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Monday, July 4, 2011

My Review of Teen Wolf 1.06- Heart Monitor

Scott learns about control using the tough love approach courtesy of Derek and Stiles, Allison is ignored by Scott (well mostly), Jackson tries a new tack, and Allison discovers some interesting information courtesy of her aunt....

Well, this episode was a vast improvement over last week.  I am also reevaluating my opinion of last weeks episode in light of tonight's episode.

Last week, Scott was ignoring everything different about his life because he wanted to be very normal.  Since that didn't work out well at all, he went all out this week trying to learn more about being a werewolf.  First, Scott is chased around by Derek and ultimately caught when Allison calls.  After making a promise to stay away from Allison, Scott goes to make out with her.  <sigh>  Well, hormones will win out in the end I guess.  Then we had a scene of kissus interruptus when Allison's aunt comes in and Scott has to go into the closet.  <insert joke here>  Scott overhears Allison tell her aunt about a project that needs to be related to her family's history and aunt psycho tells Allison to look up a story about a beast in France in 1767 (at least I think that was the date).  The story was about a beast that killed over 100 people before being killed by an Argent; who said that the best killed his wife and children.  Based on drawings, the beast was a werewolf.  After auntie dearest leaves, Scott heads out to his car only to hear a sound behind him.  Lo and behold, it was the Alpha who chases Scott to his car and draws a familiar looking spiral in the condensation on his window.

Scott gets home to find Derek in his room and demands an answer Derek (who was clearly lying) says that the symbol means nothing and leaves.  So, Scott turns to a still pissed off Stiles for help.  After ignoring him for about 30 seconds, Stiles tells Scott he'll help, and so he does in a most amusing way.  He hooks up Scott to a heart monitor and proceeds to hit him with lacrosse balls.  The point being to see if Scott can control his anger and not change.  Unbeknownst to our two intrepid heroes, Jackson comes walking along and sees this and is obviously highly amused.  Not that I can blame him at all.  The next day (or maybe the same day, they weren't totally clear) at school, Scott is berated by a teacher and his heart rate starts to shoot up until Allison grabs his hand and he calms back down.  Stiles puts two and two together and realizes that Allison acts as an  anchor of some sort who keeps Scott under control of the change.  So, Stiles sets up another test.  He keys a car and blames Scott for it who promptly gets beaten up by three guys while Stiles watches.  <sigh and head smack>  Scott is successful in not changing.  This leads to detention where Stiles lays it out for Scott.  Whether or not Scott wants this, he has got it and he has to deal. They patch things up and Scott heads for work only to see his boss tied up in a chair by Derek.  Scott, Stiles, and Derek head to the school with the boss in Derek's car where Scott lures the Alpha to the school by howling twice.  The first was a total groaner and the second was the real deal.  Derek is attacked and apparently killed (or at the very least severely wounded) by the Alpha while Scott and Stiles run into the school.....

Meanwhile, Allison continues her research into the beast from France and shows Lydia a picture.  Lydia recognizes it, but says she doesn't.  Jackson decides to changes tactics and pretends to want to be friends with Scott and Allison.  Fortunately, Allison sees through this.

Well, let us be glad that Scott has decided to learn again.  I can't say that I was happy about his decision to ignore Allison and was totally amused by his declaration that he loved her, as well as Stile's somewhat disgusted reaction to the declaration.  And Derek revealed two interesting pieces of information.  First, werewolves who are born werewolves (such as Derek) seem to have an easier time learning control that werewolves who are bitten.  Second, the spiral is a symbol of revenge.  What did Derek (or his family) do to cause this to happen?  Is the boss the Alpha?  Or is it someone else entirely?  And why are the wounds on the back of Jackson's neck still oozing blood and stuff?

Next week, Stiles, Scott, Lydia, Jackson, and Allison are caught in the school with the Alpha.  Should be interesting.  Until then....