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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Other Season Finale Updates from 2006

This is an entry from May 21, 2006.


Forgot to do a season finale entry after Smallville a week and a half ago, so I decided to wait until tonight after the Charmed series finale to write. Let me start with that since it is so fresh. Then I'll cover Smallville, 7th Heaven, and then Veronica Mars.


I've been saying all year that Charmed should have ended after last year's season finale. I was wrong. While last years season finale would have worked as a series finale, this years series finale worked so much better. I think this year has been worth the aggravation and the irritation to see the last 5 minutes. Seeing the future of the Halliwells and seeing 4 generations of Halliwell magic working together was awesome. Wyatt, Chris, Grams, and Patty all working with Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Billie to defeat Christy and Dumain. Throw in Coop and Victor and you had a who's who of Charmed. I do wish Daryl, Prue, and Cole could have been there, but I understand why they weren't. The episode had me laughing, crying, shocked, overjoyed, and delighted. It was an episode that finally showed that the Charmed Ones do in fact have a future that is filled with love and joy.


By far, the best season finale I have seen this year. Watching Zod take over Lex and trap Clark in the Phantom Zone was a serious "What the f#$%!" moment for me. I was totally shocked and astonished by what I was seeing. Seeing Lionel help Clark, Chloe lay the liplock on Clark, seeing Martha and Lois in the plane, and watching the chaos unfold in Metropolis was astonishing. Every year Smallville outdoes itself in its season finales. Much more and I may not survive the season finale....

7th Heaven:

This has been the worse season finale so far. It just left everything so open ended. I get why, because apparently they knew they might be coming back, but the finale was still pretty bad. I like the show as something different, but it can be so sacchrine. And I am seriously upset that 7th Heaven was apparently renewed instead of Everwood....

Veronica Mars:

Ok, twist I did not see coming. Beaver blew up the bus and raped Veronica at that party. It makes sense, but still seriously messed with my head because he seemed so normal, well relatively speaking. And why did Keith stand Veronica up? I want to know....

Well, most shows I watch are coming back on next season: 7th Heaven, Veronica Mars, Smallville, One Tree Hill, and Supernatural. If I rewatch any of these finales and remember more, I'll post again. Until next time....