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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Review of Supernatural 3.03

This is my review of SPN 3.03.  Think this might have been the last SPN review I ever did.  But don't remember for sure.  And I am done throwing things here from LiveJournal for the day.  Will do more later.


Wow, loved this episode. Those people over the summer whining and bitching about the new female characters, sit down and shut up. I said over and over that we needed to see how they were being used, and d@mn, was I right. The new characters are awesome and make the series even more fun than it has been. Trust the creators of shows before you start complaining. Now y'all look like the d@mn fools that you are.

Sorry I made that public, but I am not sorry for the sentiment. I heard so much complaining over the summer that bringin in these new characters was an awful idea and that they'd kill the show. If you even attempted to reason with people and ask them to wait to see the show before commenting, they'd shout you down and yell about freedom of speech. Well, I feel so vindicated right now. I always say that you need to trust the creators of a show. If they bring in a character, it is generally for a good reason. If you don't like it, either stop watching or bear it out and see if it gets better. I've done both. it when I'm right.

Now onto what is really important, the episode.

Let's start with Sam. Poor Sammy is basically the comic relief of the episode. He just keeps having bad stuff happen to him left and right. And I think I know why Jared has been relatively low key so far this season, he's also taping a movie; at least I think he's started it already. Hence, the relative paucity of Sam scenes. But what he has is played with style and flair by Jared.

Jensen is having fun with Dean this season. Between being the main brother at this point and Dean's desire to live life to the fullest due to the deal, this is a great time to be Dean. While he still can kick @$$ with the best of them, he is also living it up to the best of his abilities. Love the way he threw the rabbit's foot at Bela at the end to force her to catch it and burn it. And the look on his face when he realized that Bela poached his lottery tickets, PRICELESS!!

Bela is interesting. Totally amoral and mercenary, but with all of the knowledge of a hunter. Definitely not a love interest, although I can see Dean bedding her if they get in the right situation.

The return of Gordon and his companions. Not my favorite storyline. It struck me as filler and almost as an excuse to show off Sam's bad luck. It can live without that one.

I think this episode has been one of the funniest of the series so far. I loved it!