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Monday, July 18, 2011

My Review of Teen Wolf 1.08- Lunatic

Scott turns into a raging j@ck@ss, Jackson tries to get closer to Allison and consequently gets closer to the truth, Lydia shows her manipulative side, Stiles tries to help Scott during his transformation, PsychoAunt and Mr. Argent draw some wrong conclusions, and a certain character reappears....

Well, tonight's show was very interesting.  Under the influence of the full moon, Scott turns into a total and complete @ss.  In other words, he becomes a typical hormonally charged teenage guy dealing with a breakup.  He is moody, curt with his mom, lashes out at other people, and hurts his best friend by making out with said friends longtime crush.  Not sure how much of this was full moon based and how much was just sheer and utter anger at the situation.  My guess is that it is mostly the latter influenced and enhanced by the former.  At first he was in total denial about the breakup, but when confronted with a "safe" outlet for his anger (aka the guys who took the bottle of Jack, he totally lashed out and freaked Stiles out.  Then he lost all control during the test and had to take a cold shower to control the panic attack.  I love that Stiles knew enough to make him think he was having an asthma attack to control the very real panic attack.  Quite cool.  And then he totally lost major cool points by allowing Lydia (aka the manipulative b!tch) to manipulate him when he was supposed to find out if Stiles had a chance with her.  Than his cool points took another hit when he lied to Stiles about Stiles' chances with Lydia.  And attacking the goalie (who was totally supportive) that way just sent his stock plummeting even further.  It will take him a while to recover.  Then after he broke out of the handcuffs that Stiles locked him in (more on that in the paragraph on Stiles), he went after Allison and Jackson only to be stopped by Derek (thank goodness!).  This was followed by a pledge from Derek to help him kill the Alpha and hopefully stop his changes.  I sense the buildup to the finale starting here.

Poor Stiles.  He has to be one of the most put-upon best friends ever.  He is endlessly protective of Scott, loyal to a fault, and seriously willing to put himself in dangerous situations to help Scott out.  How is he rewarded?  His best friend makes out with the girl he has been lusting after.  One word: OUCH!  I did like the revenge of handcuffing Scott to the radiator.  Stiles should have known it wasn't going to hold, but at least he tried.  And the water bowl labeled Scott was particularly amusing.  How much must it suck to know that his dad is out there in serious danger and not be able to tell him anything?  Finally, I am seriously worried for Stiles.  Unless I am seriously misreading PsychoAunt and Mr. Argent, they think Stiles is the Beta werewolf.  Either that, or they think he knows something.  That cannot be good.

Allison spends the whole episode trying to sort out truth from lies and regretting the breakup with Scott.  While I can appreciate that, I find it harder to appreciate her choice of whom to talk with about this.  Jackson is so not the right person to talk with this about.  Although I must say that I do not think she realizes it yet.  She knows her dad is lying to her, she knows that Scott is hiding something, and I am pretty sure she suspects her aunt knows something.  Watching her and Jackson compare notes in the car was interesting.  They may never know how lucky they are that Derek arrived when he did.  Scott was ready to do some serious damage.

Jackson and Lydia win the manipulative prizes of the week.  At least Jackson has the defense of knowing that something is seriously wrong and wanting to know what is going on.  Granted, he has all of the wrong reasons (aka revenge on Scott), but he knows things are screwy.  That last scene when he is comparing the nail with the ripped lacrosse glove=so not good for Scott.

Lydia, on the other hand, was just being a manipulative b!tch in order to get with someone who is attractive and fairly popular.  Not sure if she is trying to hurt Jackson or if she is just looking out for herself though.

Next week, Jackson taunts Scott with what he knows.....

'Til then!