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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reaction to Dawson's Creek 2.14 and 2.15- "To Be or Not To Be...." and "...That is the Question"

This was originally written for my LiveJournal.  I am moving my tv things over here slowly, but wanted to move this one first.


Ya know, stupid people piss me off. Especially when they come into my restaurant. Sigh....But I deal. With only one year of school left before student teaching, I will deal. Somehow anyway...

And with that, there's something I've wanted to talk about for a while now but, never have. I just started watching Dawson's Creek last year; the episode was the one where Jen found out that Grams had breast cancer. After that I started watching it every morning for four hours on TBS. When I started watching it in the morning it was the Thanksgiving episode of Season 3. So when it restarted and I saw Seasons 1 and 2, I was in for some surprises, mostly from Jack. Having only known him after he came out of the closet, it was really weird to watch him hit on Joey and date her. Which leads me to the episodes "To Be or Not To Be..." and "...That is the Question"; the two parter where Jack is thrown out of the closet.

The episode really means alot to me as a gay man still dealing with issues; and yes I mean ISSUES; but even more to me as a human and as a teacher in training. Quick synopsis for those who do not watch DC:

Mr. Peterson is a bitter English teacher close to retirement. He has his class write poems. Jack asks for advice from Dawson who tells him to write from his heart. The next day in class Pacey hands in his poem, which is a bit messy. Mr. Petersons criticizes this in a very unprofessional fashion and Pacey makes a barely under-the-breath comment to Jack who responds. Mr. Peterson hears this and forces Jack to read his poem, which turns out to be about a guy. Halfway through the poem Jack flees the room crying and Mr. Peterson just goes on with the lesson as if nothing has happened. The next day Mr. Peterson tries to force Jack to reread the poem, only Pacey intervenes and reads the poem. A confrontation ensues which ends when Pacey spits in Mr. Petersons face and goes to the principals office. By the end of the second episode Mr. Peterson resigns rather than face the school board.

Ok, not so quick, but anyway...

As a teacher in training, I am stunned that any teacher would do such a thing as to force a student to do something that is obviously painful. When a student begs to not be forced to read something in front of the class, that should clue ya in that it is something personal and private. Sheesh...I am glad I never had a jerk like that as a teacher.

As a human, I am offended by such sadistic behavior. Mr. Peterson's behavior; most of which was not noted above FYI; was rude, condescending, and showed his utter disdain for his students; and anyone else for that matter. I know this is fiction, but it still hit me in the gut that anyone could have that little regard for a fellow human being.

As someone who is gay, I was totally in touch with what Jack was going through. I know that for years I knew I was attracted to guys, but never admitted it to myself because I wanted a "normal" life. I am still adjusting almost a year after admitting it to myself and my family and I wonder if the adjusting will ever end. If I had to go through that is high school....I don't know if I could have done it or if I would be around today to tell you about it...

Anyway, enough of that. I just have been wanting to share that for some time and now I have.

Have fun and see ya next time!