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Monday, July 11, 2011

My Review of Teen Wolf 1.07- Night School

One of the better episodes so far that seriously shakes up Scott's world....

Tonight's episode took place immediately following the events of last week.  Basic plot: Scott and Stiles are in the school being chased by the Alpha who lures Allison, Jackson, and Lydia to the school by texting Allison as Scott.  Allison has twigged into the fact that Scott is lying about what is going on.  Scott meets the Alpha who forces Scott to shift and causes a very interesting reaction in Jackson.  After leaving, Allison breaks up with Scott.

Ok, now that that is out of the way, let's get to characters.  I am going to start with Allison.  After weeks of seeming cluelessness about Scott's involvement in the weirdness going on, she has finally clued into the fact that he knows more than he is saying.  It so doesn't help that he is seriously freaked out by everything going on and is a worse liar than I am (an I am really bad at lying).  Scott was handling the whole thing rather well until Allison arrived and he realized that she was in danger, that is what pushed him over the edge.  I do admire the fact that he was willing to confront the Alpha alone, but not entirely sure it was the smartest maneuver given the fact that he has been susceptible to the influence of the Alpha in the past.  As much as I hate to say it, I can't really blame Allison for breaking up with Scott.  He's lying; granted to protect her, but she doesn't know that; and that is not a good sign for a relationship.

Lydia and Jackson are in for some interesting times too.  Jackson was definitely flirting with Allison at points and Lydia definitely noticed.  Between that and the previews for next week, I don't know how much longer the two of them are going to last.  Besides that, the two of them have definitely reached a breaking point as evidenced by the way they were sniping at each other.  And Jackson, when making Molotov cocktails (and how totally cool was it that Lydia knew how to do that!), be sure to hand the person making said cocktail the right materials.

What was up with Jackson reacting to the Alpha's howl?  Is he going to change at some point?  Is he open to the Alpha's influence?  Or is it something else entirely?

My respect for Stiles just keeps climbing.  Besides being massively cute, he is smart, handles pressure well, and totally loyal to Scott.  He was the one who handled all the pressure the best and kept his head; well for the most part anyways.  I did enjoy watching him deck Jackson.  <snerk>  He is going to be one of Scott's most invaluable allies in this whole thing.  And on a side note, I so want to see him shirtless.  :-)

Scott had a rough night. Confronting the Alpha, while not smart (see above), was totally gutsy and just frigging cool.  He definitely needs to figure out how to control the transformations better (if that is possible), but I appreciate that he had enough control over what was going on to lock his "pack" away where he couldn't reach them.  Just don't take Stiles for granted.  And blaming Derek for everything was so not cool.  Understandable, but not cool.

Next week, Jackson makes the moves on Allison, Lydia makes moves on Scott, and Scott goes through another transformation....

Until then!