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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Supernatural 3.01 Reviews

This is a review of SPN 3.01.  Only ever did a few on SPN, so enjoy.  :-)


And now for my review of Supernatural's season premiere. It was awesome. In the season finale, the boys let loose a lot of demons. This week was the aftermath of that mistake in the form of the Seven Deadly Sins.

But, lets start at the beginning. We open with a man going to put out the trash. He looks at the neighbor's car with envy (appropriately enough) and then sees that the lights are flickering and his trash cans are rattling. He looks up and sees a cloud of demons coming. He starts to run, and then in that stupidity that is so common to all TV characters, stops and looks back at the approaching cloud. Ummm...dude, if I saw some weird cloud, I'd just run away and not bother looking back. But, he does look back and is possessed by a demon. Then we go to the opening sequence.

We come back to see Sam in a car reading a book about Faustian deals and crossroads demons. Gee, wonder what he's thinking. Could it be that he's trying to find a way to get Dean out of the deal he made? Naw...couldn't be...

Then, we see Dean in a wifebeater. All I have to say is DAMN! Jensen should wear a tight shirt like that more often. He's obviously been working out. He has a hot chick in the hotel room, closes the curtain...and well, you can imagine what happens next. Sam gets a call from Bobby about some problems and goes to tell Dean so that they can leave. He goes in and walks in on Dean mid-coitus. Then we see them driving away and Sam asking for a knife to gouge out his eyes because he saw a part of Dean's anatomy that he never wanted to see. Dude, I hafta say that I wouldn't mind seeing that part of Dean myself.

Well, they meet Bobby and enter a house. After looking around for a bit, they find that the family is dead in the family room. They look like severe starvation victims who have been dead for a while. While the brothers and Bobby are trying to figure out what is going on, they hear a noise. Dean goes outside and is hit by a shotgun butt in fairly short order. It is a pair of demon hunters who it turns out aren't too happy with Sam and Dean for letting the demons out of hell.

Then we see the possessed man from the beginning of the show who gets a woman to REALLY want a pair of shoes being bought by someone else. So the lady kills the other woman and takes the shoes. The investigation ensues and our hunters track the man down to a bar. Unfortunately, the married hunters also find the bar and head in without knowing what is going on. The bar turns out to be the hangout for the Seven Deadly Sins. Oy vey! They force the husband to drink what I think was a drain cleaning solution. He dies, and our hunters break in and escape with the wife and Envy; which is in the aforementioned stupid man.

They go back to the married hunters house where the wife wants to go all medieval on the demons. Bobby gets in her face and gets everyone calmed down enough to think about what is going on. They proceed to question the demon and then Tamara exorcises it. Then the other demons attack and the fight ensues. Bobby gets one in a Devil's Trap; not sure which one; and exorcises the demon. Dean gets Lust who he promptly starts making out with. Then he dunks her into a tub of Holy Water with rosaries in it. Tamara sends the demon possessing the corpse of her husband back to Hell.

Sam is left facing Pride and the other two demons. Pride breaks the Devil's Trap and informs Sam that with the death of the YED, it is open season on him. They attack Sam and he is rescued by a pretty blonde chick; who I am assuming is one of the two new female hunters. I have to say that she has a nice entrance. She kills two demons in fairly short order, and then as Sam distracts Pride, she kills it too. Then she leaves.

Our hunters then proceed to burn the bodies and talk about what happened. Tamara leaves, and then Bobby does too. Sam informs Dean that he is sick of Dean's recent hedonistic streak and tells Dean that he has a lead on a priest to help them break the deal Dean made to get Sam's life back. Dean then drops the bomb that if the deal is broken, Sam will die. Dean makes it very clear that he will personally stop Sam if Sam tries anything. Sam gets upset about this, and then they drive off.

I'll do a personal review later on. Let me just say that I loved this opening episode.