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Sunday, July 24, 2011

OTH Season 4 Finale

My Review of the OTH Season 4 Finale.


Wow. I loved the episode. If OTH hadn't been renewed, this would have made an awesome series finale. It wrapped up all of the dangling bits, while leaving enough to show that life doesn't just end. As it is, they have storylines prepared for next season already. But before that, my review.

Somewhat surprisingly, I will start with Dan. I said this last week, but I seriously feel sorry for the guy. I know, he has brought everything on himself, but he has now lost the two most important people in his life: Karen and Nathan. I think that if Nathan hadn't turned on him; bad phrasing, but you know what I mean; he could have kept the pretense up and covered up what he had done. If Karen hadn't turned against him, he would not have tried to commit suicide. These two are the only two people that Dan cares about more than himself. I am wondering if they are going to try and have Dan redeem himself in Season 5.

Nathan. Not Naley, but Nathan. Love that he called Deb 6 times. Love the bond that he has formed with Lucas over the past 2 years (4 seasons, but 2 years). Knowing Lucas has brought him his wife, his daughter, and helped make him into a better man as a result. Nathan has come the furthest since the beginning of the series and I am so proud of everything he has done. He has overcome a horrible father and absent mother to turn into a very good human being. Not just decent, but very good.

Haley. She also has come a long way. Who would have imagined that Haley would have come out of her shell, married Lucas' brother, gone on a tour, come back, gotten pregnant, graduated, and then go into labor during her valedictorian address? While she has not come anywhere near as far as Nathan, she has come a long way. Loved her more often than not, and when I disliked her, I *REALLY* disliked; although never hated; her. I am glad that she'll be with her husband and best-friend/brother-in-law during college. I think they'll make everything a lot easier.

Brooke. Next to Nathan, I think she has come the furthest. When we first saw her, she was basically the slut/bitch-queen of Tree Hill High School. Now she is respectable and pretty much normal. I have gone from hating her in the first few episodes of Season 1 to her being among my favorite characters. There have been some bumps along the way, but for the most part I am very proud of this girl. I really hope that she keeps with fashion and becomes a huge success because she really deserves it. And honey, ditch Chase. Mouth is so much better.

Peyton. I think I would say that she has changed the least. Granted, she has had a lot happen to her, but she hasn't changed all that much. I think that is because she has always been so mature and grown-up that she didn't have a lot of changing to do, she just needed to grow into herself. This poor girl has been through more over the past 2 years, but she keeps getting back up and keeps on going. I think Peyton is the one person on the show I respect the most. Go into music girl and follow your heart.

Lucas. He has been purposely saved for last among the kids. Lucas has had it rougher than most people, but he; like Peyton; keeps plugging away. And, like Peyton, I think he has grown the least. Again like Peyton, I think this is because with him it was more of a matter of growing into himself rather than maturing and growing up. He needs to keep writing. And coaching Nathan.

Karen. Honey, did you ever think that you would have to raise a second kid alone? Well, actually, I would imagine that Lucas and Deb would both help Karen out as much as possible, so it probably isn't going to be alone this time. The look of disgust on her face when she went to see Dan was total and complete. I hope the next few years are good to ya honey.

Deb. She has turned from a bitter woman into a loving, mature, and quite funny grandmother. I think she is going to be wonderful with James. Here's hoping Dan doesn't manage to screw up her life somehow.

Mouth, you are the greatest. You go out there and hit a jock to defend your ex-girlfriends honor, you jump off a roof to go kiss Brooke, and you care more about other people than anyone else. He'd better be some sort of broadcast star when we see him next.

Rachel. You're a total bitch and a piece of work, but I love ya. Unafraid to just say it like it is, totally loyal to friends, and just down for a good time. I have no clue what you want to do, but here's to all of your dreams.

Skillz. Basketball player extraordinaire. Don't have much to say except for good luck.

Funniest Moments:

The girls dancing. First when Rachel dragged Shelley off to the side, then joined them. They were having such a blast.

Mouth punching the jock. Had me in stitches.

Mouth kissing Brooke. Since aside from Naley and Jeyton, Mouth/Brooke is my favorite ship on the show, I was totally psyched.

Naley going back and Deb's explanation of the unplugged phone.

The oh-so-convienent job offer for Lucas. Rolled my eyes at this, but I'll let it slide.

The basketball game. Followed by a one-on-one in an echo of the pilot. That was an awesome way to end the season.