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Sunday, July 24, 2011

OTH and Supernatural Season Finales (from 2006)

This is from a post on May 5, 2006, S3 of OTH and S1 of Supernatural I believe.


I decided to write one season wrap up a week until all the shows I watch are done.

This week will be One Tree Hill and Supernatural. Next week will be 7th Heaven, Veronica Mars, and Smallville. About a week and half later will be Charmed. I might or might not review Everwood since I just started watching it 2 or 3 weeks ago.

And now for One Tree Hill. The following is a message I wrote to several lists I am on:

"I have read no other reviews so far, so I do not know if anyone will agree with me.

I was actually a little disappointed in tonight's finale. Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful episode that I adored, but I felt a bit let down. I remember that last year, the last 10 minutes or so left my head spinning and left me literally breathless. This year, I wasn't either. It was a wonderful episode, but I thought that as a season; and possibly series; finale, it should have been more.

Now, onto the episode...

I loved the flashbacks in the beginning and that Lucas started the episode with the same words that Peyton
started the season with; at least I am pretty sure those were the same words.

Brooke is starting to annoy me a bit. I get the being angry at Peyton, but I think that Peyton's being honest was a good thing.

I felt so sorry for Rachel. She obviously is in love with Cooper and when he kept blowing her off, I just
felt for her. They have really been making her more human recently, I suspect because Daneel signed on for
next season.

Deb was *COLD*!! Funny, but cold. Just off handedly mentioning that she started the fire. That totally
destroyed Dan.

I loved watching Naley dance. Although I personally would have preferred "Lie in the Sound", the Gavin
DeGraw song was pretty and nice.

Ok, Karen is pregnant and apparently so is Rachel given how Cooper was reacting. But Haley and Brooke
both might have been as well. This is going to be very interesting at the beginning of next season.

So here are the questions of the summer:

[1] Who wrote "MURDERER" on Dan's wall?
[2] Will Cooper survive the car crash? I cannot see Nathan or Rachel dying seeing as both are under contract, so I am taking their survivals as a given.
[3] Who is the second pregnant female?
[4] Is Brooke and Peyton's friendship really over?"

After I wrote this I started thinking about what I thought and managed to clarify my own thoughts somewhat. First, I definitely think the writing was not as strong as it could have been. But a very important part of my reaction has to do with the fact that the WB advertised the crash and the "MURDERER" on Dan's wall. Very stupid to advertise the culminating plot points, IMNSHO. I will definitely watch the show when it comes back, but I am still disappointed in the season finale.

And for Supernatural.

This episode was everything One Tree Hill should have been and wasn't. The advertising only showed scenes from the first half or so of the episode. And even those didn't kill the excitement and pace of the episode. And the last thirty seconds absolutely blew me away. Here's a synopsis:

Last week John was captured by Meg and the demon possessed man. She calls Sam and Dean and tells them that they will never see their father again. They, rather predictably, go to try and save him. But first, they go to visit an old friend of their dad's who might be able to help. They trick Meg into coming to them and trap her. They are about to torture her when their dad's friend tells them that Meg is possessed, so they switch to an exorcism. This tortures the demon into giving them the information they want, so they complete the exorcism, which apparently actually destroys the demon. They then travel to Lincoln where they get to the apartment complex John is in and through trickery involving a fire alarm, get into the building and rescue him. They get away; after killing Meg's brother; and go to an isolated cabin. Dean realizes that John is possessed by The Demon, not that the information does them a load of good, because The Demon slams both of them into the wall with its psychic(?) abilities. The Demon focuses on Dean which allows Sam to get free. Sam shoots John/Demon in the leg with the blessed gun. John then begs Sam to kill him to destroy The Demon. Sam doesn't and The Demon escapes. Sam, Dean, and John are driving to the hospital when all of a sudden a tractor trailer slams into the car. After an extended sequence of the car being pushed along by the tractor trailer, you see the driver's eyes and they are totally black. Then you see Sam, Dean, and John who are all bleeding profusely and any of whom could be dead.

This episode just kept going and going. I did not want it to end. When it ended I just sat there for a couple of minutes absorbing what had happened. It was so unexpected, so shocking that I had to process it. This was an *AWESOME* season finale. I will definitely be back next season.