprise. And now she wants to help Sam figure out his past, what the YED wanted with him, and might be able to help Dean live beyond the 1 year of the deal. Wow, this is going to be a packed season.

Sam didn't do much except for fight the demons and keep researching ways to keep Dean alive. I don't think this'll be a trend, but if it is I'll be seriously upset.

Those kids were creepy. 'Nuff said.

Next week, the introduction of the second female hunter.